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Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) is a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. YMPH is the manufacturer and distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in the Philippines, was established in May 2007. Has commenced manufacturing of motorcycles in its initial plant located in Laguna Technopark from the end of September 2007. The plant is equipped to start the final assembly of 105cc to 135cc motorcycles. The capital investment amounts to a total of Php550 Million. Meanwhile, Yamaha Motor has also secured a new,230,000m2 building site at the Lima Industrial Park, Batangas, and is moving with the plans to construct a new motorcycle production plant with the operational startup targeted for the early part of 2009. Upon completion, the new plant will serve as the base for motorcycle production with a scale larger than the assembly plant located in the Laguna Industrial Park and will replace the Laguna plant. YMPH intends to target the young and active consumer creating a brand new image that will appeal to their lifestyle. Our campaign is geared to reestablish brand excitement together with innovative technological advancements. And to adhere to growing interests of our young new customers YMPH will soon launch new products, exhilarating events and distinct value added services. A new way of life for those people who long to be sporty, stylish and innovative, this is our brand new Yamaha.

CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY Creating Kando with products and services that exceed your expectations

For society, for the world... Yamaha works to realize our corporate mission of creating Kando Yamaha Motor is a company that has worked ever since its founding to build products defined by the concepts of "high-quality and high-performance" and "lightweight and compact" as we have continued to develop new technologies in the areas of small engine technology and FRP processing technology as well as control and component technologies. It can also be said that our corporate history has taken a path where people are the fundamental element and our product creation and other corporate activities have always been aimed at touching peoples hearts. Our goal has always been to provide

products that empower each and every customer and make their lives more fulfilling by offering greater speed, greater mobility and greater potential. Said in another way, our aim is to bring people greater joy, happiness and create Kando* in their lives. As a company that makes the world its field and offers products for the land, the water, the snowfields and the sky, Yamaha Motor strives to be a company that "offers new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world" and to use our ingenuity and passion to realize peoples dreams and always be the ones they look to for "the next Kando."

Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that people experience when they encounter something of exceptional value. Why do we Make It Different? Make It Different Since the beginning, Yamahas focus has always been to provide a unique experience through its products. Such an understanding has been the underlying philosophy of Yamaha. The company has set goals that havent been reached yet, by doing so Yamaha is continually able to push the envelope a little bit further. Simply put, being good is just not enough. What Makes Yamaha Different? Aiming to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways is a value that Yamaha nurtures. The driving force behind any Yamaha product and service is how to set a higher standard for an anticipated need. It is the only motorcycle company that is wholly committed and promises a complete motorcycle lifestyle experience. Events and activities built up by Yamaha since its launch was copied by other companies and are now using it as a standard in the industry. Yamaha promises their loyal customers and followers that the company will always strive to exceed expectations by always giving them something new and better. II. PRODUCTS

Yamaha Mio Sporty AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 ready. Hydraulic single disc front brake and mag wheels type.

Yamaha Fino The new Yamaha Mio Fino combines attractive styling with a slim compact body and a responsive 4 stroke engine. Young people and ladies riders will be especially attracted to Yamaha Fino eye catching.

Yamaha Crypton R Automatic double clutch. VM16 X 1VM16SH Mikuni, electric & kick starter. 4 stroke SOHC, Single cylinder air-cooled.

Yamaha Crypton Z 4 stroke SOHC, Single cylinder air-cooled. Constant Mesh Rotary Gear, 4-speed. 2-pod Caliper Disc Brake.

Yamaha Sniper The Yamaha Sniper 135 adopts Yamaha's air induction system that cleans the exhaust by re-burning some unburned fuel in the exhaust pipe. The tire out that has been cleaned once in this way.

Yamaha X-1 Its body design concept came from their famous Yamaha big bike sports models named R-1 and R-6. With its new aerodynamic body with metal surfaces plus its high level of quality.

Yamaha Nouvo Responsive engine power delivery. Easy to customize its body plastic parts. Just open the gas throttle to run and apply left &, right hand brakes to stop.

Yamaha Mio Easy to drive, just open the gas throttle to run and apply left & right hand brakes to stop. Responsive engine power delivery and easy to customize its body plastic parts. Yamaha Mio 125 MX Design to fit the new generation of scooters with stylish looks, sporty looks, and hip looks. The new Yamaha Mio MX 125cc has three (3) different colors white, green and black to be produce exclusively here in the Philippines.

Yamaha FZ Standing head and shoulders above the bikes in 150cc segment, FZ 16 has revolutionized the biking scene in India in a short span of its launch. The stylish yet innovative FZ16 has macho and muscular looks redefining the 150cc bikes segment. It keeps it simple, with street-tough naked styling and super-civilized power delivery and a specially designed riding position that gives riders extra confidence at lower speeds. Each and every part of FZ16 has been designed with a lot of detailed attention and careful thought. This ultimate degree of perfection means even the slightest feature has not been overlooked. Only Yamaha ensures this kind of craftsmanship. The rider and the machine share a feeling of oneness, and from different angles the impression is different. This is particularly because the finest components have been used in its precise manufacturing. MARKETING ACTIVITIES