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O V E R N I G H T 2

in the image of Godmale and female He created them. (Gen. 1:27)


To help women leaders realize that men and women have their specific complementary gifts that contributes greatly to the mission and; To teach women how to appreciate and take on their role as a partner


THE GAME PLAN A. God looked over all that he had made, and it
was excellent in every way. (Gen.1:31)
Man and woman did not evolve into being. God deliberately created them as man and woman. There is a perfect reason and rhyme as to why He created them and put them together.

B. in the image of GodHe created them

(Gen.1:27) Man and woman together is the image of God, not man alone or woman alone. The image and glory of God in this planet is tied to man and woman together.

C. There is great strength in the partnership of

men and women
In our community, we place a big importance on this strength. The existence and survival of families, societies, nations, cultures and generations are largely dependent on the partnership of men and women. A study of over 2,000 cultures in world history shows that not one unisexual society has survived more than a few years. In thousands of years and in thousands of human cultures that have existed, only a few have been able to blur masculinity and femininity. And every single one of them is extinct. Our community takes this game plan of God seriously. It is CFCs mission to renew and restore the whole of creation to the way the

Creator intended it to be. As leaders in the community, must take this game plan to heart and apply in our selves, our families, our clusters, our households, our service and in our daily lives. And we must address our culture. Or it will cease to exist.



Since gender and the partnership of man and woman is tied to the image of God, naturally, satan will do anything to deface that image. He will never stop attacking man and woman, the creation of God formed in His image and likeness. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph.6:12) This is no small matter. It is not merely a political or sociological issue. Its not an isolated case of sexual harassment, of abuse, of inequality or of discrimination. This is a battle of spiritual nature. And in battles like these, many lives are lost. Satan is on a culture-killing rampage. Anything the devil can do to destroy the man-woman union will cloud and obstruct the image of Godeverything the devil does to alienate man from woman contributes to the destruction of the view of God.

A. Defacing the Image of God

Satan has many tactics: These deeply set tactics of satan obscures our view of God. They confuse the man-woman union and it blurs the image of God. It keeps us from the game plan and it endangers our soul. 1. pre-marital sex - This hurts and separates people from each other. The man loses respect for himself and his girlfriend - satan attacks and hits the dignity of both - It makes the man less of a man and the woman less of a woman 2. extra-marital sex - when promises are broken man and woman drive each other away 3. homosexuality - creates confusion - frustrates Gods creations because they are made to feel like mistakes - keeps the men women from the fullness of their potential

- the best a gay can be is a second rate woman - the best a lesbian can be is a second rate man 4. divorce - robs people of faith in God that He can heal - takes away the hope in second chances - distorts commitment 5. male macho culture - desecrates women and makes them lose their identity - makes women feel small and insecure 6. feminism - as an end in itself distorts real womanhood -

B. The Cover Up
People are led to believe that there are no differences in men and women. That everything a man can do a woman can do and vice versa. People believe that equality means being the same. No! Being equal doesnt mean being the same. For example, the mind and the heart are very different. They have different functions and very different needs. But they are both equally essential to the survival of the human. Without one or the other, we can not live. God created men and women equal, but not the same. We have equal dignity and deserve love, respect, and peacebut we are not the same. We have different strengths and weaknesses, different inclinations and preferences.


1. Manhood The Strength and Splendor of

God took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden to cultivate and take care of it. (Gen.2:15) God anointed man to look after His kingdom. As their partners, we play a big part in their fulfillment of this anointing. We have to understand the role they play. 1. Servant-King - God created our brothers to be a leader and a provider - God placed in their hearts the capacity to build and make the community flourish and grow. 2. Tender Warrior - God designed the brothers to be protectors

God equipped them with the strength to protect the flock that God entrusted. - To keep out of the members life anything that will keep Christ out of their hearts 3. Wise Mentor - The Lord made our brothers to be pastors --stewards of right and wrong - It is in their hearts to be able to point to the direction of holiness and righteousness and bring the members there too - He is enabled to walk the talk not just to show the way, but to lead the way. 4. Faithful Friend - God also intended the brothers to be good companions not just leaders or directors. - God has enables them to be friends to bear burdens with and share joys with -

