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JACK Q. ISEMINGER 4409 Carrick Court Chesapeake, VA 23321 ji1603412@westpost.

net 757-967-8810 (home) 757-653-6173 (mobile) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Management professional with extensive department operational experience, P&L, s trategic planning, project design and leadership, financial management, quality control, distribution, logistics and inventory management, and systems developme nt and network management. Strengths include development of highly effective cro ss functional teams (operational and project), project design and implementation s, and implementing operational efficiencies and cost containment. Known for div erse and unique skills and ability to foster growth, manage strong teams of lead ers and employees with cross-functional working relationships and deliver projec ts end-to-end within budget and on time. INTERNATIONAL PAPER Operations/Logistics Manager (1991-2010) Successfully improved productivity by 22% while reducing cost by 20%. Reduced qu ality defects by 82%. Instituted safety teams improving safety to zero major inc idents. Managed 8 major projects from design through implementation within proje cted budget and on time. Developed and wrote inventory control and product track ing systems unique to organization. * Operational Management of 7 Rewinders (640 Tons/Day) and Automatic Wrapping O perations (2700 Tons/day) * Managed Operating Budget of $24 million, Maintenance Budget of $15 million and Capital Budget of $2.5 million * Managed inventory of 16,000 Ton Warehouse and 24/7 Shipping Operation (700,000 Tons/Year) * Management of 183 Hourly Employees and 12 Shift Managers/Supervisors * Earned the Presidents Leading Edge Award for Safety, Quality, and Production * Implemented Production and Logistics Systems Maintenance, Development and Repo rts and online cameras * Executive Strategic Planning Team Member * Project Management: * Diamond Project - $35 Million Project to Modernize the Mill - Planning and Production Reporting System (PPR) - Product Tracking System - Wireless Local Area Network Project - 109 Rewinder Project - 108 Rewinder Project - 107 Rewinder Project - Lamb Roll Wrapping System Project Roll Finishing Shift Manager (1989-1991) Introduced operational efficiencies and safety programs that were implemented ac ross all shifts. Initiated focus group to improve quality resulting in 12% reduc tion of customer complaints. Facilitated union discussions resulting in much imp roved documentation and working relationships. * Management of Operations, Warehouse and Shipping * Organizational Development Team Member - Franklin Mill * Management of 42 hourly employees and 3 shift supervisors * Responsible for Safety and Quality Control * Created and initiated self-directed Roll Finishing Safety Team * Developed Quality Tracking Database to monitor and reduce quality defects

Customer Service Project Team Supervisor (1987-1989) Redesigned the global customer service product flow and delivery system. Develop ed operational manuals and training materials and trained division employees in operations, maintenance and customer service. * Franklin Mill Customer Service Project - Design, Development, Implementation, and Training * 13,000 ton semi-automatic storage and retrieval warehouse and shipping facilit y * 107 Rewinder * #4 Automatic Wrap Line * Developed and programmed the Camp Legacy Computer System * Wrote operation manuals and training materials * Conducted operational, systems, and mechanical training for operating and main tenance personnel Sheet Plant Operations Manager, Normal, IL (1982-1987) Managed implementation of state of the art equipment improving productivity and quality while reducing cost. Designed and implemented preventive maintenance pro gram and documentation. * Operational Management of 2 Trimmer Lines, 2 Folio Sheeters, 2 Cut-Size Sheete rs, 3 automatic bag machines and associated distribution network * Managed operational budget of $3.5 million and $1.2 million maintenance budget * Managed facility safety and quality control programs * Earned the Presidents Leading Edge Award for Safety, Quality, and Production i n 1985 and 1986 * Management of 60 hourly and 6 supervisory employees * Managed maintenance planning and implemented preventive maintenance program * Responsible for 4,000 ton warehouse and shipping operations * Will Sheeter Project Manufacturing Leader Shift Supervisor, Normal, IL (1978-1982) Developed programs for tracking productivity and waste as tools for improving ma nufacturing excellence. * Managed shift operations of both Fine Paper and Bag Operations * Managed all shift Maintenance Planning and Breakdown Maintenance * Shift management of 4,000 Ton Warehouse and Shipping Operation Operator/Multi-Craft Maintenance, Normal IL (1971-1978) U.S. NAVY * Certified Meteorologist * Two Combat Tours in Viet Nam with Marine Amphibious Assault Group * Multiple individual and unit awards and citations * Apollo 10 Recovery Team SKILLS * Microsoft Office Suite * SAP * Explorer & Outlook * Production Planning & Distribution Systems * Warehouse Management Systems * Wireless Local Area Networks * Local & Wide Area Networking * Trainer in Conflict Resolution * Team Organization & Leadership Training

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Programmable Logical Controller Extensive Project Management Training Teamwork & Leadership Training Safety Trainer Quality Control Training Cobol and Basic Language AutoCAD System Illinois State University Normal, Illinois