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VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012


VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012


VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012



VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012

am that ing Program or ELP? Its a one semester progr Have you ever heard about Experiential Learn at TAISAM and ABA. This r to work as a teacher assistant offers 30-35 SQU students of English Majo now. It allows the students to enhance their in 1999, and was successfully adapted till program started social and le from various nationalities providing a great on language skills besides interacting with peop ed the doors to team H!SQU to shed the light of ELP open cultural experience. Students and faculty nts and faculty. ELP history and its impacts on both stude
part in, and then reflect upo n. Learning occurs as a direct participation in an event, and as a result of their own analysis and evaluation of it. When people assess an experience, they basically assign to it their own meanings, goals, aims, ambitions and expect ations. Insights are then gain ed from these experiences, wh ich helps them situate the experiences not only in the specifi c context where they occur but in the world at large.


vol 4 Issue4 / Jan 6, 2012

Dr. Fawzia Al-Seyabi Development and Community Service, Former Program Coordinator of English for English Specialist/ Language Center The Experiential Learning Program was formerly referred to as ABA in reference to the first international school that participated in the program, the American British Academy. The program started in 1999 with a small group of students who were selected based on their academic achievement. The program proved to be very successful as it was highly motivating, offered students an opportunity to practice English in the real world, and encouraged them to begin thinking about educational practices. In 2004, the program expanded to include three more international schools: TASIM (The American International School of Muscat,) Royal Flight and the British School Muscat and also one bilingual school, The Sultan School. The Experiential Learning Program of SQU is part of one of the courses that the Language Center offers to English Specialist students (EES) before starting their English major courses in the College of Arts or College of Education. Students do a two-hour session of class work inside the university and about 4-5 hours of fieldwork at the international school once a week for 10-12 weeks. According to the experiential learning model, people learn best by being involved (physically, mentally, socially, culturallyetc) in an experience they witness and take

Salim Al Gufaily College of Education, English

Hi there

s students are preparing for their exams, team H!SQU gives you a light reading dish flavored with various topics. We know that people learn best by being involved in the experience either physically, mentally, socially or culturally as they get the chance to reflect upon their learning. Communicative approach in teaching is what all people are talking about today since it has its vitality on fastening students learning. Experience is what students are seeking after the theoretical part of their study. SQU offers its students the chance to practice their English Language since the foundation year in a special program for English specialized students only. Its The Experiential Learning Program (ELP). Students reflections and coordinators opinions on this issue are in our cover story. How do you react to a personwho wants to know your opinion about him? Do you lie, or spit the truth! Khalid AL-Harthi and Sara AL-Khayari faces-off each other to inspire us of their unique reactions to such a situation. Do you know that human body has a Biological Hour that has specific time for every process on

your body? What about the suitable sleeping time? Halah AL-Hadhrami tells you about the benefits of sleep and how many hours should you sleep, as a student. Read more about it on HealthBerry. Often bad news endsleads to incurable sores. That isnt a fact anymore. Close your eyes and imagine how a bad news can turn to be a joke.Shaima AL-Abrigleans some views through imagining The Unacceptable Joke. To all students, work hard to taste the beautiful flavor of final examination. Cheers till we meet next time. H!SQU Team.

Can you satisfy people?!

Education is a life-time process; it never ends until our eyes are shut. Mr. Wise

Satisfying people can be a pain In the back. When you are asked about your opinion of someone, sometimes it might be hard to express the truth. If that happens, is courtesy a wise solution? Or would you prefer to give your plain opinion what so ever! Khalid AlHarthi and Sanaa Al- Khayari show off their reaction to this issue to Dhufra Al Kharusi and Fatma Al Shaqsi
Editorial Coordinators Ahmed Al Hadhrami & Sumaiya Al Kindi

Courtesy is to praise someone whom actually doesnt deserve being praised. I dont believe on using compliment just for the sake of my benefits or to avoid others hateful reactions. In my opinion, people must be frank especially in serious cases in order to help others to improve. To conclude, people should never compliment others as I feel its a kind of cheating and believe me nobody like cheaters! Khalid Al-Harthi 2nd year student at Higher Technology College

Compliment is the perfect tool to get peoples satisfaction. In my opinion, you have to compliment people even if you dont like their acts as they feel its a sign of politeness. Moreover, some people are sensitive, and much influenced by what others say about their own ideas. With this kind of people we need to be very careful, and I think that flattering would be the only solution. Sanaa Al-Khayari 2nd year student at College of Arts

HiSQU is brought to you by the English and Translation Society at SQU. Email your views / suggestions / articles to or

