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Martin H. Wells Home Phone (318) 949-8867 Cell Phone (318) 751-6904 E-Mail: kelpie61@bellsouth.

net Objective: Highly motivated, goal driven courier logistics manager with more than 20 years experience hands on skills in being cost effective on storage delivery of goods, materials and the successful development and implementation of transportation o f logistics strategies. * Knowledge of administrative operations, technological solutions that are uniqu e to the transportation and freight handling industry. * Excellent managerial, interpersonal and business communication skills with the flexibility and experience required to adjusting to rapidly changing schedules and high-pressure environments. * Hands on experience and skills in dispatching, supervising, logistics, invento ry control, vehicle maintenance and safety management. * Exceptional of versatility gained from a wide array of operational and adminis trative skills in information management, computer operations, strategic plannin g, transportation and logistics, inventory control, and customer relations. * Acknowledged for the ability to identify and transform traditional patterns of business into innovative ideas and cost effective strategies for increasing pro ductivity, reducing costs and improving safety. Positions Held: 2003-Present Location: Quest Diagnostics of Shreveport, La. Time in Position: 8 Years Skills Used: Microsoft Word, MSDS Books, Kronos, and Megasys Route Management Pr ogram, QDtrac, Fleet Management. Stock Clerk. Route Service Rep Lead * Responsible for managing seven route service reps daily. * Responsible for entering employee time weekly and checking accuracy using Kron os. * Scheduling work and vacation times for all route service reps. * Organizing and auditing route sheets using Megasys Route Management Program. * Perform monthly inventory of supplies. * Receiving and entering new supplies into computer. * Filling client supply orders. * Maintaining MBO's and MSDS books. * E-mailing weekly missed pick up reports and entering vehicle mileage in comput er. * Audit vehicle check out sheets. * Experienced using Microsoft Word 1999-2002 Location: Advantage Medical Products LLC of Alexandria, La. Time in Position: 3 Years Skills Used: DOT, Motorola MC70 Scanner, Stock Clerk, Fleet Manager Delivery Manager and Route Rep * Responsible for ensuring are properly routed and delivered to nursing homes, h ealthcare clinics, hospitals, and other medical consumers in a timely and profes sional manner. * Trained company personnel on operational protocols, administrative details, su pply routes and logistical strategies. * Served as a liaison between company; a wide array of medical consumers and nur sing home personnel. * Collaborated with the company's director of nursing to ensure that medical sup

ply orders were filled correctly. * Operated various delivery vehicles and auxiliary equipment, including a 24-foo t bobtail truck, box vans, stretch vans, forklifts and pallet jacks. * Maintained comprehensive operational records including a DOT logbook to record mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance and repairs. * Worked closely with customers and company personnel to quickly and professiona lly handle special requirements to resolve problems including incorrect orders, late deliveries, missing items and last minute changes. * Maintained close contact with nursing home owners, clients, medical profession als, and the director of nursing. * Gained a strong knowledge of access to routes, traffic patterns and delivery s trategies within the state of Louisiana. * Maintained an extremely high customer satisfaction rate as a result of excepti onal performance; strong communication skills and a high degree of professionali sm on the job. 1998-1999 Location: Borden Ice Cream of Alexandria, La. Time in Position: 1 Year Skills Used: DOT, Stock Clerk Sales Representative and Route Rep * Responsible for ensuring the prompt accurate and professional delivery of dair y products to a wide array of retail establishments including supermarkets and g rocery stores. * Oversaw company's inventory control system and ensured that product stocking l evels were adequately maintained at all times. * Processed customer orders and participated in the packing of orders. * Worked closely with the store managers on a daily basis. * Entered information into the computer of processed orders, recorded sale trans actions, printed out detailed packing slips and invoices. * Operated a wide range of equipment including delivery vehicles, pallet jacks a nd forklifts. * Maintained a DOT logbook and detailed the movement of goods to and from the de livery vehicle. * Recognized as the "go to" person by management and peers for the ability to co nsistently devise innovative cost effective solutions for day-to-day business pr oblems 1986-1998 Location: City of Alexandria Utility Department of Alexandria, La. Time in Position: 12 Years Skills Used: Utility Meter Reader * Responsible for recording gas, water, and electricity consumption by businesse s of Alexandria, La. * Reported detectable incidents of unauthorized utility usage to proper supervis ors, authorities and assisted service department to identify and confirm the the ft of utilities. * Documented and reported damage to meters and associated wires and pipes. * Interacted with utility customers on a daily basis. * Operated a hand held microcomputer to record meter readings. * Used an 800 MHZ radio to stay in contact with fellow employees as well as the police and other municipal departments. * Operated metal detectors to locate covered water meters, meter probes, shovels and various non-powered hand tools. * Used checklists to perform monthly vehicle safety check. * Instructed twenty people on proper methods for reading meters and using hand h eld recording devices.

* Received a letter of commendation from the mayor for successful efforts in loc ating a lost child. Military Experience Location: USAF, World Wide Time in Position: 5 Years Munitions Systems Specialist * Awarded Air Force Good Conduct Medal and Achievement Medal