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Stephen Jones 357 West 54th Street, #54 New York, NY 10019 Tel: 1-212-307-1640 Email: sj16062c0@westpost.


Experience 03/2009 04/2011 Proofreading/writing/editing, Chartwell Communications, New York * "In house" newsletter for The Board Of Education, Westchester County (contract work); additional freelance/contract proofreading done for local businesses Contract work, New York Organized and relocated files for five separate attorneys retiring and/or leavin g New York City, including creating CD and hardcopy indexes 03/1995 - 04/2008 Senior Paralegal, Kaye Scholer LLP, New York Comprehensive litigation support including trial and arbitration coordination/ma nagement, complete case management, legal documents creation, and management/ove rsight of legal support staff. Significant achievements include: * Close "hand-in-hand" work with firm partners and associates * Successful onset/conclusion of five trials and three arbitrations Projects management * Trial/arbitration preparation/organization; organization and oversight of supp rt staff; interaction with attorneys and court venues; coordination of conferenc e and work sessions * Development/creation of deposition scripts and exhibits (and review of transcr ipts and documents) * Productions creation and/or review (including four of 750,000+ documents); Bat es stamping and scanning; logs creation; oversight of work staff * Briefs preparation and assembly; proofreading of attorney drafts * Complete structure/restructure of legal files concerning major clients * Extensive research re construction practices, property zoning/assessments, imm igrant/day labor relations, gas-oil issues * On-site photography, preparation, and presentation of visual materials as exhi bits and for trial * Pro bono work - death sentence commutation, violation of immigrant/day labor w orker rights * Employees review, evaluation; billing review, approval, payment of outside ven dors (recording, copy, large-scale scanning, special requests/projects) * Voluntary participation with/tutoring of legal assistants re trial preparation , files management, and other duties 08/1993 - 03/1995 Freelance Administrator, New York Comprehensive administrative service including communication, documents coordina tion, writing, editing and proofreading for Harper Collins Publishers and for th e law firm of Kasowitz Benson Torres. Significant achievements include: * At Kasowitz created a 400+ page privilege log/digest; created a comprehensive, user-friendly client-documents index for confidential project; searched throug h 5,000+ technical/legal records * At Harper Collins functioned as administrative assistant to Promotional Purcha sing Vice President; wrote publicity press material for books to be released 06/1986 - 08/1993 Assistant Records Manager, Reboul, MacMurray, New York Supported 65 attorneys through the administration of litigation and corporate fi le systems Significant achievements include:

* Coordinate reorganization of legal documents, correspondence, research and bac kground material - including bar coding system and category identification * Organize/implement storage documentation of inactive materials * Supervise staff of two as acting Records manager * Promoted into position (previous to this, Communications Manager; when require d, acted as manager of floating secretarial and support staff)

Education Lawrence University, Wisconsin Degrees: Bachelor of Arts (literature); Bachelor of Education (Additionally: minored in History and in Philosophy, and on own initiative conti nued education at The New School For Social Research and at The Italy/Amer ica Society) Skills WordPerfect; Lotus Notes; Microsoft Word; LiveNote, Internet research, Ediscovery and -filing, scanning, CD creation; experience with SQL, Concordance, Excel, Pacer