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1. PAST TENSE SIMPLE Forma timpului (afirmativ, interogativ, negative) Cand il folosim Exercitii 2.

PAST TENSE CONTINOUS Forma timpului (afirmativ, interogativ, negative) Cand il folosim Exercitii 3. PAST SIMPLE vs PAST CONTINOUS 4. EXERCISES


Affirmative - 2 nd form for irregular verbs (verbe neregulate) S + VB - ed for regulare verbs (verbe neregulate) To go went gone To rain - rained We went to the cinema yesterday. ... To play played (regular verb) To recognize - recognized (regular verb) They played footbal2 hours ago He his relatives at the airport yesterday. To swim swam To have - had I .. in the sea last summer. She .. a shower 3 hours ago. Interrogative DID + S + VB (SIMPLU) Transformati propozitiile de mai sus in propozitii interrogative: Did we go to the cinema yestrady? ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Negative S+ DIDNT (DID NOT) + VB (SIMPLU) Transformati propozitiile afirmative in propozitii negative: We didnt go to the cinema yesterday. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ cand adaugam terminatia -ed: Verbele care se termina in e il elimina cand adauga ed (to love-loved, to dance .., to invite - ., verbe care se termina in consoana + y y se schimba in i + -ed (to try tried, to apply applied, to cry - ., to marry - study- vb monoisilabice care se termina in vocala +consoana dubleaza consoana cand adauga ed. (to stop - ., to drop - ..) Put the following verbs into the Past Tense Simple: To cry- , to ask-., to watch- , to carry - , To stay - .., to drop - ., to admit - , to decide - ., To travel - to mend- .to count - need - ,

Cand il folosim?
Actiuni savarsite in trecut la un moment specificat ( yesterday, 2 hours ago, last Monday, last summer, since 1980, in + a past year) (actions completed in the past at a specified moment) I supported my fathers interest at the trial last Monday. Completati propozitiile cu Past Tense Simple pentru a exprima o actiune incheiata in trecut la un moment specificat. Subliniati momentul cand a avut loc: Eliza .. the same question yesterday at school. (to ask regular) They the top of the hill the day before yesterday. (to climb regular) I. that tune at the radio some days ago.(to hear irregular)

He.. his opinion at the meeting last week. (to express regular) Virginia a change of plan when the meeting started. (to propose regular) Actiuni care au fost incheiate in trecut cu siguranata chiar daca timpul nu este specifiacat.
(actions completed in the past even tough the time is not mentioned):

Michael the Brave fought against the Turkish enemies. Complete the sentences with one of the following verbs in the past: to get marry, to write, to rule. Stephen the Great .Moldavia. Mihail Sadoveanu .many historical novels. Charlie Chaplin four times. Intrebari care incep cu What time sau cu When (Questions beginning with When/What time) When did your father leave England. He left England when we was 20 Read the sentences and make past questions beginning with WHEN/ WHAT TIME: We had breakfast at 9 oclock. What time (When) ? He met the Director of Science Education .? He exchanged the currency at 2 oclock. ? Obiceiuri, actiuni care au loc in mod obisnuit in trecut: usually, often, always. (Past habits/

habitual actions in the past) OBS! WOULD +VERB (simplu) este deasemenea folosit pentru a exprima PAST HABITS

They often tried to comprehend Shellys work. They would try to comprehend Shellys work. Completati propozitiile cu verbe potrivite pentru a exprima o actiune obisnuita in trecut: When father was young he ..chess every day. Old Mr. Martin always .an umbrella with him . I never to the theatre when I was a child When we lived in Sulina, we often .. in the Danube. . Doua actiuni consecutive finalizate in trecut. (Two consecutive actions completed in the past): WHEN, AS SOON AS, THE MOMENT As soon as/When/The moment Tom opened the window, the bird flew out. The actors/play/the end audience/go/home .. Little girl/see/mothe- start/cry - . We/go/out begin. To rain - .

