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Robert P. Majka 10200 Belle Rive Blvd., #4703 Jacksonville FL 32256 Cell: 614-499-2768 E-mail: rm160532a@westpost.

net Professional Profile An accomplished and dependable sales professional with 21 years of experience in itiating, developing, and maintaining mutually profitable relationships between customers and the market leading companies which I have represented. Consistent ly successful at meeting and exceeding sales forecasts and improving profit marg ins, as well as spearheading efforts to expand market penetration. Experienced and skilled with all steps of the sales cycle including closing, negotiations, b usiness development, presentations, relationship management, and networking. I strive to sell product by demonstrating value rather than negotiating a price. I am exceptionally skilled at developing a strong team atmosphere with co-work ers and customers. I have excellent organizational, analytical, and communicati on skills used for strategic planning and multi-tasking. Very experienced as a PC user including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce, Outlook, ACT!, AS400, an d the Internet. I continually embrace the use of new technology and business pr actices to maximize my efficiency and productivity. I am a dynamic and self-dis ciplined sales leader with a burning desire to excel! I desire a career opportunity in professional sales that will provide a continua lly challenging career path forward and allow me to add to a company's success a s well as my own by improving that company's efficiency, growth, organization, a nd profitability. Professional Experience Haynes International Inc. January 2010 to present. US Southeast Regional Sales Representative: I manage a 6 state territory (LA, M S, AL, GA, SC, and FL) and am responsible for $11.4 million (quota $8.1 million) in 2010 for sales of nickel and cobalt based superalloy products which include sheet, plate, bar, pipe, tubing, pipe fittings, and weld wire. In 2010 I exceed ed quota by 40%, increased total sales, and increased profit margins at the same time. As of April 2011, 6 months into the fiscal year I am 47% over quota for the entire year. My primary markets include land based gas turbines, power gene ration (both nuclear and fossil fueled), aerospace, chemical production, petrole um refineries, and oil & gas production. I work with all types of clients inclu ding the end user, design engineer, OEM, and maintenance/construction companies which range from Fortune 100 companies to small privately owned ones. Contacts range from maintenance personnel to senior managers and scientists. We frequent ly work with the engineering staffs of our customers to push the boundaries of e xisting technologies and even develop new ones. Responsible for all aspects of the sales cycle including account management, prospecting, presentations, liais ing with technical support, long term pricing agreements, and order monitoring. Travel is 70-80%. Deloro Stellite Inc. April 2004 to January 2009. US Midwest District Sales Manager: My duties included managing existing account s as well as new business development for a 12 state territory which has approxi mately a $2.5 million sales budget. Together with two inside sales people, I wa s responsible for managing all aspects of the sales process and operating the te rritory as my own business. My customers were industrial plants of all types in cluding steel production, aerospace, chemical production, wastewater management, petrochemical refineries, pulp and paper plants, and general manufacturing. My contacts included senior management and owners, middle managers and engineers, as well as maintenance and production staff. I also actively worked with the R& D staff to develop new products in demand by the market. I became recognized as a market expert via networking at professional meetings, technical conferences,

and tradeshows. I exceeded or met sales quotas for all 5 consecutive years. T enure ended due to 30% mandatory corporate downsizing edict based on tenure issu ed by parent company. Conn's Appliances Inc. May 2003 to Dec 2003. Sales Counselor: My duties included presenting home appliances and home electro nics in a retail environment to a wide variety of customers. I used a consultat ive approach to provide products which were the best fit. I presented products with feature/benefits to increase the value of the sale. I maintained proper in ventory, ensured products were available for presentation, attended weekly sales meetings, wrote sales contracts, and directly interfaced with clients. H. A. Tenney & Company, Inc./BOLTTECH Maintenance Inc. June 2002 to May 2003. Sales Representative: My duties included developing and maintaining all busines s for centrifugal pump lines. We also represented manufacturers for hydraulic t orquing and tensioning equipment, chemical mist eliminators, air pollution contr ol, and various specialty piping and vessel manufacturers. I was responsible fo r all aspects of the sales cycle including prospecting and cold calling, qualify ing, project development, relationship management, both commercial (quoting) and technical presentations, order closing, project support as well as conducting t raining seminars and troubleshooting existing systems. I exceeded all sales goa ls. My short tenure is due to H. A. Tenney declaring bankruptcy in May 2003. RI F included all employees except for owner. Hydraulics Technology Inc. (HTI) October 2001 to June 2002. Territory Sales Manager: My responsibilities encompassed all aspects of the sal es cycle including prospecting and cold calling, qualifying, relationship manage ment, both commercial (quoting) and technical presentations, closing, project su pport and conducting training seminars. Responsible for developing a national marketing plan, website development, and developing local distributors. HTI is a manufacturer of custom engineered hydraulic stud/bolt tensioning equipment. I was recruited away to H. A. Tenney.

