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Jamie E. Kelly, MS, SPHR 2510 Schlegel Road Bath, PA. 18014 610 837-6208 jk16 01d6a@westpost.

net Career Summary Human Resources Professional: Extensive experience managing human resources, HR legal compliance, recruiting, and training human resources in union/nonunion fac ilities in manufacturing/production in multiple locations: (aerospace mfg, medic al devices, food production, printing, transportation & distribution). All emplo yers included a multi-lingual & diverse workforce in both domestic and internati onal locations. ___________________________________________________ Education & Professional Skill Set Degrees Certificates MS Human Resources Management University of Scranton 3.9 BS Business Management/HR--Cedar Crest College Capella University, PhD (ABD) 3.92 OMHR Senior Professional Human Resources (SPH R) Business Communication/HR--Moravian College Ethics & Compliance Strategic Human Resources HRM/Employee/Labor relations Recruitment/Succession/Diversity International HR/ ADR/Mediation Computer/Internet/Benefits Microsoft Office/Suite/HRIS/Kronos/ Peoplesoft/Total HR/SAPa"HR--Hay Navigation/Business solutions HRBS/BB/Angel/ADP E-compliance Comp/Benefits /payroll Organizational/Training/Safety Organizational Analysis/Development 6 S & Lean manufacturing Leadership Training/Development Safety OSHA Certifieda"30 hr & 10hr /General Industry Compliance/regulation /DOT Corporate Liability/USDA/FDA Insurance/work/comp Legal Federal and Multi-state employment law Business/Corporate law/immigration AAP/EEO/Compliance Background investigation Ethics & Compliance SOX/ASATS/Audits Government Procurement Intellectual Property/export control Global/Business Ethics Employment History March 2010a"December 2010: Vertis Communications. 4371 County Line Road, Chalfon t Pa. 18914. 215 997 5253. DIV HR Mgr. HR compliance, development, policies, pr ocedures, Federal and -state employment laws, standards, government regulations, recruitment, orientation, compensation, communications, policy development/inte rpretation, financial/hr metrics, overall administration for benefits, HRIS and special projects. Two direct reports, and 20 indirect reports. 540 employees inc luding satellite sales employees. Additional responsibility to analyze training

needs related to employee development, language training, health and safety prog rams and recommend programs. The facility is a 24/7 36 shift printing operation/ 100MM sales, recent union organization, currently now part of the Teamsters Unio n. Resigned to secure a new opportunity. Accomplishments: * Successfully implemented Organizational Effectiveness using Metrics and incent ives for performance. * Closed a major Kema audit finding related to performance evaluations, 57% were over 6 months late. * Corrected wage inequities caused by austerity program (wage rates fell below t he job grade). * Mandated timelines and payroll approvals by appropriate supervisors to assure payroll reconciliation. * Implemented fair and consistent disciplinary process. * Initiated Human Resources presence at the facility 12 hours per day to cover m ulti-shift needs. Made significant progress in building employee morale and trus t. * Coordinated employee morale programs (Wellness, Vertis-inactions, Believe Achi eve, Health fair, and employee recognition cook out. * Worked with Corporate on Anti-union campaign. Sept. 2007a"February 2009: Mgr. Human Resources, OraSure Technologies Inc, Bethl ehem, PA: (80 mm dollar mfg. medical devices.) Position eliminated reduction in force due to slow sales/patent approvals. HR compliance, policies, procedures, Federal and multi-state employment laws, s tandards, government regulations, recruitment, orientation, communications, poli cy development/interpretation, financial/hr metrics, overall administration for benefits, HRIS and special projects for US and international employees, one dire ct report, 3 locations, 350 employees including 50 in multistate satellite sales employees. Successfully interacted, assisted, and communicated with our multili ngual and diverse workforce. Accomplishments: * Restructured HR department and achieved 100% compliance. Passed all internal/e xternal audits. Potential savings from compliance issued ranged from $500 to $10 ,000 per audit violation. * Audited, and redesigned compensation and benefits resulting in a 20% reduction in premiums ($400,000) by consolidating health and welfare vendors and benefit design. Secured reimbursement and credits of $94,000. * Initiated changes in recruitment resulted in $30,000 of savings. * Designed and implemented a detailed employee orientation program. * Defended several HR/legal challenges saving the company over $250,000 in poten tial legal expenses * Developed and implemented the HRIS system for HR metrics thereby automating HR records, enabling timely retrieval of essential reports for the CEO, CFO, execu tive committee, finance, accounting and operations. 2006a"2007: 6 month assignment Sr. Human Resources Manager: Millard Refrigerate d Services, Allentown, PA (Food Distribution), the position was part of the Exec utive team and had six indirect reports and one direct report. Special emphasis was on supervisory training, organizational development, and communication. Resp onsible for HR compliance and administration in addition to training, safety/wor k comp, communication, and employee relations. Successfully interacted, assisted , and communicated with our multilingual and diverse workforce. Accomplishments: * Human Resources Management for this business unit with emphasis on legal compl iance, training, communication, succession planning, and assuring good employee relations. * Special emphasis was on organizational development, communication and supervis

