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Visual Experience

The Ultimate


2010/ 2011

Get close to the vastness of nature and the distant horizon: man experiences the fascination of his surroundings largely through visual experience. Through visual magnification we can become part of the vast landscape that surrounds us without having to overcome the physical distance. It expands our field of experience, deepens our perspective and sharpens our senses, giving us a greater appreciation for the world in which we exist.

Bridging the Distance

Whether you are a passionate animal or bird watcher, nature enthusiast, hiker, or partake in outdoor, leisure and water sports, Carl Zeiss has developed optical systems to broaden your sensory spectrum in your chosen activity and then finetuned them to optimise performance, ergonomics and ease of use. For experts and adventurers such as Simon King, Hans Kammerlander and Sven Achtermann, Carl Zeiss optics are an essential piece of equipment on every expedition.

Binoculars and spotting scopes combine leading edge innovations into compact, robust units. Image quality is unrivalled, so crisp and clear youll enjoy insight into a world that remains concealed to others. Those who choose the Carl Zeiss brand witness the fascinating diversity of nature and the way visions become tangible.

6 ZEISS Products Our strengths 8 LotuTec coating Protective layer for optics 9 FL concept For bright and brilliant images



12 Selecting the perfect binoculars 14 Compare between the Victory and Conquest line 16 Victory RF High-performance rangefinders Victory 8 x 26 T* PRF Victory 8/10 x 45 T* RF Victory 8/10 x 56 T* RF Victory NV Top-class nightvision device Victory NV 5.6 x 62 T* Victory Compact High-performance optics in pocket size Victory 8 x 20 T* Compact Victory 10 x 25 T* Compact Victory FL Binoculars High-performance optics Victory 8/10 x 32 T* FL Victory 7/8/10 x 42 T* FL Victory 8/10 x 56 T* FL Conquest Binoculars Proven quality optics Conquest 8 x 20 T* Compact Conquest 10 x 25 T* Compact Conquest 8/10 x 30 T* Conquest 8/10 x 40 T* Conquest 12/15 x 45 T* Conquest 8/10 x 50 T* Conquest 8/10 x 56 T* Accessories for Binoculars 24 Binocular scope of delivery 25 Binofix tripod adapter, tripod, Air Cell Comfort carrying strap

18 19




25 26 27

Monoculars Mono 3 x 12, Mono 4 x 12 T*, Mono 6 x 18 T*, Mono 8 x 20 T*, Mono 10 x 25 T*, Mini Quick 5x10 T* Specialty Binoculars 7 x 50 GA T* Marine, 20 x 60 T* S, Dialyt 8 x 56 GA T* Technical Specifications Binocular programme


Spotting Scopes


Victory DiaScope Spotting Scopes Nature observation at its best NEW Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL angled NEW Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL straight NEW Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL angled NEW Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL straight


Eyepiece D 30 x /40 x Vario eyepiece D 15 45 x /20 60 x NEW Vario eyepiece D 15 56 x /20 75 x 34 38 Victory PhotoScope Observing and Photographing NEW Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL
Digiscoping and Spotting scope accessories

Quick Camera Adapter Photo Adapter NEW Tripod NEW Carrying case Astro Adapter 40 42
Technical Specifications Spotting scope programme The world of Carl Zeiss

Outdoor enthusiasts all over the world know that Carl Zeiss high-performance optics meet their discerning needs and extreme demands. The visual experience perfected by Carl Zeiss, combined with innovative function, durability and longevity, provides the ultimate freedom.

Evolution of the Lens

Every optical system by Carl Zeiss combines the broadest range of fascinations: their scientific performance and technological brilliance are as inspiring as the visual power they produce. Carl Zeiss has taken the calculation of lenses to perfection. The development of new types of glass and coatings has enabled optical systems to achieve an even greater resolution and luminosity. Lenses are also continually becoming lighter and slimmer. Today, the FL concept by Carl Zeiss is at the peak of this development.

Penetrating Brilliance
For a long time, the image quality of optical units suffered from the fact that the lens only allowed part of the incidental light to reach the eye and scattered the other part back in the form of reflections. This was the case until the 1930s, when a scientist from Carl Zeiss coated the outside surface with a layer of metal fluorides. Carl Zeiss was the first optics manufacturer to coat lenses and thereby minimise scattered light and disturbing reflections. The coating process also helped to considerably increase the light transmission and image brightness at twilight. ZEISS optics transmit a clear image that is unrivalled right up to the last daylight.

Protective Layer for Clear Vision

The purpose of the latest innovation in lens coating is to protect the high image brilliance from impairment, even in extremely wet conditions. The LotuTec lens coating has the same effect on objective and eyepiece lenses as a lotus leaf. Water drops gather on the lens surface and drip off. This enables easy cleaning of the lenses and ensures that ZEISS binoculars always produce an exceptional visual experience regardless of the weather.

Closer to the Limit

Resistant Companions
When used outdoors, rough handling of the optical unit must always be expected. Carl Zeiss lens systems are designed for strenuous use. The same applies to the stable body and nonsensitive surfaces. Furthermore, nearly every unit in the new generation is filled with nitrogen to eliminate fogging. ZEISS binoculars and spotting scopes are lightweight, compact and extremely durable. Their long life and performance resilience make them highly appreciated, especially amongst active users.

Skilled Precision and Optical Harmony

It is the emotional factors which extend the value of ZEISS optics far beyond the technical data. With ZEISS, you enjoy visible and tangible comfort through perfected ergonomics, design elegance and comfortable haptics. Surfaces are easy to grip wherever secure hand contact is required. You can feel the superior workmanship in the agility and high-precision functioning of the operating elements. To ensure this fine-tuned quality, much of the final assembly is completed by hand.

Nature is a fascinating system. In a sustained process of optimization, it has shown capabilities we can only admire or in fact try to imitate.

Lets take the lotus leaf, for instance, which instantly repels water drops avoiding smudges on the surface.

Protective Layer for Clear Vision

T he LotuTec coating
Clear Vision at All Times As with the surface of the lotus leaf, the LotuTec coating on objective and ocular lenses ensures that water is repelled immediately and without residue. Thus dirt, grease and fingerprints can easily be removed with no risk of damaging the high-quality lens. Maintaining optical devices with LotuTec is extremely effortless. Brilliant Viewing in all Weather Conditions Carl Zeiss has brought the experience of an impeccable view to perfection regardless of the weather. Even in heavy rain LotuTec coating guarantees a perfect vision. With LotuTec Without LotuTec
As with most leaves, moisture and dirt particles concentrate on the surface of the lens. They connect with the texture and broadly cover the surface. Imitating the lotus leaf protection, ZEISS LotuTec lenses repel water drops. Dirt and smears wipe off easily. Neither water nor dirt sticks to the surface. All products of the Victory line feature the LotuTec lens coating.

Razor-Sharp Details
T he FL Concept
W ithout FL
white light

Rich in detail and full of stunning contrasts, nature provides a feast for our senses. The ZEISS FL concept fascinates with unsurpassed bright images and brilliant image sharpness. The ability of FL lenses to show even the finest details with sharp contours and no chromatic aberrations is captivating. The FL Concept The ZEISS FL optics have defined new standards. At the heart of the high-performance concept is an outstanding lens structure based on high-performance fluoride glass or FL for short. Thanks to this unique construction, the observer perceives almost no chromatic aberrations in the image. Enjoy the rich diversity of nature up to the smallest detail: In conjunction with the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating, the FL lenses provide im-

focal point glass lens

W ith FL
white light

focal point glass lens

pressive image brightness and perfect contrast. Uncompromising visual experiences In the process of developing the FL objective lenses, our Carl Zeiss optical engineers have consulted the most demanding users, experiencing a vast range of extreme situations all over the world. In order to provide unlimited visual pleasure all day, no matter the lighting conditions, interference factors such as stray light or reflexes have been gradually eliminated.