SimplexGrinnell, March 2000 to September 2001. Outside Sales, Workforce Solutions Sales Representative for Integrated Systems: I was responsible for all aspects of the business cycle including prospecting a nd cold calling, qualifying, project development, relationship management, both commercial and technical presentations, contract negotiations, closing, and proj ect support. The short tenure is the consequence of a corporate merger and resu lting reduction in force based solely on seniority. Bullen Pump & Equipment, Inc. February 1994 to November 1999 Outside Sales Representative, South Ship Channel Territory: My duties included developing and maintaining relationships with clients at all levels of authority (users through senior management) at major petrochemical, wastewater treatment plants, refineries, and general mfg involving new equipment sales as well as ser vice and repair items for existing equipment. In 1998 I exceeded forecast by 4% resulting in sales of $3.5 million. In 1999 I exceeded forecast by 18% resulti ng in total territory sales of $3.9 million. This included positive displacem ent (progressing cavity, metering, gear, double and triple screw, and diaphragm type pumps) and centrifugal pumps (ANSI, vertical sump, multi-stage, and sealles s magnetic drive types) , positive displacement blowers, vacuum systems (liquid ring vacuum pumps, positive displacement lobe type, single and multi-stage ventu ri systems, and hybrid systems), process compressors, mixers (both static and ac tive), advanced filtration systems (Pall), and venturi equipment such as ejector s and eductors. I was also responsible for recommending and troubleshooting rel ated ancillary equipment such as motors, mechanical seals, couplings, base plate s, control panels, VFD's, instrumentation, materials of construction, piping, va

lves, and other items. Equipment was provided both as packaged skid systems and individual items. Texas Steam Equipment, Inc. November 1991 to February 1994 Inside Sales: I was responsible for writing quotations for customers, entering and expediting orders, and direct interaction with customers and outside salespe ople via phone and fax. I was also responsible for management of warehouse inve ntory (approximately $400,000 worth). Participated in training seminars for cus tomers using multimedia materials and actual working steam plant. Provided a wi de range of flow control equipment including steam traps, Y and basket strainers , control valves, pressure regulators, and liquid level control systems. United States Navy September 1984 to September 1990 Machinist Mate, Second Class Petty Officer aboard USS Luce DDG-38. I was respons ible for maintenance and operation of 1200 psig steam power plant which included steam turbine powered main engines and ship service turbine generators and all related support equipment including pumps, heat exchangers, valves, compressors, piping, instrumentation, water chemistry management and related safety training . Managed and supervised enlisted personnel (approximately 17 men) in #1 and #2 Engine Room. As the Potable Water King I was responsible for managing the wate r chemistry of the potable (drinking) water supply for the entire ship. As the Valve Maintenance Petty Officer in both #1 and #2 Engine Rooms, I was responsibl e for supervising preventive and corrective maintenance programs for all valves and related equipment in the main engine rooms. Received two letters of commend ation for superior performance of duties. Qualified Engine Room Watch Supervis or. Graduate of Nuclear Engineering School. Education Sandler Sales Institute Sales Training May 2004 Solution Selling Sales Training, April 2000. Received Future Is Bright Award (t op student). Dale Carnegie Sales Training: graduated October 1995; Group Leader (assistant t o the instructor) November 1995 to March 2000 . U.S. Navy: Naval Nuclear Engineering School, Machinist Mate A School, Boiler Wa ter/Feed Water School, HPAC Maintenance, Potable Water King, Valve Maintenance M anagement, and Engineering Watch Supervisor. Bowling Green State University: graduated Bachelor of Sciences 1982; Major: Bi ology - Minor: General Sciences. Sales Awards Salesman of the Year2006 Top Houston Salesman - Cancun trip 2003 Salesman of the Quarter fourth quarter 1997 Salesman of the Year 1997 Over Quota Performance 1998 Salesman of the Quarter second quarter 1999 References Keith Kruger, Ph.D.; Haynes International Inc., Director HTA Marketing and Busin ess Development PH: 765-456-6098 Paul Manning, Ph.D.; Haynes International Inc., Director CRA Marketing and Busin ess Development PH: 765-456-6099 Cynthia Klein; Siemens Energy Inc., Engineer Material Systems Development PH: 407-736-6917 Joy Lucas; Haynes International Inc., Customer Service Representative, PH: 713937-7597