Observatii pentru Paste Tense Simple - interrogative

Intrebari care incep cu question words (What, What time, Where, When, How, Which, Why, Whose) se formeaza ca o propozitie interogativa obisnuita ( Q.W.+DID+S+VB simple) Why did you hide yesterday in the park? Whose parents did you see last week-end at the picnic? Intrebari care incep cu WHO: WHO+ VERB forma a 2-a/ terminatia -ed Who broke his leg Daniel or his brother? (to break broke) Who produced this musical? Write Wh- questions so that to response the underlined part of the sentence:
I lost Janes keys yesterday evening. Whose keys did I lose? (to lose lost) They finished work at 5 oclock. .. Mr. Adams bought a house near the sea. . Doc opened the door slowly. . He pointed in their direction. .. She took the most expensive dress. .. We prefer the red one. Obervatii pentru Verbul TO BE (Past Simple): este verb neregulat care la forma a 2-a are WAS/WERE: WERE: You ., They .., We WAS: I was; He , She .., It

PAST TENSE SIMPLE. EXERCITII: Fill in the sentences using Present Tense Simple or Present Tense Continuous, then turn them to Past Simple: 1.The wind (blow) hard outside. . 2. The wind often .(blow)hard outside. 3. Our neighbors .(always interfere) in others people affairs. 4. the sun . (rise) in the east? 5. He . (always , lose) his temper when arguing. 6. The Romanians .. (celebrate) their national day on December 1st . .. Rephrase the sentences ( WOULD + INFINITIVE) with PAST SIMPLE. What do they express? We would walk to school whenever it was sunny. I would always wear sun glasses in summer. He would often play tennis in his youth. I would sit in the front row whenever I went to the theatre Fill in the sentences with Past Tense Simple and mention what it expresses: Aurel Vlaicu the first plane. They often . in that lake when they were children. What time the accident? They the most popular in the school. When the fever . to rise? She . when she was a child. She hated music. I your parents yesterday morning. Chose the correct answer: 1. When the traffic lights changed the car a)drives off b)drive off c)drove off

d) driven off

e) -

2. They .. their mothers daylight. She . a shock when they died. a)was/ haves b) were/had c)were/has d)are/has e)3. The little squirrels didnt the tree until they finished eating. a)climb b)climbed c)climbs d)were e)4 We would feel like a real family when we were together. Replace the underline words. a) would felt b)feeled c)felt d)were e)5 . Alec noticed us he . his horn.. a)when./ sound b)as soon as/ sounded c)the moment/ didnt 6 Did anything strange . Between 9 and 10 oclock? a)happen b)happened c)happenned d)happens 7 at your birthday celebration last year? a)Were they b)Did they be c)Did they were d) Didnt they were d) e)e)-

PAST TENSE CONTINOUS 1. CUM SE FORMEAZA: Affirmative I, You, We, They + WERE (RE) + VB ING He, She, It + WAS+ VB ING Mother was cooking dinner. The girls were washing the dishes. Complete the sentences using PAST CONTINOUS: The boys . the table Grandfather .the newspaper. We .our homework. An actor ..a poem at the radio Interrogative WERE +I, You, We, They + VB ING WAS + He, She, It + VB ING Were they making fries in the kitchen? Was Doc testing the diamonds ? Make sentences using the clues: He was examining them carefully. How.? Happy and Snazzy were singing happily. How ? They were preparing to come back home. What ..? A deer was running through the trees. Where? Negative I, You, We, They + WERE NOT (WERENT) + VB ING He, She, It + WAS NOT (WASNT)+ VB ING They werent making fries in the kitchen. Doc wasnt examining the diamonds. Turn the affirmative sentence into negative: 2 CE EXPRIMA: actiune in desfasurare la un anumit moment in trecut (action in progress at a certain time in the past): at 12:30 yesterday, Yesterady morning, from 9 to 10 We were having a walk in the park at 12:30 yesterday. I was doing aerobics from 9 to 10. Make sentences using the clues At this time yesterday, to wash . From 7 to 8 last Monday, to see. Yestarday at noon, to sleep . At 8:30 oclock two days ago, to run.. Cu o alta actiune la trecut (Past Tense Simple) exprima o actiune in desfasurare cae a fost intrerupta de o alta actiune scurta. (A progressive action interrupted by short action) The bay was crying when I entered the room. They were climbing the mountain when the storm began. Make sentences using the clues. They must express a progressive past action interrupted by a short one: Mr Burten , to talk on the phone the bell, to ring .. Mrs Martin, to eat a sandwich the clock, to strike midnight The children, to play hide and seek - the earthquake, to start . Two men, to argue the director, to enter the office .. Doua actiuni in desfasurare in trecut. Folosim WHILE (in timp ce). (Two progressive actions in the past). They were cleaning the table while the barman was poring whisky. Make sentences using the clues. They must express two consecutive progressive actions in the past: To cook dinner to read the newspaper To entertain the audience to prepare To bark to chase To sit on the couch to run around it .. Cu adverbul ALWAYS exprima o actiune repetata in trecut care il deranjeaza pe vorbitor. (repeated past actions which annoys the speaker) Victor was always ringing me up in the middle of the night.

