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FADE IN: INT. HALLWAY - DAY Sleek, smooth, white walls, glowing from beneath. Turning the corner into the hallway, a pair of white VICTORIAN BOOTS. Their wearer, in a RED VICTORIAN PARTY DRESS, struts, purposeful, driven, down the hall: LANI SYKORA, late 30's, mixed Asian and Hawaiian features. She reaches a DOOR at the end of the hall, stops; a floating digital KEYPAD appears. She enters nine numbers. The keypad disappears. OUTLINE. She places disappears---and the door opens. In its place appears a HANDPRINT her right hand on it. It too She passes through into--

INT. SCANNER ROOM CONTINUOUS --a white room, grated flooring, 8x8', a door at each end. She stops in the center. The ceiling opens. doesn't flinch. From above, a BRIGHT BLUE LIGHT. She

After two seconds, it disappears. Another FLOATING DISPLAY appears in front of her. It reads: GENETIC PROFILE CONFIRMED: LANI SYKORA NO CONTAGIONS DETECTED NO UNAUTHORIZED WEAPONS DETECTED CLEARANCE LEVEL AUTHORIZED ACCESS GRANTED The door before her opens. She steps through into--

INT. TIME TRAVEL ANTECHAMBER - CONTINUOUS --a room two stories high, 10 meters across, 200 meters long, as white as the hallway.

On one side, a wall of GLASS; behind it, a series of CHAMBERS. Opposite, a large WINDOW gives eyes to the CONTROL ROOM. Just beyond the door, TWO MEN and together in a group. Lani joins them: TWO WOMEN standing

DIRECTOR NATALIA CARR - mid-50's, stern, wearing a notquite-retro GREY PANTSUIT; TALIA NADERI, early 30's, Egyptian, PALE BLUE VICTORIAN DRESS; WARREN MCDONOUGH, early 40's, bearded, ginger, Scotsman, BROWN VICTORIAN SUIT; team leader PATRICK OLESI, mid-40's, black, South African, dapper BLACK VICTORIAN SUIT. LANI Got dressed up like a tourist on my day off; this better be a good one. DIRECTOR CARR We wouldn't have called you in if it wasn't of the utmost importance. As she approaches, Director Carr holds out a small, round READER DEVICE, and the group starts walking. Lani takes it, keeps walking with them, pushes a button. Above it, a FLOATING SCREEN appears, with a SURVEILLANCE IMAGE of TWO MEN. LANI Is this our target? DIRECTOR CARR Avery Kvach, raised in Antarctica, operates out of Korea and South China, and as of last week, the new leader of Hyperion. LANI Hyperion? WARREN East Asian-based terrorist organization violently opposed to time travel. LANI Why haven't I heard of them? DIRECTOR CARR

Because until last week, their operation was strictly current time; they weren't considered a temporal threat; it wasn't our division's purview. TALIA Three days ago, my government received intelligence that Kvach had obtained a temporal device and was planning to use it. LANI So the Egyptians knew this three days ago? Why are we only getting this last minute? TALIA They sent air forces to scour every city over South China, but by the time they located his operations facility it was too late; he'd already used the device. DIRECTOR CARR The Egyptians were able to trace the temporal signature and track his time-space location; interrogation of his subordinates confirmed it, and gave us his specific targetLani swipes her hand right to left across the floating image of Kvach. In its place appears another image: LONDON, 1884. DIRECTOR CARR (CONT'D) Parliament Building, London, July 10, 1884. LANI What's a guy from Antarctica at the head of an organization who hates time travel get out of destroying a building in England 600 years ago? DIRECTOR CARR If we knew that, we wouldn't be calling in our best team on their days off. Just find him and stop

him. Egyptian, Korean, and South Chinese governments have issued approval for lethal measures. Be certain he never makes it back. The group comes to a stop in front of an open CHAMBER DOOR. The team enters; Lani hesitates. LANI No Portables? PATRICK Kvach only had one device, and it's still here; he's stuck in 1884, no need to chase him anywhen else. LANI So, no time to party in this dress before retrieval, then? TALIA (devious smile) Darling, we'll make time. Talia and Lani hook arms and glide into the chamber. A panel opens in the back wall of the chamber, four VICTORIAN ERA REPRODUCTION WEAPONS slide out on a tray. Patrick takes them and hands one to each member of the team. DIRECTOR CARR Good luck. Carr signals the control room; the chamber door closes. INT. TIME TRAVEL CHAMBER CONTINUOUS The team stands at the ready, weapons concealed but in hand. A bright FLASH-EXT. LONDON STREET, 1884 NIGHT --and the team stands along a busy street; PEDESTRIANS and CARRIAGES hurry past.

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