It is a remarkable program, which helps English major students to improve their English especially speaking. Also, it is a way of transferring the Omani culture to the foreign students of the school. One of the benefits is that the experience gave me a lot of confidence because I practiced speaking English with the help of the staff at the ABA. Before this I couldnt speak English in public because I was afraid of making mistakes. My vocabulary has improved. When I speak with the teachers and students at Cathe rine Lonie ABA I learned new words from Assista nt Lecture r & Course Coordithem. Also, I learned some nator ELP teaching methods as I was an assistant of a teacher of Grade Students gain confidence, one. I learned how to control they increase their language the class since they were proficiency and they have children of age seven. Also, interest in cultural experiI prepared some exercises ences. We have six hours to and quizzes for the students. teach this program a week. In Moreover, I presented two the last day in ABA, we had the Omani cultural day, which presentations to the students of that class. One day while was successfully organized. I was explaining a lesson to The students presented the the students, a little Canadian Omani culture; made Omani girl came and hugged me and bride and they shared coffee, dates and Halwa. Men showed said thanks. I was so happy and helped the young students because I felt that I did a great how to wear the Massar, the job as a teacher in that class. However, I have noticed that cap and khangar. Also, they some teachers of the school talked about the traditions; wouldnt like to communicate displayed traditional medicine, make up accessories and with us and we need to talk to them so that we can improve games. The students in the our speaking skills. international school loved it and the students of ELP had to use English to explain all things related to the Omani culture.

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VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012


VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012


VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012



VOL 05 ISSUE 40 / JANUARY 6, 2012

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the Malaysian experience

College of eduCation, english

MohaMMed al-hadhraMi

Ruq aiya Al-M ama ri Colle ge of Arts, Engli sh litera ture Its an excellent program. It paves the way for students to study advanced courses from English department since the best way to learn a language is to communicate with native speakers of that language. From being a classroom assistant at ABA, which consists of 60 nationalities, who en masse share one thing in common, this is English. This all gave me the passion to speak English fluently and use effec-

tive methods of delivering information to the students. Moreover, I took ideas of the best ways to deal with children and to keep them on task. This course is a chance to spread our traditions and customs through giving presentations. Last but not the least; it helped me to improve my writing since Ive wrote a reflective journal for each day I went there. However, there are no negative aspects in the course except for it is short, once in a week so the number of visiting the school is limited. Neverthe-

less, making the course a little bit longer would be more effective, two times a week maybe, to know the children and teacher better and to speak in English more which is the main purpose. Furthermore, I think most of the majors at SQU could be applied to such courses. Early childhood education; for instance, is a suitable major to do such course because students of this major concentrate on the children in their study and they study in English.

Under graduate students from SQU present papers at International Conference on Sustainable Development in Malaysia
There was a long pending demand for setting up of students councils at universities in which students can freely discuss their issues including, the rules that they have to follow. When I was in Britain five years ago, I went to visit Oxford University. While interacting with the students there I came

to know about the students council there. This council works as a bridge of communication giving the chance for the students to participate in making rules; therefore, students never feel that they are marginalized. To my shock, I learned that the university authorities couldnt pass a single rule without the consent of the council member. In fact, that represents the idea of students rights since those rules are concerning the same students. I really appreciate the idea

as it shows how every single student can share his or her voice. I hope that we have such a council at SQU to solve problems that face students such as the case of complexes, which has been under debate for a long time without any response. Imagine that we have a students council where each college has to elect three students according to specific criteria such as academic performance. Those students represent the needs of the college and its students. This will increase the chance of applying justice among the students as

each student and staff knows their duty and responsibility. Moreover, the council should have at least two meetings each academic year with the university administration, so they can overcome any problem that they face. Undoubtedly, such process will take a long time, so we should start as early as possible. By introducing such a system, students will get many advantages, not only personally but socially as they will learn skills of negotiation and formulating rules. So what are we waiting for? Let us go for it.

the Power of Sleep

HealtH Berry halah al-hadhraMi
4th year MediCal student, sQu

It wont be strange if we say that sleep wheels your quality of life. Sleep is what you need to have an energetic day where you dont only act as a receiver of knowledge but also as a giver. Would not it be great to have enough sleep? I bet its.