ory training. In house training saved the business unit over $60,000 for six ind ividually designed programs. April 2004--Sept. 2006: Sr. Human Resources Manager, Alcoa, Bethlehem, PA (Mfg. Aerospace parts, 16 mm per year on site). SR HR Management, legal compliance, O SHA, safety and health, worker's compensation, loss prevention, employee benefit administration, compensation, statistical analysis/Metrics for all human resour ces related activities. This position was part of the Executive team and had eig ht indirect reports. Accomplishments: * Recruited, reorganized and restructured the HR department and position to incr ease the employee base 47% to accommodate an 85% growth and transfer of sales of approximately 1 million dollars per month. * Successfully transitioned key employees to Bethlehem result of the closing the Hillsboro, Texas facility. * Counseled the GM, managers and the executive committee using HR strategic plan ning and applicable metrics to assure efficient utilization of labor and assure a profitable return on employee investment. * Designed and conducted succession planning, training, export control complianc e, and resolved employee hot line issues to avoid potential employee relations/l egal challenges. Approximate saving in one year exceeded $500,000. * Conducted union avoidance campaign saving the Business Unit in excess of $250, 000 in transitional costs plus related fees. * Successfully interacted, assisted, and communicated with our multilingual and diverse workforce. Sept. 1988a"June 2000: Sr. HR Mgr. Leidyas Quality Pork Products, Souderton, PA . Production, Non Union--Perishable Food processor: (slaughter to shipment 35 mm per year). I was responsible for all aspects of Human Resource Management. Su mmary responsibilities encompassed Federal and State employment law and regulato ry compliance and benefit administration. Successfully interacted, assisted, and communicated with our multilingual and diverse workforce. The position was par t of the executive management team and had 6 indirect reports. Accomplishments: * Designed and implemented a fully functional HR Department, including automated HRIS. 157% growth rate in 12 years. The production facility doubled twice withi n 12 years increased employee level from 115 employees to 270. The position was a critical member of the executive team that successfully developed and utilized essential HR metrics for efficient facility operation and profitable return on employee investment. * Researched, designed and implemented competitive employee compensation and be nefits for recruitment and retention. Reduced turnover from 60% to approximately 20% per year. * Assured 100% legal compliance for all applicable laws, directives and executiv e orders. Achieved and maintained a 98% win record relating to HR legal risks, insurance liability, and third party liability. In 13 years estimated savings fr om legal issues exceeded several million dollars. * Designed, safety awareness program with emphasis on worker's compensation and accident prevention. Reduced workers compensation insurance premiums over 350% o ver the first 5 years. This successful program was responsible for a 99% OSHA co mpliance rating as a result of a random wall-to-wall OSHA inspection. The progra m saved the facility $5,000-$150,000 for potential violations. Additional Employment History 2002a"present: Part time instructor/trainer: HR/HRIS/Employment law: Adjunct pr ofessor, Consultant, Advocate and Recruiter. July 2000-July 2001: time (30 hours per week) Human Resources Manager, LNAA/LV

