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Stephen P Lettrich 510 San Amadeo Court * Roseville, CA * 95747 * (916) 289-3198 * sl1604132@westpo st.

net REGIONAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE SUPERVISOR / OPERATIONS-APPRAISAL MANAGER CLAIMS REPRESENTITIVE / REINSPECTOR-TRAINER / ESTIMATOR INDEPENDENT APPRAISER-OWNER: OPERATIONS, DEVELOPED-AUTHORED MULTIPLE NATIONAL GUIDELINES, MARKETING, OUTSIDE SALES, NEGOTIATIONS, TRAININER, CONSTRUCTED BUSINESS PLANS INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL with 28 years experience in the Insurance Claims Professi on. Of particular note for you and your team to consider my skills are my strong accomplishments in combining business strategies with technical savvy as to ach ieve improved operating efficiency with a solid technical base. As an intricate part of my Claims experience, I have formed a very professional negotiation skil l set that has developed into positive communication attributes within all commu nities that I do business with. Additionally, my accomplishments have been achie ved by improving the information flow with in the claims structure along with im proving cooperation between Management, Staff and Independent Vendors. With my t enor in the Insurance Claims business, I have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the modern business as it relates to the Insurance Claims Industry. I view myself as more of a troubleshooter, and most of the reorganizations initiat ed in my past employment have already come to fruition, so I am eager to conside r new challenges along with maintaining the day to day business at a very high s tandard. I would describe my management style as aSuccess through Empowermenta. I believe that if you give team members the tools, structure and guidance to effectively complete an assignment and meet deadlines, your projects are more likely to succ eed. One of the more important aspects of management is the ability to drive and motivate the team while enabling them to shine. Projects succeed through qualif ied team members and strong yet versatile management. Resourceful Problem-Solver / Innovative with technical knowledge and business co mmon sense to deliver results a Converted average protocol for an Independent Appraisal Company into a technol ogically advanced, industry leading IA Co a Authored a business plan for a National Independent Appraisal Company that put that company in the for front of IA Companies a Devised and Authored unique inner office guidelines for the Claims Department and Physical Damage Units a Authored and implemented (3) National Appraisal Guidelines (All utilized in th e industry today) Client-Focused Customer Relations with proactive approach and strong written and verbal communication applications a Time tested, experience oriented and business relations success with regard to client care and customer satisfaction a True interest in all client based communications, as we are only as good as ou r message is received a Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the cl ient or customer gets out of it. Team Leader/ Negotiator adept at planning, streamlining, delegating, driving pro ductivity, and enhancing profitability a As a Team Leader, I believe success is character in action, as the final test of leaders is that they leave behind them in others the conviction and will to c

arry on a Successful Negotiator that can relate with people; they have to be satisfied w ith your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relations hip with mutual trust a Capable industry knowledge as to form a well balanced, fundamentally sound uni t structure Industry Seasoned / Personable Team Player with program management and multiple business operations successes. a Multiple industry background experience for a successful strategy in building / maintaining solid operations a Hired, trained, motivated, and influenced loyalty in diverse workforces Skilled professional, decision-maker with exceptional negotiation skills, broad hands-on industry insight and functional unit design oriented, good computer ski lls, excellent knowledge in the insurance industry software programs. Focused at tention to deadlines and budgets. CAREER OVERVIEW / CORPORATE AND ENTREPRENEURIAL EXPERIENCE Lettrich Appraisal a" Sacramento, CA Start: 12/15/2009 Finish: Current Independent Appraiser/Consultant Permanent General Assurance Corporation - Sacramento, CA Start: 1/23/06 Finish: 11/13/2009 Regional Physical Damage Supervisor SCA Appraisal Company a" Sacramento, CA Start: 1/24/05 Finish: 1/20/06 Western Division Area Material Damage Supervisor Hayes Brothers Collision a" Sacramento, CA Start: 5/03/04 Finish: 1/21/05 Estimator Horace Mann Insurance a" Sacramento, CA Start: 1/02/03 Finish: 4/31/04 Senior Filed Appraiser Allstate Insurance a" Roseville, CA Start: 5/01 Finish: 12/31/02 Claim Service Adjuster Cal-West Appraisal Service a" Citrus Heights, CA Start: 11/95 Finish: 05/01 Operations Manager/Consultant State Farm Insurance a" San Jose & Sacramento, CA Start: 9/86 Finish: 11/95 Estimator, Reinspector/Trainer, Auto Claims Adjuster Normandin Chrysler Plymouth, Firemanas Fund, Ohio Casualty, JC Penney Insurance, The Hartford & CSAA Start: 4/82 Finish: 9/86 Material Damage Adjuster, Multi-line Adjuster, Reinspector/Trainer, Estimator, A ssistant Body Shop Manager College, Professional Baseball, Automobile Dealerships

Start: 6/75 Finish: 4/82 Student, Professional Minor League Baseball, Parts Driver, Wholesale Parts Count er EDUCATION / CERTIFICATIONS College: San Jose City College and San Jose State Credits. Certifications: I-Car, Chief Structural/Suspension Damage Analysis & Correction Certification, GM SIR Certified, Insurance Institute of America, Vale National 1 ) Advanced Estimatics and Tractor / Trailer Damage Estimating 2) Advanced Auto E stimating, SP/2 Training Collision and Painting, Mitchell Train the Trainer Cert ified, California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations a" 2010, Claims S chool (CSAA, Hartford, State Farm), Advanced Tech-Cor Training: CPCU 6, 520, State Farm Catastrophe Training, PPG Waterborne Paint Sem inar (2009), Multiple Industry Seminars PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Available upon request