Above: View through a standard lens. Chromatic aberrations reduce sharpness and contrast. To point out this effect the illustration is slightly exaggerated. Below: The effect of the FL glass is to minimise the extent to which the colour spectrum fans out. Thus, contours are practically free of chromatic aberration and have a high colour fidelity, distinguishing finer details.

Experience the great freedom that lives in subtleties and fleeting moments. ZEISS binoculars are convenient to handle and perfectly balanced in terms of weight, balance and shape. An extremely competent partner, they offer the ultimate combination of comfort, resilience and brilliant optical performance.

Expand your Sights

Comfortable Eyepiece ZEISS binoculars provide an exceptionally large field of view for observers with or without glasses. The soft, comfortable eye cups adjust individually and easily, and can be locked into a specific setting. Once fixed, they cannot be pushed in accidentally.

ZEISS Binoculars

Intense Visual Experience

Uncompromising Optics The name ZEISS stands for brilliance, colour fidelity and razorsharp images. Image quality is consistent to the outermost edge of the field of view. The intricately finished objectives consist of up to five lens groups. High-quality glass types, which are coated in the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating process, provide transmission values up to and over 90 %. This ensures vivid contrasts and image brightness even in poor lighting conditions.

Operating Safety
Easy Handling The sophisticated ergonomics and functionality make focusing extremely quick and accurate. The body of the binoculars is perfectly balanced, which makes prolonged observation comfortable and effortless.

Visible Values
Highest Quality Production All processes in the making of Carl Zeiss binoculars, from manufacturing and coating the lenses through to production of the optical systems and final mounting, are carried out under the strictest surveillance in Carl Zeiss workshops. This ensures a high level of quality, which is clearly visible and tangible in every product that bears the Carl Zeiss brand name.

Practical Strength
Light, Robust and Waterproof The housing of the binoculars consists of light aluminium and reinforced high-performance polyamide, 60 % of which is glass fibre, making the body extremely resistant to impact. The waterproof and dustproof design, combined with the nitrogen filling that eliminates fogging on the inside, ensure that the binoculars stand up to extreme conditions. The durable rubber armour is shock absorbing. Dirt is easily removed.


Whether it is pocket binoculars or high-performing special optics, Carl Zeiss offers a consistent standard of quality. The following guide will help you choose the right binocular for your needs.

Different Perspectives
Selecting ZEISS Binoculars Pocket Binoculars
Lens Diameter 20 25 mm These lightweight binoculars fit into virtually any pocket or can be carried around the neck almost unnoticed. Use them to expand your field of view on excursions in the countryside or city. Bird watchers always have them at the ready to ensure they do not miss a special sighting. Alpinists use them to spot the course of their route. They are also ideal for sightseeing tours, cultural and sporting events, bringing you closer to the action and making it a more memorable experience.

Compact Binoculars
Lens Diameter 30 35 mm These optics are designed to meet physically demanding observation requirements. They combine top performance and image brilliance into the smallest, lightest package. Compact binoculars do not require much packing space and are up to 300 grams lighter than all-purpose binoculars.

All-Purpose Binoculars
Lens Diameter 40 45 mm These powerful binoculars provide the perfect balance between handy design and high transmission values, and are designed for all-round use. Their weight and size make them ideal for active nature exploration. They also provide the best conditions for observation in any light even twilight.

Twilight Glasses
Lens Diameter from 50 mm The best choice for avid bird and game watchers who are undeterred by bad weather and like to stay out late into the evening. Twilight glasses use the latest materials and innovative types of glass. They are among the lighter alternatives in their class and are a comfortable accessory on long treks.


The first smaller figure in the model reference specifies the magnification factor. For all-purpose observation use, a factor of 7 10 x is ideal. The greater the magnification, the better suited the binoculars are for detailed observation over long distances. However, with this, the images steadiness and the size of the field of view are reduced.
Good view, steady image: At 8 x magnification the field of view is wider and shaking is reduced to a minimum. As close as it gets: At 10 x magnification the smallest detail is seen and the image section decreases.

Lens Diameter

The second figure in the model reference specifies the lens diameter. The bigger it is, the better the image and twilight performance. Of course, the overall external size and weight of the binoculars will increase with large, powerful lenses.

Image brightness fades with daylight: Smaller lenses offer a lower twilight performance.

Image brilliance even at twilight: Large lenses intensify the last daylight and may even be used for observation at nighttime.


Innovative High-performance Optics made in Germany
Victory binoculars set international standards in binocular construction and have been developed for passionate observing and ultimate challenges. Razor-sharp details and fascinating, bright images are distinctive characteristics of the visual experience Victory binoculars provide. Additionally, they offer a particularly comfortable operation: optical high performance has never been so lightweight and easy to handle.

Victory: Excellence at a Glance

1. Unsurpassed clear, bright images 2. Razor-sharp details and minimal abberrations due to FL* 3. Wide fields of view and a distinct close focusing distance 4. Clear vision even in wet weather due to LotuTec 5. Lightweight, premium-quality material for harsh use
Image: Victory 10 x 42 T*FL

Enhancing the Day

FL Concept and LotuTec Lens Coating High-performance fluoride glasses (FL) enhance precision, colour intensity and brightness of the image in fading daylight. The LotuTec lens coating makes water drip off the lenses.

Intense Observation
Operating Comfort and a Distinct Focusing Distance The easy-to-operate, twistable eye cups both lock securely into various positions. The focusing system has a lockable diopter adjustment and wide-angle field of view to enhance ease of use. Victory binoculars offer maximum viewing comfort even in demanding situations and during long periods of observation.

*except RF, PRF, compact binoculars and night vision device


Proven Quality Optics by Carl Zeiss
Conquest binoculars count among the best performing companions for demanding observation in their class. Elaborately coated lenses transmit brilliant images with high colour fidelity. High-quality lenses reduce colour aberrations and provide high-contrast images. When in intensive use, the robust and continually perfected construction stands the test, offering precise functionality and maximum reliability.

Conquest: Decisive Advantages

1. Brilliant images with high colour fidelity 2. Minimal aberrations due to achromatic lenses 3. High light transmission due to Carl Zeiss T* multiImage: Conquest 10 x 40 T*

layer coating 4. Robust, continually perfected construction

Twilight Performance
Carl Zeiss T* Multi-Layer Lens Coating All Conquest binocular lenses feature the elaborate Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating which guarantees the greatest possible light transmission.

Quality and Comfort

Easy Handling and Operation Purely made of high-grade materials. The robust binocular housing is ergonomic in shape, features a rubber armour and proves to be perfectly resistant to harsh use. The housing of all models with the exception of the Compact is 100 % waterproof and filled with nitrogen to prevent internal fogging. The comfortable, twistable eye cups both lock securely into the final position and even open up the complete field of view to eyeglass wearers.


Rangefinder Range
as the observation over water and ice plains. With the RF binoculars, the distance to sea animals, such as whales or polar bears can be quickly and easily determined.