2. The Womanhood





The LORD God said: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him." (Gen.2:18) We are created into the game plan. We are an essential part of what makes the community grow and the mission thrive. 1. We are the greatest source of encouragement of the brothers. - Yes, they may get support from their pastoral heads, the sector heads, the FTWs or the couple coordinators, but we, as their partners, are the ones most with them in making decisions. - We see what they see and experience what they experience in our area 2. We add exceedingly to their strength - when we let them serve us and give them opportunities to be a protector we strengthen them - We do not help them by doing their job when they fail to do it. We just make them less of the men that God created them to be. 3. We provide indispensable affirmation - It is very hard for one person to fully and completely hear and see Gods direction for your life and for your area of service. - We can give the adequate input to our partners that no one else can. We can give the brothers the insight

that he needs to address the needs of your cluster/sector. - With member concerns - With leadership concerns - We are in the best position to keep them close to God - We know if they are praying - We should help them do whats right. Do not tolerate wrongdoing. As his sister in Christ and partner in service, you have the responsibility to keep each other above and beyond reproach 4. We can help him connect - As women, we have a gift with relationships. It comes easier for us to build friendships and open up to people. - The men are more inclined to deal with the task side of life. Many of them find it difficult to know what to do with the relational side. - We shouldnt take on the role for them. We should make them feel comfortable enough to open up and reach out.


Its a really wonderful blessing to be a woman especially in this community. Some may feel that in the Male Empowerment culture of YFC, we women do not have much of a place. But, look at it from the perspective of the game plan, our God-given roles as men and women, we take part in the most beautiful picture everChrists! Sometimes we just dont realize the amount of power we have as women. We have the power to make or break a man.

A. Is a Great Woman
Beside every great man is a great woman. We have an intense power to build up the brothers. 1. The heart of her (husband) trusts in her (Prov 31:11) - Our partners should feel safe with us. They should not be afraid that we will put him down when he makes a mistake - We can strip our brother of his anointed kingship with a look of disappointment or annoyance. - We put them down when we make them feel inadequate or unworthy by dominating him in his passivity

The brothers should feel that he can open up to us and not be judged or criticized. - God made us to be his partner. You are his comrade. (kakampi) How can you both build up the kingdom of God in your sector if you cannot complete the image of God? 2. Choose to Believe - A great woman believes that her partner can do what he has to do. She believes that he can build up and lead the sector or the cluster not because he is talented or smart. She believes in him, because she believes in the God that created him. - When are partners fail us or do not meet our expectations, it disappoints us. But remember that you have a part in that too. - Accept and affirm his anointing even if its not apparent. - It is not your job to change him. Your job is to love and support him. Its Gods job to change him. -

2. A Formidable Strength
We can be a great source of strength for our partners. When we follow his lead and become his fan and critic, he can do great things for God But we can also be a big burden on him when we use emotional blackmail on him. When we expect him to meet our emotional needs, we put unnecessary pressure on him. Dont use tampo to get his attention if he hurt you. Consider first if you are being selfish. If not, and he legitimately hurt your feelings. Come out straight with him. - Do not use the cold treatment. That will only prolong the gap between the two of you. Handle it like mature individuals. - Remember that many people depend on the two of you to show them God. And the longer you are not in good terms you do your members an injustice.

C. Prayer Power
There is boundless power in a womans prayer. Pray for your partner and pray for your partnership. You can contribute so much to the work of God in your area when you are open-minded, selfless and sensitive to the needs of people. And you can never will to be like this. Only God can make you the great woman that He created you to be.



God did an excellent job when he created us, our partners and our partnership with them. No, He did a perfect job. Man and woman in harmony equals the perfect image of God. Thats why he created us so different yet so in need of the other. If we were all the same and independent from one another, we will never see the face of God. Yes, it would have been much easier and less complicated, but so lifeless. We are like puzzle pieces that put together the great game plan of God. We should praise and thank God for our differences. We should glorify Him for making us strong in some areas and weak in others because then we can take part in making His mage come alive in us and in our love for one another. "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.'' (John 13:35)

How have you failed to be the partner that God created you to be? Have you been selfish or proud? Ask God for the forgiveness and the strength to put the needs of the community before your own. Set a regular one to one with your partner to build friendship and brotherhood and sisterhood. Pray for your partner daily. Ask God for the guidance to support and love your partner in all the areas of his life and to help him lead Gods people.