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Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this assignment, students should be able to:  Understand how to utilise the creative problem solving approach to handle the various managerial challenges in an organisation and help with the process of new product development.  Utilise creative thinking techniques such as lateral thinking and brainstorming to solve business problems and appraise their usefulness.  Understand how creative thinking and critical thinking are complementary to each other and how both can be used to achieve effective solutions and ideas. Objectives of the Assignment  To show ability in finding facts and defining the problems for the purpose of establishing the framework for idea generation.  To display the competencies of using the creative tools and techniques for idea generation.  To exhibit the competencies in evaluating ideas and making comparison against available alternatives.

QUESTION You are Product Development Manager of a company that manufactures household consumer product (the company must currently exist in the market – local or international). The company plan to introduce a new product and sustain their competitive position in the market. As such, you are assigned by the company’s CEO to come up with a new product offering and present a proposal of the new product concept that appeal to the market. Your proposed product concept needs to be realistic and marketable within five (5) years. You are required to choose one (1) of the following products for the assignment. • •

• •

• • • • • • • • •

Toothbrush Belt Robotic device with an AI for household Wallet Suitcase Shoes Watch Spectacle or contact lens Television Car Baby Seater Computer Accessories Laptop Cell phone Vehicle Camera
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Problem Statement. which include attachments of your survey). Your written proposal needs to follow the format given below. excluding your product. In addition. (Optional. compare and contrast common attributes from two (2) products from two direct competitors with your own product proposal. The information will then be used in your idea evaluation. written in one sentence Idea Generation. Lateral Thinking technique. You are required to conduct a survey from two (2) lecturers to get their feedback with regards to your proposed product concept. list four (4) from 6 techniques. (Survey interview questions will be provided by the lecturer during tutorial class). Idea Summary. list four levels. Product Concept Description Market Identification Idea Evaluation. use both FFA and Sticking Dots Analysis DICE Conclusion References Appendix. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Executive Summary Table of Content Introduction Objective Statement Competitor Analysis. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MAKE REFERENCE TO THE PAST ASSIGNMENTS DONE BY PREVIOUS GROUP AS THE STRUCTURE AND REQUIREMENT OF THIS ASSIGNMENT DIFFERS FROM THEM Your written proposal has to be submitted by the date of submission with a softcopy in CD format.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 2 of 14 • Gaming console It is important that your product concept be able to show how innovative in comparison to the available alternatives. Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . the value it can specifically provide to the targeted market.

BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 3 of 14 PART 1. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS.Conclusion • The above information of your Competitor Analysis will be used later in Idea Evaluation C.Opening . Objective Statement • One sentence to indicate the general scope for your creative focus. Uniqueness b. LATERAL THINKING AND PROBLEM STATEMENT A. Conclusion D. Lateral Thinking • Lateral Thinking need to show a total of four (4) levels of hierarchies including your product. B. Opening e. OBJECTIVE STATEMENT. Technology . • Please include the following: d. Problem Statement • One sentence to indicate the specific area of focus to work on your idea generation. Limitation c. Competitor Analysis • Compare and contrast your product’s common attributes with two (2) products from any two (2) direct competitors (table form) • Include the following: .Common attributes (essay) a. • Your problem statement needs to relate to your objective statement and derived from the lateral thinking • Important Note: Your problem statement will later be referred to in your Idea Generation Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 .

for each technique you use. − Opening – indicate the history and development of the idea generation technique − Illustration – provide the relevant diagram or table to show how the technique is used to generate ideas − Outcomes – show how FOUR (4) specific ideas can be derived from the techniques you have chosen − Evaluation – identify the best combination from the four (4) specific ideas above and provide overall analysis (advantages & disadvantages) in comparison to other idea generation techniques. in the idea generation section. you need to present write the information according to the following structure. In addition. there are specific requirement you need to fulfilling when presenting them in your proposal please refer to Table 1. Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . IDEA GENERATION Choose any FOUR (4) of the six idea generation techniques taught in class and for each idea generation technique you have chosen.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 4 of 14 PART 2.

Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . Directions. Concepts and Ideas shown in a horizontal hierarchical format. Table 1: Requirements for the Idea Generation Techniques Mindmapping Need to use mindmapping software to draw (you can make use of ‘Freemind’ downloadable at http://sourceforge. Minimum 70% of the boxes must be filled up. For each attribute. Required four (4) levels in the Concept Fan which include the Problem or Purpose. Lotus Blossom must be presented in a 9x9 or any available mindmapping software. It should include six (6) related key words from each picture. you need to present at least FOUR (4) alternatives.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 5 of 14 PART 3. It should include: • 1 problem or purpose • 2 directions • 4 concepts • 8 ideas SCAMPER Start the sentence in SCAMPER with an action word. Force Fitting Trigger Any three (3) pictures that do not have direct relations to your product concept. IDEA SUMMARY List FOUR (4) ideas generated from each technique used. Attribute Listing Lotus Blossom Concept Fans Refer to FOUR (4) attributes in your attribute listing. hand-drawn mind map is not acceptable Apply three (3) levels in the mind map.