High-performane binoculars combined with rangefinders are used in the most diverse fields of application: when hunting it is to know the exact distance to the game, when bird watching it is the determination of the flight distance, or measuring the height of tree nests, as well

Victory 8 x 26 T* PRF

Perfectly complementing the equipment This laser rangefinder comes in the form of a compact monocular. Until the last daylight is fading, its 8 x magnification and the 26 mm lens provide bright images even over long distances. This small and particularly lightweight rangefinder model is a solid companion in open terrain and unfamiliar surroundings.

Victory 8 /10 x 45 T* RF

Universal companion until the night falls These compact all-rounders feature an extremely wide field of
reddot design award
winner 2008

view. Thanks to fluoride glass, the 45mm lenses with Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating provide an excellent imaging performance even in twilight. The 8 10 x magnification is perfectly suitable for the most popular observation distances.

Victory 8 /10 x 56 T* RF

Observing until the last daylight fades The rangefinder family is now complemented by the new Victory 8 x 56 T* RF and 10 x 56 T* RF. The four lens, highperformance objectives with fluoride glass provide extremely bright, high-contrast, and crystal clear images, even in adverse lighting conditions and far into the night. Weighing just approx. 1,150 g, the rangefinder 56 is particularly lightweight when compared to conventional binoculars.


With the Victory rangefinders, nature observers hold two competences in one hand for the first time: the optical high performance of ZEISS binoculars and the precise laser rangefinding, which provides important information when observing and exploring wildlife.

Discovering natures treasures

Rangef inder by Carl Zeiss
Self-illuminating LED Display The LED display is reflected in the centre of the field of view by the push of a button and automatically adapts to the brightness of the surroundings. Thus, it always provides good readability regardless of the lighting conditions and the background. Functions of the Set Button The Set button selects the desired unit of measurement (metres/centimetres or yards/inches). In addition, this highperformance device offers a Ballistic Information System to determine the outer ballistics (BIS), which is mainly used when hunting. More information at sportsoptics Rangefinder Button: One Touch Principle When the rangefinder button is pressed, the reticle lights up so that the object can be targeted. After releasing the button, the distance is displayed in metres or yards. The One Touch-Principle reduces any movement to a minimum when rangefinding.

Victory 10 x 56 T* RF (Rangefinder)

Light, Robust Full-Metal Magnesium Body The extremely resilient binocular body is protected by a shockabsorbing rubber armour. Thanks to its water- and dustproof construction, as well as the nitrogen filling, it is absolutely free of internal fogging.

LotuTec Lens Coating Stunning image quality regardless of the weather: The LotuTec protective layer causes water to drip right off providing that dirt can easily be removed.

In deep darkness, nocturnal animals and timid game are wide awake. Equipped with the suitable optics, nature observers get closer to animals in their natural surroundings and gain valuable insights on their behaviour.

Victory NV
Victory NV 5.6 x 62 T*

T he compact night vision device

Featuring particularly handy operating elements, the compact and ergonomic construction of the Victory NV provides easy handling and operation. Further advantages: integrated illuminated diode to brighten up the close focus distance, eyepieces suitable for eyeglass wearers and the possibility to manually adjust the intensity of the image intensifier tube.
The markings help to estimate the distance. Picture at a distance of 50 metres.

Thanks to the principle of residual light intensification, the night vision device Victory NV absorbs light which is no longer perceived by the human eye. Light reflections of the observed object are amplified on the illuminated screen at 20,000 times. The large field of view provides a wide view over the events at nighttime. The shortest close focus distance is five metres. An integrated reticle allows for estimating distances even by night.

Image Intensifier Tube Easy Handling By pushing the buttons + and , the intensity of the image intensifier tube is adapted to the prevailing lighting conditions. The innovative image intensifier tube of generation 2+ featuring a 20,000fold light intensification provides a crystal clear, sharp high-resolution image.

Illuminating Diode An integrated infrared LED brightens up the close focus distance by night.

High-performance Lens A four-lens, bright 62 mm lens (2.0/125 T*) ensures high-contrast images that are clearly defined up to the edges.


Victory Compact Range

Victory Compact 8 x 20 T* and 10 x 25 T*

Victory Compact binoculars are not only extremely easy to handle, the asymmetrical joint also allows for folding and storing in small spaces. These high-performance binoculars of the Victory range stand out for their excellent image performance and are
Victory Compact 8 x 20 T*

also ideal for those who wear glasses. Despite the compact size, the field of view is remarkably large. With a close focus distance of just 2.6 metres, even nearby objects can be observed in exact detail. The LotuTec lens coating provides brilliant visual experiences in wet weather.

Im Test: 21 Fernglser


Even beyond nature observation, when travelling or watching events, the Victory Compact is designed to bring people and adventure closer together.
Included accessories: carrying strap and leather pouch with belt loop.

2 / 2004

Victory Compact 10 x 25 T*

High optical performance in a pocket format: The Victory Compact is easy to use and small enough to always be close at hand whenever you are on the go. Whether you are exploring nature, sightseeing in the city, or at a cultural or sporting event, it will bring you closer to the action, and make the experience much more special.



Victory FL Range

Victory 8 x 32 T* FL and 10 x 32 T* FL

Physically active nature lovers are masters at packing their highperformance equipment into the tightest spaces. This practise gave Carl Zeiss engineers the inspiration to pack the power of the Victory FL into a compact format with a 32 mm lens. Always at the ready, this lightweight binocular is ideal for long excursions.
reddot design award
winner 2005

SEHR GuT (1,4)

Im Test: 22 Fernglser 9 / 2006

Victory 7 x 42 T* FL, 8 x 42 T* FL and 10 x 42 T* FL

These handy all-purpose models offer an extremely large field of view. The 42 mm lens makes them particularly light sensitive, even deep into twilight. Magnification options range from 7 x and 8 x for normal observation distances to 10 x for even greater distances. The richness of detail and ability to focus up close within 2 metres offers a fascinating visual experience.

All Victory FL binoculars are also available in green.

Victory 8 x 56 T* FL and 10 x 56 T* FL

These high-performing models feature a 5-lens objective and are the light giants of the FL class. Late into the evening, when the last light fades and the most timid animals become active, they provide a thrilling, sharply contrasted view of nature. The shortest close-up focus is 3 metres.


Observing without compromise. Even in the most adverse weather conditions and the most diverse fields of application, binoculars have to carry out their duties at any time. This is why the most demanding users consider ZEISS binoculars to be synonymous with optical and mechanical excellence.

Loyal Companion
Eyepiece with LotuTec protection

Til l the Light Fades Out

Individually adjustable, removable and twistable eyecups

Centre focussing mechanism with integrated diopter adjustment

Lightweight, non-slip aluminium housing reinforced by glass-fibre composites (60 %)

Wide angle eyepieces, suitable for eyeglass wearers

Phase-corrected roof prism systems Lens with LotuTec coating 5-lens objective with FL glass (containing fluoride)


Conquest Range

Conquest Compact 8 x 20 T* and 10 x 25 T*

Ultra-light, high-performance pocket binoculars for the whole family. Ideal for all-round use, travel, sporting and cultural events and as compact additional optics for bird watchers or as spares. Thanks to the intelligent Z-fold they fit into virtually any shirt or jacket pocket. The housing is extremely robust, weatherproof and sealed against spray water. In terms of image quality, the Conquest Compact models excel in both contrast and detail thanks to the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating.
Im Test: 21 Fernglser

Conquest Compact 8 x 20 T*


Included in delivery: carrying strap and leather pouch with belt loop.

