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David Borg 289 Hickory Avenue Phone : (201) 384-8427 Bergenfield, NJ 07621 Email: dbe5f56c@westpost.

net Cell : (551) 804-5683 Bank Financial Center Management Position PROFILE Highly analytical mindset with a reputation for accuracy. Trained Management Staff to meet and exceed Corporate goals. Assigned to Audit Failing Tier 1 Financial Center result: turned situation aroun d; resulted in improved audit situation a" with a record outstanding audit within 2 years. Led Management Team on a quest for excellence a" was the agluea that kept team m oving forward. Diplomatic, precise, used balanced judgment in all decision making. ATM Specialist in all areas of Operation, Installation & Maintenance. ~Dedicated to solving the problems that erode profit margins & sabotage staff pe rformance. ~ AWARDS Outstanding Operations Area Manager a" 2001, 2002 & 2003 Promoted to Vice President within 3 Years from Promotion to Manager JP Morgan Chase- Teaneck, NJ Job Function Title: Assistant Branch Mgr. 2007 a"2008 oo"oActed as Branch Manger in their absence, leading the sales , service and tel ler staff to meet and exceed their sales and referral goals. Trained, coached ,supervised and held daily referral huddles with teller staff. Conducted audits & performed annual appraisals. o CITIBANK FINANCIAL CENTER a" New York City, NY 1990 a" 2007 Career at Citibank: Job Function Title: Assistant Branch Mgr. Location: 34th Street Financial Center Manhattan, NY 2004 a"2007 oo"oTrained, Coached & Supervised Teller Staff (of 28); Coached all Officers & F inancial Consultants; & Conducted Audits a" etc.acted as branch manager in absence of manager. Assistant Branch Mgr. Location: Financial Center NY, NY 2000 a"2004 oo*oTrained , Supervised & Coached teller staff for refferal opportunities, assi st Branch manager & performed audits. Operations Manager/ Asssitant Branch Mgr. Location: Chatham Square (Chinatown) N Y, NY 2000 oo-oIn 6 months, taught Heavy cash volume Operations Officers ahow to run a bran cha a" results: Successful Audit. Operations Manager Location: 120 Broadway, NY, NY 1997 a"1999 oo-oAs Operations Mgr., controlled ATMs, Operations & Regularly Schedule Audits & Successfully Oversaw Bank Operations. Control Manager Location: 399 Park Avenue, NY, NY 1992 a"1996 oooManaged 60 Tellers, 100+ ATMas, Monitored Each Teams Performance & conducted audits at every Financial Center. Operations Manager Location: Varick Streeta" a Tier 3 Financial Center 1990 a"19 92 oooIn Charge of all Operations [Tellers, Service officers, Consumer Bankers & Bu siness Bankers. Conducted internal audits, handled all losses / Implemented strict adherence to Banksa Policies & Procedures / Conducted yearly appraisals in addition to training and coaching all tellers. David Borg Notable Skills: 1 Comprehensive Operation Branch Management. 2 Built productive and cohesive Team Spirit among staff. 3 Dependable ~ knowledgeable in Banking Laws & Regulations. 4 Aapeople persona a" dealt fairly with staff at all levels.

5 Generated customer & staff loyalty ~ maintained aopen doora policy. 6 Managed security & loss risks effectively. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY a" Queens, NY 1980-1982 Major: Economics Minor: Political Science TRAINING Word 6.0 for Windows Fundamentals Excel 97 Basics Overdraft Decision Making ($25,000.00 Limit) Citibank Account Opening Documentation for Business Accounts Fraud Prevention Awareness Fraud Prevention - New Accounts