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Ilagan Bsca II-A Customs 4

1. It is the declared policy of the state to facilitate and assist the development and growth of the Philippine trade and national economy. a. Section 24 b. Section 1 c. Section 12 d. Section 5 2. It is a legal recognition conferred by the Philippine Shippers BureauDepartment of Trade and Industry. a. Accreditation b. NVOCC c. IFF d. DFF 3. The applicant is given 60 days to submit the original copy of the following requirements except: a. Agent House b. Forwarders Bill of Lading c. Principal d. Officers abroad and/or domestic agents with their respective company profile 4. It shall be submitted to the PSB Director within 24 hours after the inspection. a. Certificate of Accreditation b. Inspection report c. Bill of Lading d. Quarterly Statistics report 5. Filing and processing fee shall be 25 % of the filing and processing fee plus 25 of the corresponding surcharge if applicable. Accredited Firms shall submit to PSB original copy of all inward and outward manifest. a. Both statement are correct

b. Both statement are incorrect c. First statement is correct and the second statement is incorrect d. First statement is incorrect and the second statement is correct 6. Every change in the list of Board Directors shall be reported I writing to PSB within how many days? a. Within 5 days b. Within 15 days c. Within 10 days d. Within 24 days 7. Which statement is incorrect? a. The original copy of the certificate shall be released to the applicant upon payment of the Accreditation Certificate Fee. b. The Certificate of Accreditation is issued only before carefully evaluating the qualifications of the applicant. c. Two years unless sooner cancelled under Rule XI. d. The statement that it is non-transferrable and cannot be used by another. 8. This essentially involves the movement of heavy machineries, equipment, etc. a. Transportation of Project cargoes b. Garment Hanging Services c. Handling of Special Cargoes d. Overseas Exhibition 9. The following are the duties of the forwarder as the principal except: a. Assumes responsibility in his own name b. Liable for acts and omissions of carrier c. Liable for acts and omissions of the shipper 10. a. b. c. d. The following are included in the public sector except: Central bank for exchange control permission Road operators Transport Licensing Authorities Port authority for port clearance

11. An entity without owning and operating a vessel. a. IFF

b. DFF c. NVOCC 12. a. b. c. d. The following acts and omissions are unlawful under what section? Section 38 Section 34 Section 36 Section 37

13.To refuse/ prevent/ obstruct/ harass/ delay the interview of himself or another person mentioned in what section? a. Section 33(f) b. Section 34 c. Section 33(a) d. Section 35 13. a. b. c. d. What do you mean by OLA? Office Laboratory Access Office of Legal Affairs Open Lab Assignments Oklahoma Library Association

14. In section 16 of M.O 69, the probable cause rule shall be followed in what rule? a. Prima facie case b. Administer oaths c. Administrative Order No. 2 d. Subpoena Ducestecum 15. The following are the definitions of the freight forwarder except: a. Was a Commission Agent performing on behalf of the exporter/importer. b. Plays an important role in international trade and transport. c. Take delivery of the goods and issue relevant documents.

16. Freight Forwarders are usually appointed by organizers of exhibitions to transport exhibits.

a. b. c. d. 17. a. b. c. d.

Overseas Exhibition Transportation of Project cargoes Garment Hanging Services Handling of Special Cargoes A document issued by PSB officially authorizing the entity name. Certificate of Accreditation NVOCC DFF IFF

18. An entity that facilitates and provides transport and distribution of good within the Philippines on behalf of its client. a. DFF b. IFF c. NVOCC 19. Local entity that acts as a cargo intermediary and facilities transport of goods on behalf of its client without assuming the role of the carrier. a. NVOCC b. DFF c. IFF 20. One that is existing and has not expired, not cancelled and not under suspension. a. Subsisting Certificate of Accreditation b. Person c. RAD d. This Order

1.b A D B D,b,b,a,c,b,c,a,a,b