2 / 2004

Conquest Compact 10 x 25 T*

Conquest 8 x 30 T* and 10 x 30 T*

Lightweight binoculars for active observers and passionate outdoor sportsmen. The Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating ensures
Im Test: 22 Fernglser

GuT (1,6)

high-contrast visual experiences in any surroundings. Available with 8 x magnification for all-purpose use or with 10 x magnification for high-detail observation over long distances.

9 /2006

Conquest 8 x 40 T* and 10 x 40 T*

Both these models are robust, high performing and suitable for twilight hours. Above all, users embrace their multipurpose concept. The Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating ensures a bright and brilliant insight into nature.


Conquest 12 x 45 T* and 15 x 45 T*

These models offer the greatest level of magnification for demanding observation over long distances. Their bright and crisp image is as impressive as the comfortable weight.

Conquest 8 x 50 T* and 10 x 50 T*

These light sensitive binoculars are twilight experts. Both models offer top performance while being extremely handy. Weighing just 900 grams, they are among the lightweights of twilight binoculars.

Conquest 8 x 56 T* and 10 x 56 T*

Exit pupils of 7 or 5.6 milimetres plus the Carl Zeiss T* multilayer coating provide bright, brilliant images until deep twilight. Characterisitc of the Conquest line, the new models are elegant, handy and extremely lightweight with only 950 grams.

Included in the scope of delivery: eyepiece cover, neoprene carrying strap and Cordura pouch with belt loop.


All Zeiss Victory binoculars come with a comprehensive selection of accessories and are fully equipped for intensive observation.

The protective covers can be removed quickly, making the binoculars ready for use.

Fully Equipped
All Victory Compact binoculars come with a leather pouch. Included with Victory FL binoculars: Cordura pouch, carrying strap, lens and eyepiece protection as well as a cloth for cleaning the lenses.

Binocular scope of delivery Carrying Pouch

Every Compact model is protected by a resilient leather pouch with a magnetic latch. Cordura is the preferred outdoor material due to its abrasionproof quality. It protects the binoculars in all modes of transport by car, on the body, in a rucksack or in a case.

Neoprene Carrying Strap

The comfortable wide neoprene strap is non-slip and very easy to adjust.

Lens and Eyepiece Cover

Robust rubber covers protect the lenses and eyepiece from dust, water and scratching. The lens covers can be folded down separately for each lens. The eyepiece cover remains attached to the binocular strap after it is removed to prevent loss.



Extended Fields of Application

Binofix Tripod Adapter

This all-purpose adapter allows for rapid, easy mounting of ZEISS binoculars on every type of tripod, starting at a lens diameter of 30 mm. It ensures motionless observation, even at high magnifications and over a longer period. Used in conjunction with the 3 x magnification mono-adapter (see below), it offers a
Binofix tripod adapter

similar visual experience to a spotting scope. (Making a 10 x 42 binocular to a 30 x 42 compact scope).

Mono 3 x12

Tripod (page 39)

With a turn of the hand, it triples the magnification and converts almost all Victory and Conquest binoculars into compact spotting scopes. The mono-amplifier is fixed to the eyepiece by means of an adapter ring and is easy to transport. It can also be used separately as a mini telescope or as a magnifying glass in the close-focus range.
Air Cell Comfort Carrying Strap

Makes carrying binoculars with a lens diameter of more than 30 mm more convenient. Air cushions which are embedded in the strap provide a better wearing comfort. Thanks to the click fasteners, the carrying strap can be attached and detached very
Mono 3 x 12

quickly. The length of the strap can be adjusted for individual ease of use.

Quick connection: With the right adapter ring the Mono is easy to mount on all Victory FL and Conquest binoculars as well as the Dialyt 8 x 56 GA T*.

Air Cell Comfort Carrying Strap

Mono: Attractive Solo Appearance

The ZEISS Mono is small, slim and sporty an elegant cover for its stunning image quality and large field of view. It zooms in on contact, enhancing enjoyment of cultural and sporting events. The high-quality optical components are carefully coated. The housing is robust and non-slip.

Both the Mono 4 x 12 T* and 6 x 18 T* can be focused at 0.5 metres which makes them ideal for magnifying text and details within an arms length. The MiniQuick is particularly handy and weighs no more than a pen.

All Monos (except the MiniQuick) come with a stylish soft leather pouch and carrying strap. They make an attractive and practical gift. Mono 4 x 12 T* Mono 6 x 18 T* Mono 8 x 20 T* Mono 10 x 25 T* MiniQuick 5 x 10 T*


Specialty Binoculars
8 x 56 GA T* Dialyt

for Experts

Extremely effective night scope for viewing when daylight fades or in the dark. It is one of the most luminous and lightweight binoculars in its class. For more than 40 years, it has been a loyal companion to birders who like to venture out at night.

ply makes the 20 x 60 T* S binocular also ideal for aerospace applications. It has already been used on the International Space Station ISS.
Nautical Binoculars

20 x 60 T* S with Image Stabilisation

7x 50 GA T* Marine

The superlative binocular for extremely great distances. With a 20x magnification and 60 mm lens diameter, it offers detailed accuracy in the wild. The unique mechanical stabilisation ensures a still image regardless of the strong magnification. It operates soundlessly and without batteries. Objects can be observed motionlessly and accurately over a great distance and a long period without a tripod. The combination of strong magnification and motionless observation with no energy sup-

These proven sea-worthy binoculars are used by both professionals and nature enthusiasts. Due to their huge light-sensitivity and large field of view, nautical binoculars are also favoured for demanding tasks on land. High-quality Porro prisms produce detailed razor-sharp images. The large exit pupil and eyepieces for those who wear glasses allow for motionless observation, even in heavy seas. Their ergonomic design indicates that these binoculars sum up nautical expertise.

8 x 56 GA T* Dialyt Included in delivery: eyepiece cover and neoprene carrying strap.

20 x 60 T* S Included in delivery: eyepiece cover, neoprene carrying strap and aluminium case.

7 x 50 GA T* Marine Included in delivery: eyepiece and lens covers, neoprene carrying strap.


Specialty Glasses
Magnification Lens Diameter Exit Pupil Diameter Twilight Factor Field of View at 1,000 m Subjective Viewing Angle Close-up Limit Diopter Adjustment Range Exit Pupil Spacing Pupil Distance Lens Type Prism System LotuTec Nitrogen Filling Water Resistance Functional Temperature Range Height Width At an Eye Width of 65 mm Weight Accessories

Nautical Binoculars 7 x 50 GA T* Marine 7x 50 mm 7.1 mm 18.7 130 m 52 6.5 m + 9 / 6 dpt 18 mm 53 78 mm Porro

With Image Stabilisation 20 x 60 T* S 20 x 60 mm 3 mm 34.6 Ww 52 m 60 14 m + / 7 dpt 13 mm 57 73 mm Achromat sealed against spray water 20 / + 40 C 275 mm 161 mm 1,660 g

Dialyt 8 x 56 GA T* 8x 56 mm 7 mm 21.2 110 m 51 7m + / 3.5 dpt 19 mm 57 75 mm Abbe-Knig