IA, (ABE Airport) Allentown, Pa. I worked at this municipality while completing a Masters Degree. The municipality employee base was composed of (3) unions and non-union administration. The Teamsters, Fire and the Police. The responsibili ty included: Labor Relations, grievance procedure, and contract negotiation. I w as accountable for the administration, documentation, management, recruitment an d all aspects of Human Resources. Routine responsibilities: employee relations, communications, orientation, policy administration, HR statistical analysis, EAP , discipline, legal defense, ethics/compliance, management/employee training pro grams, Federal and State regulatory compliance, OSHA, W/C, U/C, and loss prevent ion. Successfully interacted, assisted, and communicated with our multilingual a nd diverse workforce. Position had 5 indirect reports. Position was eliminated after 9/11. * The position favorably resolved numerous labor-relations issues using negotiat ion skills and alternative dispute resolution saving the municipality significan t cost resulting from potential labor relations issues. * Effectively reduced turnover through successful contract negotiation and comp etitive compensation and benefits design. References available upon request Detailed Career Summary My education and experience are detailed on my resume. In my career, I have part nered with the executive management team and or business owner and their leaders hip team to design and implement successful change management and develop succes sful business strategies to assure effective decision making in both union and n onunion work environments. I served as counsel and liaison with all the executi ve leadership team, management staff, applicable employees and outside contacts to assure appropriate decisions were made with respect to all areas and responsi bilities related to managing Human Resources within the companies agreed upon st rategies, timely and ethically. I advocate team approach and participation in the development of programs and me thods, thereby encouraging ownership and innovation within the scope and respons ibility of the employeeas position and companyas mission and directives. Over t he last 24 years I have been personally involved in a number of challenging posi tions. The positions entailed extensive growth, restructuring, education and tra ining the workforce and management staff personnel concerning efficient and effe ctive management techniques, best practices, and legal compliance/defense. With special regard to union environments, at LNAA (Lehigh Valley International Airpo rt, I was responsible for 3 separate unions, with 3 separate contracts (The Team sters, Fire and the Police union). That responsibility included grievance proced ures, and contract negotiation. Additionally, I also teach Labor Relations and E mployment Law. Therefore, I have both first hand experience in application, as w ell as, extensive knowledge of the process, procedures, and laws. Prior to my ma nagement career, I was shop steward and chief negotiator for Boise Cascade Corpo ration (Boilermakers union) for over 6 years (two contacts) and heavily involved in first step, second step, third step, and arbitration proceedings. Current un ion experience includes anti-union strategy, policy, and training. Vertis commun ications currently underwent a union organizing campaign. I excel in HRM techniques, talent acquisition, HRIS, employment law, employee re lations, and labor relations, OSHA, risk management, workers compensation, compe nsation/benefit design and implementation, international HR, diversity, strategi c planning, training/development, OD, Sox, and managing corporate liability insu rances. I continually stay current on all applicable Federal and State directive s as they apply to HR. I thrive in a fast paced environment and am able to succe ssfully multitask as necessary. I am fully qualified to utilize my HRM skills an d the abilities to direct and manage Human Capital to leverage and train resourc es. I am self-motivated and practice independent decision making based on outlin ed parameters but advocate collaboration with all stakeholders. I pride myself in innovative methods and results that encourage a reasonable approach to proble

m solving though the use of accepted mediation techniques and exceptional commun ication skills including; one on one and in a group/auditorium setting, and onli ne communication. I strive to build confidence and rapport with all levels of th e organization to instill a culture of trust. I advocate and practice profession al integrity and ethics with everyone. This is the foundation of my life and pro fessional career.