Stephen John Madden ABA I love the program because it allows us as a school community to give something back to our host country by opening our doors. It is a wonderful opportunity for both parties. On one hand we get the chance to work with our host country and its generous and friendly people. On the other hand, SQU students get a brief glimpse into the world of an international student. Fortunately, there are no negative aspects, none really. The SQU students are professional and sensitive to their responsibilities of being in a classroom and therefore we have not experienced any negative feedback.It may be beneficial for SQU students to work one on one with a small group of children over the period of time to help establish closer and deeper relationship between the two parties rather than trying to work with a whole group. Comparing with this program, any major that involves the social domain would benefit from observing children and teachers in action.
Khalifa Al-Riyami College of education, English This program gives the chance for EES students to spend about four hours with people who speak only English. In addition, it introduces the job of a teacher to them by giving them the chance to be teachers assistants. I have gained from this experience a lot of things like how to deal with students, the role of short stories, and how to control young students by satisfying their interest. There should be more sessions of 2 hours length, instead of going there for one whole day. Personally, I think more frequent sessions are better than a long one and both genders should get chance. Taking 17 females and only 3 males is not fair. Preference should be given to the students of the College of Education because they are the one who are going to be teachers in the future. It will give them an idea of what they are going to do when they are teachers even though the facilities and system are far different between public schools and private schools.

Mursh ed Al-Hak mani EFL teacher at Sur Universit y College I believe that the ELP program is a beneficial program that helps second year students practice their English in a unique and suitable environment. I was participating in this program for one semester as a student. Then, I was one of the supervisors of this program for two semesters. I learnt a lot of things that have been of a great help during my SQU life as well as work life. I had the chance to observe western teaching styles; thus, I am using some styles in my teaching career. Although you can learn new words from different places, I learnt lots of new words during that period. Personally, I believe that such a program is successful, but I suggest that it would be more beneficial if students can go twice a week rather than once so that they can spend more time with the teachers as well as the students.

the unacceptable joke

ShaiMa al-abri ion College of eduCat

Why is sleep vital? Most people dont know how important sleep is. When they find themselves encircled with too many works, they tend to cut their sleep hours. In fact, having enough sleep ensures good health and great achievements during daytime. Moreover, studies have showed that people who What is sleep? good sleep are smarter and Sleep is a state where you be- have t is more productive. Furthermore, come unconscious of wha ing will protect your body going around. At night, your sleep preme- from heart disease since it brain starts to produce its risk factors including s latonin which activates the vent etes mellitus, high blood sleep center in the brain and diab sure and obesity. During makes you feel sleepy. In con- pres pro- sleep, your body is having a large trast, sunlight inhibits the ce to process glucose and duction of this substance; con- chan your blood pressure. alert regulate sequently, you will feel Besides, if you dont have during the day time. enough sleep at night, your appetite will increase. You will How long should we sleep? gy; indi- find yourself having no ener This will depend on eating high calories of , viduals and age. Children and thus , which increases your body teenagers need more hours of food ht. Furthermore, sleep sleep. In comparison, normal weig sysperiod strengthens your immune healthy adult needs a and protects you from inof 6-8 hours of sleep at night. tem ons. In addition, when your Studies showed that 1 hour fecti is sleep deficient, stress of sleep at night equals to 4 body s and ng the hormones level increase hours of sleeping duri feel agitated during dayyou will daytime. time.

t one of your your friends tell you tha Imagine that a group of phone is off. You conYou call him, his y best friends is missing. u inform the police; the ily, they dont answer. Yo tact his fam find him. After a week, n but could not and search around the tow scenario to irritate you er that this was a fake you discov relatives house. How in one of his that your friend is hiding react to that? will you

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TharayaAL-Maskari College of Engineering I will be really angry and upset. This unaccepted act may create a small dent on our friendship as I will be scared to death of losing her. In addition, I think that this act might cause problems to both her family and me. But I know that at the end of the day, I will forgive her and things will go as they were if not better.

osni Im a n A L -Hat io n, En gl is h of Ed uc Co lle ge ted emely irrita I will be extr take into act as she didn sad I will be. Howcount how rgive her since ever I will fo out seeing her I only care aber, when I see safe. Moreov her a big hug. ve her I will gi nny to remember will be fu one to find her. It d what I haveion may teach me This situat l of untruthful to be carefu talks.

Zahr a AL-A bri Colleg e of Law I will beat her as this is not a friendly act. Furthermore, this act might cause negative psychological effects which will put me in an embarrassing situation with the police. I want to tell her that we must not underestimate such things because it may lead to big problems.

Dr. Mohammed Ismail M.B.B.S, MS, FICS, FMAS Renowned Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon

MoH No.138/2011

Dr. Ismail will be visiting KIMS Oman Hospital on 7th January 2012
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