144 mm 215 mm 1,200 g Mono 3 x 12 Adapter for Mono Binofix Black

Order Numbers

52 55 05

52 60 00

238 mm 143 mm 1,010 g 52 20 12 52 83 83 52 83 87 52 56 58

26 Neoprene Carrying Strap, Neoprene Carrying Strap, Eyepiece and Lens Cover Eyepiece Cover, Aluminium Case T* = Carl Zeiss multi-layer coating GA = Binoculars with Rubber Armour S = Stabilised Ww = Binoculars with Wide Angle Eyepieces Included in Delivery


Neoprene Carrying Strap, Eyepiece Cover

Magnification Lens Diameter Exit Pupil Diameter Twilight Factor Field of View at 1,000 m Subjective Viewing Angle Close-up Limit Diopter Adjustment Range Exit Pupil Spacing Pupil Distance Lens Type Prism System LotuTec Nitrogen Filling Water Resistance Functional Temperature Range Height Width At an Eye Width of 65 mm Weight Order Numbers MiniQuick 5 x 10 T* 5x 10 mm 2 mm 7 100 m 29 4m > + / 4 dpt 16.5 mm Achromat sealed against spray water 20 / + 40 C 113 mm 23 g Black 52 20 10 4 x 12 T* 4x 12 mm 3 mm 6.9 180 m 41 0.45 m > + / 4 dpt 15 mm

Mono 6 x 18 T* 6x 18 mm 3 mm 10.4 120 m 41 0.3 m > + / 4 dpt 15 mm

8 x 20 T* 8x 20 mm 2.5 mm 12.6 110 m 51 3m > + / 4 dpt 15 mm

10 x 25 T* 10 x 25 mm 2.5 mm 15.8 88 m 51 4.5 m > + / 4 dpt 15 mm

Achromat Schmidt-Pechan sealed against spray water 20 / + 40 C 94 mm 101 mm 58 g 67 g 52 20 51 52 20 52

70 mm 45 g 52 20 50

119 mm 77 g 52 20 53

Page Included in Delivery T* = Carl Zeiss multi-layer coating

25 Soft Leather Pouch, Carrying Strap


The ZEISS Binocular Range

Victory Binoculars
Mono 3 x 12 Magnification Lens Diameter Exit Pupil Diameter Twilight Factor Field of View at 1,000 m Subjective Viewing Angle Close Focus Diopter Adjustment Range Exit Pupil Spacing Pupil Distance Lens Type Prism System 3x 12 mm 4 mm 6 220 m 38 0.2 m > + / 4 dpt 12 mm Achromat Schmidt-Pechan 8 x 20 T* 8x 20 mm 2.5 mm 12.6 118 m 54 2.6 m + / 3 dpt 13.5 mm 32 74 mm Achromat Schmidt-Pechan yes yes 400 mbar 20 / + 40 C 93 mm 97 mm 225 g 110 mm 97 mm 250 g 117 mm 116 mm 550 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 Victory Compact 10 x 25 T* 10 x 25 mm 2.5 mm 15.8 95 m 54 4m + / 3 dpt 13.5 mm 32 74 mm 8 x 32 T* FL 8x 32 mm 4 mm 16 Ww 140 m 64 2m + / 4 dpt 15.5 mm 52 74 mm 4-Lens FL Type Schmidt-Pechan yes yes 400 mbar 30 / + 63 C 117 mm 116 mm 560 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 152 mm 128 mm 740 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 10 x 32 T* FL 10 x 32 mm 3.2 mm 17.9 Ww 120 m 69 2m + / 4 dpt 15.2 mm 52 74 mm 7 x 42 T* FL 7x 42 mm 6 mm 17.1 Ww 150 m 60 2m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 54 76 mm

Subject to modifications in the design and scope of delivery for the purposes of technical development. Carl Zeiss T*, Conquest, MiniQuick, Dialyt, LotuTec and BIS are copyright trademarks of Carl Zeiss.

LotuTec Nitrogen Filling Water Resistance Functional Temperature Range Height Width At an Eye Width of 65 mm Weight Accessories Mono 3 x12 Adapter for Mono Binofix Lens Cover Order Numbers Black Green

sealed against spray water

20 / + 40 C 58 mm 54 g

52 20 12

52 20 78

52 20 79

52 32 30 52 32 32

52 32 31 52 32 33

52 45 40 52 45 50

Page Included in Delivery

25 Soft Leather Pouch, Carrying Strap

19 Leather Pouch with Belt Loop

T* = Carl Zeiss Multi-Layer Coating FL = FL-Concept Ww = Binoculars with Wide Angle Eyepieces


Conquest Binoculars
Victory FL 8 x 42 T* FL 8x 42 mm 5.25 mm 18.3 Ww 135 m 62 2m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 54 76 mm 4-Lens FL Type Abbe-Knig yes yes 400 mbar 30 / + 63 C 161 mm 128 mm 755 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 Included in Delivery 52 45 41 52 45 51 52 45 42 52 45 52 52 56 08 52 56 11 52 56 10 52 56 12 52 20 73 52 20 74 52 32 08 52 32 10 161 mm 128 mm 765 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 188 mm 145 mm 1,220 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 10 x 42 T* FL 10 x 42 mm 4.2 mm 20.5 Ww 110 m 63 2m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 54 76 mm 8 x 56 T* FL 8x 56 mm 7 mm 21.2 Ww 130 m 60 3m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 55 76 mm 5-Lens FL Type Abbe-Knig yes yes 400 mbar 30 / + 63 C 188 mm 145 mm 1,250 g 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 102 mm 93 mm 185 g 10 x 56 T* FL 10 x 56 mm 5.6 mm 23.7 Ww 110 m 63 3m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 55 76 mm 8x 20 mm 2.5 mm 12.6 110 m 51 3m + / 2 dpt 15 mm 27 73 mm Achromat Schmidt-Pechan sealed against spray water 20 / + 40 C 119 mm 97 mm 200 g 132 mm 115 mm 550 g 52 20 12 52 83 78 52 83 87 Conquest Compact 8 x 20 T* 10 x 25 T* 10 x 25 mm 2.5 mm 15.8 88 m 51 5m + / 2 dpt 15 mm 27 73 mm 8 x 30 T* 8x 30 mm 3.75 mm 15.5 120 m 55 3m + / 4 dpt 14.6 mm 54 74 mm Achromat Schmidt-Pechan yes 400 mbar 20 / + 55 C 132 mm 115 mm 560 g 52 20 12 52 83 78 52 83 87 10 x 30 T* 10 x 30 mm 3 mm 17.3 96 m 55 3m + / 7 dpt 14.6 mm 54 74 mm

