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JOHN D. ELLIS 2983 Sherman Court Mohegan Lake, New York 10547 (914) 275-5893 je15bf744@westpost.

net SUMMARY An analytical, creative technical training and development professiona l, with proven capabilities in the creation of instructional videos, e-learning, interactive multimedia, form design and technical writing. Possesses comprehen sive experience in single-handed rapid production of on-location video, includin g narration, and the development, production and online publication of interacti ve, rich media courseware. Adept at gathering, organizing and translating techn ical information to develop and produce a wide variety of training materials. E xpertly arranges text and graphics to optimize the communication of concepts and processes, providing a company with the best tools for employee success. EXPERIENCE PEPSICO INTERNATIONAL, Purchase, New York Technical Writer-Multimedia Specialist, 1997-2011 Developed performance improvement training for global manufacturing audience. P roduced and distributed via the Web: instructional videos, computer-based traini ng, presentations, manuals and reference materials, using MS office, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop Elements, Camtasia, Articulate, Sony Vegas Pro, SharePoint and Dragon Naturally Speaking. GE CAPITAL, Stamford, Connecticut Technical Writer-Consultant, 1996-1997 Participated in business area analysis of worldwide financial network. Produced online help for financial application, using Oracle Designer 2000 and ForeHelp. NYNEX SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, White Plains, New York Technical Writer-Consultant, 1994-1996 Researched, formatted, wrote and illustrated 350-page users guide, context-sensi tive help and interactive, multimedia tutorial for customized AutoDesk applicati on. Developed four Lotus Notes applications. Created 35mm slide presentations. Built process-flow model of telephone network design process, using FrameMaker for UNIX and Windows, ForeHelp, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, Word, Authorware Profe ssional and Design/IDEF. EXECUTONE, Darien, Connecticut Technical Writer-Consultant, 1993-1994 Researched, formatted and wrote system administrators manual for telephone voice response system, using PageMaker and Word. COPYWRITE COMMUNICATIONS, Bethel, Connecticut President/CEO, 1992-1993 Conducted all phases of desktop publishing business, providing technical writing , illustration, graphic design, and layout. EDUCATION RIPON COLLEGE, Ripon, Wisconsin, B.A., Liberal Arts NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, New York, New York LICENSURE Journeyman Plumbers License COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrob at, Photoshop Elements, Camtasia, Articulate, Sony Vegas Pro, SharePoint, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Oracle Designer 2000, ForeHelp, FrameMaker for UNIX and Win dows, Lotus Notes, Authorware Professional, Design/IDEF