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Richard Horowitz 5707 Claridge Dr., Houston, TX 77096 * rh16024fe@westpost.

net Cellular 713-898-6056 Fax 713-721-1488 Home 713-721-14 88 SUMMARY Senior sales manager with a 20+-year history in sales and sales management, as w ell as a master's degree in Marketing/Management. Proven record of success in h iring, training, field coaching and mentoring sales representatives. Experience presenting and selling to executives and high-level decision-makers from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Proven record of success securing high-ti cket contracts, introducing new products, gaining name recognition, and developi ng interactive relationships with clients through both account management and ne w business. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Achieved over 125% of quota for sales in 12 of 14 years with GTE/Verizon. Devel oped reputation for prompt, efficient service with high level of accuracy. Main tained a 25% net gain in sales in a three year period with ypOne. Helped implem ent and roll out for GTE. Revised and reorganized . BUSINESS EXPERIENCE A.T.& T. Advertising Solutions, Houston, Texas Marketing Media Manager, May 2010-February 2011 Successfully increased majority of revenue accounts assigned as well as consista ntly meeting goals for new business sales. Was responsible for sales of the ent ire suite of AT&T products including Print & Internet Yellow Pages, Guaranteed C licks & Connect (using Google, Yahoo, MSN,, etc), Mobile & Internet Webs ites, SEM & SEO, Online Presence Manager, Behaviorally Targeted Internet Banner Ads & Digital Express (Direct Mail Advertising). Finished Houston canvass #3 of 34 and one of only 4 of 34 that ended with positive sales net. User Friendly Phone Book/, The Woodlands, Texas Area Sales Manager, Sept. 2009-March 2010 Proposed expansion into the Houston market of the 4th largest publisher of indep endent Yellow Pages. to start new books and websites. Hired, trained, field coached and mentored exp erienced Yellow Page professionals as well as personnel new to the industry. My team and I sold $500 k in first 6 months of project. YpOne Publishing, Sugar Land, Texas Regional Sales Manager, July, 2006-August, 2009 Participated in taking a company from disarray to a viable, growth oriented Yell ow Page publisher. Began by putting systems and procedures in place to bring or der and accountability to the sales staff and other managers. Implemented an on going sales training course that gave sales personnel a new perspective in selli ng advertising. Also was instrumental in teaching and training all sales reps. Did field training with reps to show them first hand "how to sell Yellow Pages." My years of experience helped to form a well trained, well managed sales team. Made decisions about re-scoping existing Yellow Page products. Along with a c rack team of managers, helped grow sales in the Houston area over 25% in a three year span. Handled and renewed many of the company's largest accounts. Columbine Publications, Inc., Denver, Colorado Account Representative, 2005 - 2006 Represented Amegy Bank, Houston & Mid-First Bank, Oklahoma City by signing new restaurants to their Discount Restaurant Guid es in and around both cities. According to the owner of Columbine, Fritz Natter , "nobody in the 20 year history of the company has signed so many quality resta

urants in such a short period of time". GTE/Verizon Information Systems, Houston, Texas Account Representative/District Sales Manager, 1988 - 2003 Negotiated yellow page and web-site advertising contracts and cultivated busines s relations with major accounts such as Kelsey-Seybold Clinics, H.L.& P., Gulf C oast Regional Blood Center, United Van Lines as well as 100's of small to mid-si ze companies. Increased sales substantially through creative sales techniques t hat yielded a 35-40% increase in sales. Skilled in attaining sales and profit objectives in competitive environments. P roven performer with demonstrated ability to gain account loyalty and win prefer ential treatment for products. Worked directly with customers assisting in sales, resolving problems and ensur ing maintenance of productive customer relations. Ranked in top 5% of all sales personnel 12 of 14 years. Listed as top sales pe rformer on 23 National Sales Covers. Won 7 Trip-Incentive Awards. President's Award winner 4 times. Distinguished Management Award winner. Six time 200% clu b winner. Hall of Fame Award winner twice. Buckle Concepts, Houston, Texas Owner/President, 1976 - 1988 Founded international mail order business from ground up. Hired and trained sa les & support staff, devised and implemented advertising strategy, designed and composed mail order catalogue, formulated marketing strategy, located multiple s ources of product line and negotiated terms and price points. Brought company to a profit-making concern in 1 year. Expanded and grew revenue s 200% in second year and met or beat expectations in each of the next 10 years. Sold business for a profit.

EDUCATION B.S., Marketing/Management, Long Island University, Brooklyn, N.Y. M.B.A., Marketing/Management, Long Island University, Brooklyn, N.Y.