20 Cordura Pouch, Neoprene Carrying Strap, Eyepiece and Lens Cover

22 Leather Pouch with Belt Loop


Conquest 8 x 40 T* 8x 40 mm 5 mm 17.9 120 m 55 3m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 54 74 mm Achromat Abbe-Knig yes 400 mbar 20 / + 55 C 153 mm 128 mm 790 g 52 20 12 52 83 79 52 83 87 52 92 17 52 45 08 153 mm 128 mm 810 g 52 20 12 52 83 79 52 83 87 52 92 17 52 45 10 52 45 12 52 45 15 163 mm 119 mm 665 g 52 20 12 52 83 78 52 83 87 10 x 40 T* 10 x 40 mm 4 mm 20 Ww 105 m 60 3m + / 5 dpt 16 mm 54 74 mm 12 x 45 T* 12 x 45 mm 3.75 mm 23.2 80 m 55 5m + / 3 dpt 14.6 mm 54 76 mm Achromat Schmidt-Pechan yes 400 mbar 20 / + 55 C 163 mm 119 mm 670 g 52 20 12 52 83 78 52 83 87 187 mm 133 mm 905 g 52 20 12 52 83 79 52 83 87 52 92 22 52 50 08 15 x 45 T* 15 x 45 mm 3 mm 26 64 m 55 5m + / 5 dpt 14.6 mm 54 76 mm 8 x 50 T* 8x 50 mm 6.25 mm 20 110 m 51 3m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 54 74 mm Achromat Abbe-Knig yes 400 mbar 20 / + 55 C 187 mm 133 mm 905 g 52 20 12 52 83 79 52 83 87 52 92 22 52 50 10 200 mm 139 mm 950 g 52 20 12 52 83 79 52 83 87 52 92 26 52 50 12 10 x 50 T* 10 x 50 mm 5 mm 22.4 100 m 57 3m + / 5 dpt 16 mm 54 74 mm 8 x 56 T* 8x 56 mm 7 mm 21.2 110 m 51 4m + / 4 dpt 16 mm 57 74 mm Achromat Abbe-Knig yes 400 mbar 20 / + 55 C 200 mm 139 mm 950 g 52 20 12 52 83 79 52 83 87 52 92 26 52 50 14 10 x 56 T* 10 x 56 mm 5.6 mm 23.7 105 m 60 4m + / 5 dpt 16 mm 57 74 mm

22/23 Cordura Pouch, Neoprene Carrying Strap, Eyepiece Cover

Victory Rangefinder
Victory RF 8 x 56 T* RF Magnification Lens Diameter Exit Pupil Diameter Twilight Factor Field of View at 1,000 m / yd. Close Focus Diopter Adjustment Range Exit Pupil Spacing Pupil Distance Lens Type Prism System LotuTec Nitrogen Filling Water Resistance Length x Height x Width Weight with battery Reticle: distance of the lines Laser Class Laser Shaft Length Measuring Range* Measuring Accuracy Measuring Duration Beam Divergence Battery Battery Life at +20 C Order Numbers Accessories Mono 3 x 12 Adapter for Mono Binofix Air Cell Comfort Carrying Strap 1 Torch fastener Camera adapter for SLR Adapter for Mini-Maglite 52 56 20 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 52 91 13 52 56 22 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 52 91 13 Class 1 904 nm 10 1,200 m, 11 1,300 yd. 1m < 600 m, 0.5 % > 600 m max. approx. 0.5 sec 1.6 x 0.5 mrad 1 x 3 V Typ CR 2 > 10,000 measurements 52 45 16 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 52 91 13 52 45 18 52 20 12 52 83 77 52 83 87 52 91 13 > 2,000 52 45 61 max. approx. 1.5 sec 4.0 x 2.0 mrad Class 1 M 17 mm 57 76 mm 4-Lens Achromat Abbe-Knig yes yes yes, 400 mbar approx. 194 x 139 mm approx. 191 x 139 mm approx. 1,150 g 7 mm 21.2 115 m / yd. approx. 5 m + / 3.5 dptr 16 mm 16 mm 54 76 mm 4-Lens Achromat Abbe-Knig yes yes yes, 400 mbar approx. 167 x 135 mm approx. 995 g 8x 56 mm 5.6 mm 23.7 110 m / yd. 5.6 mm 19 125 m / yd. approx. 5.5 m + / 3.5 dptr 15.5 mm 10 x 56 T* RF 10 x 8 x 45 T* RF 8x 45 mm 4.5 mm 21.2 110 m / yd. 10 x 45 T* RF 10 x Victory PRF 8 x 26 T* PRF 8x 26 mm 3.25 mm 14.4 110 m / yd. + / 3.5 dptr 17.5 mm 2-Lens Achromat Roof yes no yes, 100 mbar approx. 130 x 98 mm approx. 310 g

Victory NV
Victory NV 5.6 x 62 T* 5.6 x 62 mm

142 m 5m + / 4 dpt. 20 mm

yes yes 233 x 100 x 80 mm approx. 1,000 g 0.5 m / 100 m

500 m

2 x AA 52 30 07 - 9901

52 30 06 - 9006 52 30 06 - 9007 52 30 06 - 9008

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18 Cordura pouch, carrying sling, eyepiece, lens cover, 2x AA batteries

Cordura pouch, carrying sling, eyepiece and lens cover

T* = Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating, RF = Rangefinder, PRF = Pocket Rangefinder, NV = NightVision (night vision device) *The range is influenced both by the size and reflection angle of the object and by the weather.

With the new Victory DiaScope range, Carl Zeiss offers unprecedented perfection in nature observation. The wide field of view opens up new perspectives and a magnification of up to 75 x gets you closer to fascinating details than ever before. Intuitive and fast focusing via a single focusing wheel, both in coarse and fine adjustment mode, sets new standards in terms of operating comfort.

The Ultimate in Nature Observation Broad Spectrum

of Applications ZEISS V ictory DiaScope Spotting Scop e s
New Vario Eyepiece D 1556x /2075x The new Vario eyepiece impresses the observer with a magnification range that is up to 25 % higher than regular triple zoom lenses. The result is a magnification of up to 75 x with the Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL plus an outstanding field of view.


Reliable Solution
Eyepiece Safety Catch At the mere touch of a button, the eyepiece can be removed quickly and conveniently, simply with a slight turn. Accidental release is not possible.

Optimum Protection
Noiseless, Resilient Surface The tactile, noise-absorbing rubber armour encloses the lightweight, waterproof housing, reliably protecting the precision optics against external damage.



Fast Focusing
DSF Dual Speed Focus An innovation by Carl Zeiss. Two focusing speeds are combined in one control button. The fine mode facilitates extremely accurate image focusing. Larger rotation movements cause the system to change automatically to the fast coarse mode for rapid distance adjustment. Consequently, the intuitive focus function adapts its speed to each requirement - at the quick turn of a wheel.

Bright and Compact

85 mm or 65 mm Lens The Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL is a class of its own, surprising with image brightness well into twilight. Easy to handle and lightweight, the compact Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL is ideal for longer hikes in rough terrain, or in the mountains where it fully lives up to its potential.

Fascinating Details
The FL concept The heart of the high-performance FL concept comprises a unique lens construction featuring high-quality fluoride glass or FL for short. The observer will be thrilled by stunningly bright, razor-sharp images of a quality never experienced before.

A Consistently Clear View

LotuTec Protective Layer for a Clear Vision The optimised visual experience offered by the Victory DiaScope is entirely independent of weather conditions. The LotuTec coating on objective and ocular lens serves as an immediate water repellent and ensures residue-free removal of dirt.



Victory DiaScope Range

are available with straight or angled viewing to cover all fields of application from the observation of game and birds, to digiscoping and amateur astronomy.

The Victory DiaScope range comprised of four spotting scope models and three eyepieces, impresses with a high degree of versatility. Both the more compact 65 T* FL model and the particularly bright 85 T* FL model

Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL

Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL

The lightweight and extremely compact package for longer hikes. It is perfectly suited for intensive use in the mountains or in any difficult terrain.

The visual superlative with an exceptionally large lens diameter and maximum image brightness for the discerning nature observer who wishes to overcome long distances with concentrated power of vision.

Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL Straight Viewing

Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL Straight Viewing

Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL 45 Angled Viewing

Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL 45 Angled Viewing


Eyepiece Range
One for Every Requirement
The range is comprised of two variable eyepieces, aas well as one fixed magnification eyepiece. The new Vario eyepiece has greatly extended the field of application of ZEISS spotting scopes. Moreover, there is a choice between the compact Vario eyepiece D 15 45 x / 20 60 x and the eyepiece D 30 x / 40 x with fixed magnification. All eyepieces by Carl Zeiss are equipped with a bayonet catch,


Vario Eyepiece D 15 56 x /20 75 x

Vario Eyepiece D 15 45 x /20 60 x

Eyepiece D 30 x /40 x

as well as comfortable eye cups and are therefore also perfectly suited for eyeglass wearers.


Combined with the FL concept, the new maximum magnification provides an unrivalled visual experience. At high magnification the most minute details become visible, whilst at low magnification the field of view is particularly bright and wide.

Greater Versatility
A Turn for the Better
Dual Speed Focus (DSF): Fast and Precise Focusing Dual Speed Focus permits fast and easy focusing, defining a new dimension in operating comfort. Coarse and fine focusing are controlled by a single focusing wheel and without relocating the hand. Fast coarse focusing or accurate fine adjustment is effected intuitively at the turn of a wheel.

Dual Speed Focus and Zoom Eyepie c e The perfect Zoom

An extended zoom range and high maximum magnification render the new Victory DiaScope generation unique on the market for high-quality telescopic equipment. The choice between a wide field of view and high magnification providing razor-sharp images within one single application opens up new possibilities to experience nature even more intensely. The new Vario eyepiece offers a 25 % greater magnifi-

cation adjustment range than the regular triple zoom. Infinitely variable magnification ensures optimum flexibility.

20 x

60 x
3 x Zoom
Changing from 20 x magnification with a wide field of view to 60 x magnification with high detail recognition.

75 x
3.75 x Zoom
From 20 x to 75 x magnification - never before has such a giant step in magnification adjustment been possible on a spotting scope.


He who sees more, can observe more. The Victory PhotoScope offers an unrivalled visual experience with an overwhelming image profile. Objects can be approached more closely than ever before, ready to be captured by the camera effortlessly, utterly quiet and vibration-free. All at the crucial moment.

Capture the Fascination

T he new V ictory PhotoScope 85 T* F L Observing and Photographing
Super tele lens with triple zoom The high-performance FL lens allows both bright, crisp tele photos with a long focal length of 600 mm* and extremely detailed photographs with the super tele focal length of 1,800 mm*. The additional video mode further enhances its field of application. * based on 35 mm film


Clear View at all Times

LotuTec coating for clear view The Victory PhotoScope offers a perfected visual experience regardless of the weather conditions. Even in extreme wet weather, the LotuTec coating on lens and eyepiece provides a clear view at all times by repelling water immediately and without residue.

Brilliant Display
Bright and high-contrast OLED monitor The large and particularly bright OLED monitor with a 7.2 cm diagonal screen is the control centre for camera functions and photographic parameters. It can be folded out when required and tilted to the most suitable position.

Focussed Functions
7 megapixels camera sensor The shock-proof camera electronics and signal processing are specifically tailored to the demands of nature photography.

Panoramic Observation
Excellent field of view The field of view is up to 60% larger than with traditional spotting scopes, guaranteeing a cinematic visual experience.

Intuitive Operation
Camera optics with Focus Assist The Focus Assist function supports manual focussing and ensures that a sharp image is produced even in case of slight focussing errors. All camera functions are operated through a remote control, which is easy to handle.

Perfect Protection
Noiseless, robust surface The handy and noise-absorbing rubber armour completely encloses the waterproof magnesium body, protecting the precision optics against external damages.


Zoom in the miracles of nature, observe fascinating details and capture the best moments. The Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL embodies a new dimension of experiencing nature in its entirety and sharing the enthusiasm for its fascinating details with others.

PhotoScope 85 T* FL
T he new reference class by Carl Zeiss At the Crucial Moment
Observing and photographing at the same time The new Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL is the worlds first spotting scope with a zoom lens and a fully integrated 7 megapixels digital camera that permits simultaneous observation and photography. Visual experiences can easily be recorded at the push of a button. Images are selected directly in the razor-sharp field of view of the eyepiece. A large fold-out display screen makes checking the image before and after the photograph even more convenient and serves as the information centre for all of the cameras functions. A wireless remote control ensures vibrationfree photographs.

Astounding Impressions
Outstanding images The powerful observation optics with a magnification of 15 45 x impress with unsurpassed large-angle panorama fields of view, which are razor-sharp up to the edges. The FL concept, which consists of an excellent lens construction on the basis of high-performance fluoride glass, provides premium imaging performance.

Wide Spectrum
User-friendly camera menu The ease of use and extensive range of automatic functions also make the Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL suitable for wildlife and nature observers with no previous experience. It delivers great results right from the start. For experienced nature and wildlife photographers, the camera menu offers a multitude of setting options for perfect pictures. 6 exposure measurement methods including histogram analysis 4 automatic programmes including manual control mode 8 bracketing functions for focus and exposure sequences Filter functions: contrast, colour, sharpness, noise and haze ISO sensitivity of 50800 DNG & JPG file format (in 3 different levels of quality) Video function QVGA with 14 images/sec. (AVI format) Automatic white balance plus selectable colour temperatures Manual exposure correction of +/ 2.0 EV


Leading Technology
Experience and innovation perfectly matched The innovation leader, Carl Zeiss, sets new standards in nature observation. The PhotoScope ist the worlds first spotting scope featuring a powerful zoom lens and a completely integrated digital camera. The engineers at Carl Zeiss succeeded in integrating a large field of view and a camera with an extremely long focal length in one optical device. The perfect interplay of powerful optics and a digital camera defines a new spotting scope class.

Fields of Experience
Versatile fields of application The Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL is a perfect companion to observe and capture unique moments in razor-sharp images. Besides nature and wildlife observation, this also applies to architecture, sports- and event photography.

Excitement and proximity: Besides observing mountaineers when climbing, it is now also possible to capture the climbing route with the super tele focal length of the Victory PhotoScope.



Digiscoping Accessories

When digiscoping, spotting scope and camera become one unit, creating amazing images of the flora and fauna. The camera can easily be positioned and adjusted behind the eyepiece of the spotting scope. The focal length of the camera lens is thus extended, and the camera turns into a super tele focal length for nature photographs, which are razor-sharp up to the edges. Digiscoping brings observers one step closer to nature and makes them share their passion with others.
Quick-Camera-Adapter II

Camera Adapter

Quick Camera Adapter II

An essential ingredient for unlimited applications. It screws into the eye piece and makes the ZEISS spotting scope super-telescopic with a focal range of up to 1,000 mm at a relative aperture of 1:12. All reflex cameras can be adapted with a standard fitting T2 ring.

The tried and tested adapter that links a spotting scope to a digital or video camera. The swivel mechanism allows for rapid changing between observing and photographing. The extremely solid construction reliably prevents camera shaking, providing sharp photographs at all times.

Camera Adapter

Photograph, film or observe nature in the highest image quality. Camera swivels easily and can be locked into a desired position.

Due to the stable construction, the swivel mechanism also works with digital video cameras.


Attendance Bag

Reliable protection for the use outdoors. Even when using the spotting scope, the noiseless carrying case protects the spotting scope body against external influences. Available for all Victory DiaScope models as well as the Victory PhotoScope.