Turn the sentences to Past Tense Continuous: Your mother is always complaining about my big mouth! (when I was a child) . My teachers are continually discriminating me because I am black. (when I was in high school). .. Me and my parents are always taking the worst decision. (in my childhood). ..

EXERCISES Rephrase the following sentences using Past Tense Continous: 1 You had to work yesterday. The work went on all day. I was working all day yesterday. 2.You had to make phone calls. The calls went on all the evening.. 3. You had to wait in the rain. The wait lasted for half an hour. . 4.You had to make sandwiches. This went on all afternoon. 5 You had to sit in a traffic jam. You were there for 2 hours. .. 6Your neighbor played the music laud. This went on all night. Complete the sentences with a Past Continuous verb and mention what each of them expresses: 1. I some coins in my car when a beggar knocked on my window. (to look for). 2. They .. at the jokes while the baby . In the other room.(to laugh, to cry) 3. We our room yesterday between 4 and 5 in the afternoon . (to tidy) 4. You .. the worst pancakes ever when you were teenager. (always, to make) 5. Mary ..... hard this time last month . (to work) Turn the sentences 1, 2, 3, to interrogative ant the following to negative .. .. . .

Paste Tense Simple vs Past Tense Continuous

PAST TENSE SIMPLE 1 COMPLETED ACTION IN THE PAST (mentioned/unmentioned moment) I did my homework yesterday at 5. That emperor did many brave things. . 2 TWO SIMULTANEOUS ACTIONS COMPLETED IN THE PAST. (when, the moment, as soon as) As soon as the announcement was made many people subscribed the competition. ....................... .. 3. INTREBARI CARE INCEP CU (When, What time?) When did your father leave? .. PAST TENSE CONTINOUS 1ACTION IN PROGRESS, IN THE PAST I was doing my homework yesterday at 5.
She was doing pancakes yesterday between 12 and 13.

.. 2 TWO SIMULTANEOUS ACTION IN PROGRESS IN THE PAST. (WHILE) They were playing cards while their baby was watching cartoons. ......... .. 3. A PAST ACTION IN PROGRESS INTERRUPTED BY SHORT ACTION (when) Mum was ironing my fathers shirts when she heard the strange noise. .

Complete the sentences with Past Simple or Past Continuous (progressive). 1 What time did the plane .? (to take of). 2 This is the girl I . on the phone when you .in the room. (to talk, to come) 3 He .. soundly when he . By a noise. (to sleep, to be awaken) 4 When the storm . the golfers the clubhouse (to break, to shelter)

5 Two men .. together while the third . On the table (to drink, to sleep) 6 It good you grew up! When you .. teenager you .. with your chatting on the phone! (to be, to continually annoy) 7 What in your hose when I you? (to go on, to call) 8 Shakespeare ... many plays, (to write) while Virginia Wolf only novels. (to create, to write). 9 I your step mother at the nutrition conference 2 days ago. She .. a leather black suit. (to meet, to wear). 10 I you when I . Paris but I Where .in that period? (to look for; to go; to not find; to stay)