Attendance bag for the Victory DiaScope spotting scopes

Attendance bag for the Victory PhotoScope


The aluminium tripod provides utmost stability and flexibility. It can be combined with all ZEISS spotting scopes and most binoculars. The new tripod head allows for particularly soft pannning and tiliting, featuring a precise and safe clamping at the same time. Includes slideable quick-change plate.

Adapter for 1 " Astro Spotting Scopes

Used with ZEISS spotting scopes to star-gaze at night. Can be mounted on any Diascope model with a coupling ring.


A mobile adapter designed for the hobby astronomer. Used to connect the spotting scope eye piece to an astronomic telescope. Available with 1 " and 2" connection.

Left: 2" adapter Right: 1 " adapter Left: 1 " Astro eye piece in centring ring. Right: Coupling ring for fixing. (Eye piece not included in scope of delivery.)



ZEISS Spotting Scope

DiaScope Spotting Scopes


65 T* FL Straight Viewing Lens Diameter Close Focus Lens Type LotuTec Nitrogen Filling Water Resistance Length Height Width Weight Accessories Tripod Quick-Camera-Adapter II Camera-Adapter Adapter for 1 Astro Spotting Scopes 1 Astro-Adapter 2-Astro-Adapter Attendance Bag Order Numbers 1778 480 52 86 12 52 80 30 52 83 84 52 83 85 52 83 86 1778 946 52 80 62 65 mm 4m

65 T* FL Angled Viewing

85 T* FL Straight Viewing 85 mm 5m

85 T* FL Angled Viewing

4-lens FL type yes yes 400 mbar 300 mm 105 mm 80 mm approx. 1,100 g 1778 480 52 86 12 52 80 30 52 83 84 52 83 85 52 83 86 1778 968 52 80 63 1778 480 52 86 12 52 80 30 52 83 84 52 83 85 52 83 86 1778 973 52 80 64

5-lens FL type yes yes 400 mbar 345 mm 105 mm 97 mm approx. 1,480 g 1778 480 52 86 12 52 80 30 52 83 84 52 83 85 52 83 86 1778 974 52 80 65

Page Included in Delivery T* = Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating FL = FL-concept

30 33 Eyepiece and lens cover

DiaScope Eyepieces

Vario-Eyepiece D 5 56 x / 20 75 x for 65 T* FL Magnification Focal Length Field of View at 1,000 m Exit Pupil Diameter Weight Length Diameter Order Numbers 15 56 x 52 21 m 4,3 1,2 490 g 118 mm 59 mm 52 80 68 for 85 T* FL 20 75 x 40 16 m

Vario-Eyepiece D 5 45 x / 20 60 x for 65 T* FL 15 45 x 56 26 m 4,3 1,4 330 g 99 mm 56 mm 52 80 67 for 85 T* FL 20 60 x 43 20 m

Eyepiece D 30 x / 40 x for 65 T* FL 30 x 12.8 mm 40 m 2,1 230 g 77 mm 48 mm 52 80 66 30 m for 85 T* FL 40 x

25.1 6.7 mm

25.1 8.4 mm

Page T* = Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating FL = FL-concept




ZEISS PhotoScope
Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL 15 45 x max. 85 mm 80 27 m 5m Manual and focus assist approx. 438 mm approx. 2,990 g 7 MPx CCD 600 1,800 mm 2.4 at 15 x / 3.3 at 45 x open, 11, 22 ISO 50 800 B 1/4000 s Manual, P, A, Auto Spot, centre-weighted, matrix, histogram, highlights, shade Auto, manual, luminescent substance, artificial light, shade, cloud, cloud and sun with semi-automatic 6 levels for exposure series, 2 levels for focus series 7 M, 4 M, 2 M JPG, DNG (RAW), AVI 7.4 V Lithium-Ion Battery or Extern USB 2.0, Network SD Card Attendance Bag Tripod 1678 578 1778 480 52 81 00

Magnification Entrance Pupil Field of View at 1,000 m Close Focusing Distance Focus Setting Length Weight Image Sensor Focal Length (corr. to 35 mm) Largest Aperture (nominal) Aperture Stops ISO Sensitivity Shutter Speeds Programmes Exposure White Balance Bracketing Image Size File Format Power Supply Connections Storage Medium Accessories Order Number

Page Included in Delivery T* = Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating FL = FL-concept

34 37 Remote control with carrying strap incl. 2 AAA-batteries, quick-charger with rechargeable battery and globally compatible adaptor plugs, Cordura case, 1 GB SD memory card, USB cable, eyepiece and lens cover


The Realm of Fascination

The eye is our most significant window to the world. It is through visual perception that the clearest, most indelible impressions are made on our psyche. With an open mind, we decide the extent to which we absorb the wonders, both large and small, that surround us. As a pioneer in the field of scientific optics, Carl Zeiss inspires man to new discoveries. Vision is the focus of their work. The innovative solutions created by the company provide the means for those, who combine vision with passion and curiosity, to gain a greater perspective in all aspects of life.

Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss is one of the world leaders in optics and opto-electronics. The company employs more than 11,000 people and continually sets new standards in all disciplines, including microelectronics and measurement technology, ophthalmics, photography and sports optics. In the last few decades, more than 20 Nobel Prize winners have used Carl Zeiss microscopes for their medical, biological and pharmaceutical research. Carl Zeiss is a name that is highly regarded and trusted by those who study genetics, viruses and nanotechnology. The companys optical systems play a decisive role in the manufacture of microchips, and when it comes to industrial measurements and chemical analysis, Carl Zeiss projection systems capture processes to a thousandth of a millimetre. When used to explore the world and nature in particular, the first class optics of Carl Zeiss bring observers deep into the wild, showcasing animals and their habitats in fascinating detail. Sophisticated eyeglass lenses ensure optimal visual comfort in sports in all conditions. The innovations made by Carl Zeiss impact virtually everyone of us. They are integral to our quality of life and for the functioning of the modern world today and in future.
High performance objectives facilitate the production of power ful microchips. The more powerful the microchip, the more intelligent, reliable and affordable everyday devices become. The development of highperformance projection systems has enabled scientists and physicians to isolate and laser individual cells. This innovative procedure constitutes a giant step, especially in cancer research.

The multimedia Nokia N96 (above) is equipped with a highresolution ZEISS lens. Carl Zeiss produces high quality objectives for cell phones and digital photo and movie cameras.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Interactive See our website to find out about our newest promotions and events, download flyers and catalogues, dealers and partners, and check out our complete sports optics product selection. Carl Zeiss is looking forward to your visit.

Carl Zeiss would like to thank the passionate model teams as well as our employees on site in Sylt/Germany and in the national park La Doana/ Spain, who took part in the photo shootings for the new catalogue. A further thanks goes to Frankonia for the equipment and their friendly support as well as Tatonka for the provision of the images.

The World of Carl Zeiss

Wildlife Management with Vision
Carl Zeiss Supports Wildlife Conservation in Kenya Approximately four driving hours Northwest of Nairobi lies the Lewa Wildlife Conservatory (LWC), a non-profit organisation that focuses on the conservation of rhinos and Grevys zebras. To ensure close wildlife observation and surveillance, Carl Zeiss has provided the Kenyan rangers with high-performance optics. Active protection of endangered species can be quite challenging. Game wardens who often work under rough conditions, have to be extremely vigilant. Focusing on security, the sturdy equipment by Carl Zeiss also becomes an invaluable tool in the campaign against poachers.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

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