Avoid giving generic description of the product PART 5. − Visual is required for all sides of the product − Label each components accordingly *Be as detail as possible. • Include the following: −Provide a detailed profile of the identified market for your product concept −Age group −Income level −Geography *Be as detail as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the product • Include the following: − Opening − Design − Functions − Features − Technologies − Price (related to the target market’s affordability & competitors’ prices ) − Analysis on how different and innovative your product concept in comparison to the two (2) identified products in competitor analysis earlier *Be as detail as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the target market • Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . PRODUCT DESCRIPTION • Present the visual or visuals of the product concept − Visual can be sketched by hand or drawn using available softwares.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 6 of 14 PART 4. MARKET IDENTIFICATION You are allowed to target a single or multiple market segment.

Force Field Analysis • Present Two (2) sets of FFAs diagrams − First diagram identifies scoring before recommendation for improvement − Second diagram identifies scoring after recommendation for improvement • Components for each set of FFA diagram (table form) − List of Restricting Factors (table form located on left side of diagram) − List of Driving Factors (table form located on right side of diagram) − Present five (5) supporting factors and five (5) restricting factors − Provide score for each factor in FFA (scale from 1 to 5) − Score range for restricting factors is -1 to -5 − Score range for driving factors is 1 to 5 − List of Restricting Factors (table form located on left side of diagram) Provide recommendation part for FFA Include the following: − Opening − Ways to minimize restricting factors and maximize driving factors by incorporating the information and suggestions obtained from the survey into the FFA analysis a. Provide TWO (2) clear recommendations on how the restricting factors can • be minimized (derived information from limitation & challenges of implementation of product) b.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 7 of 14 PART 6. Provide TWO (2) clear recommendations on how the supporting factors be maximised in order to improve the score of the proposed idea (derived information from ways for improvement of product) − Conclusion Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . IDEA EVALUATION Evaluate your idea using the Force Field Analysis (FFA) and Sticking Dots A.

Intelligent.FFA Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . DICE (Deep. Intelligent. Weightage for each i of Sticking Dots Analysis Include the following: − Opening − Provide comparison of five (5) common attributes between two (2) products with your product (table form) − Analysis on comparison details on each common attribute used (essay) − Conclusion PART 7. Deep. Completed survey forms are to be attached in the appendix Information from the survey forms will be used in idea evaluation .com/watch?v=RUovVIU7UiA). and Elegant) • Provide analysis on how the product can provide value to the All components in the survey form are required to be filled Signatures of your survey respondents are required. Sticking Dots Analysis • Apply sticking dots only when evaluating the product concept with competing • • alternatives that share common attributes with the proposed idea.e. Complete. Complete.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 8 of 14 B. and Elegant) introduced by Guy Kawasaki should be made (refer to http://www. Note: Reference to the concept of DICE (i. SURVEY • • • • • Survey form is to be given to any two (2) lecturers to be filled.

BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 9 of 14 • MARK ALLOCATION Objective Statement.Font type: Times News Roman .Idea generation tools and techniques used . • It also includes consideration of how you present your executive summary.Name of the proposed product concept . and table used in your answer.Names of the competitors and their competing alternatives . subheading – 14pts.Type of product proposed and (if applicable) the technologies used Needs of the market identified (to show the reasons why the proposed product concept can solve the current problem or problems faced by customers in the market) .Line spacing: 1. the organisation of information and the presentation of your proposal.Idea evaluation tools and techniques used OTHER REQUIREMENTS Format of Writing  You are to use the following format of writing.5 Caption and the source of information are to be given to each diagram.. normal writing – 12pts . . chart. Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 .Font size: Heading – 16pts. . Competitor Analysis and Problem Statement Idea Generation and Idea Summary Idea Evaluation Product Description and Market Identification Overall Quality of the Proposal 20 marks 30 marks 20 marks 20 marks 10 marks PERFORMANCE CRITERIA FOR OVERALL QUALITY OF PROPOSAL • This criterion will assess the overall use of language appropriate for writing a formal business proposal.Proposed price of the product . You are to follow the below structure for writing your executive summary.

501 – 2.about. charts.500 3.wikipedia.501 and above Penalty No penalty 10% penalty of the total mark 20% penalty of the total mark Marks will be capped at a pass (i. Word Penalty The maximum word count for this assignment is 2.701 – Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . 50%) Words in diagrams. tables.500 words.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 10 of 14 References and Citations     References and citations are to be written according to Harvard Referencing System.700 2. Ensure the format you use for writing your citations and references is consistent throughout the document. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded. citations and references are not considered into the word count. These websites can be useful to provide you with the definitions and the general ideas about the concepts within the module but it is not acceptable in your academic writing. Your word count must be indicated on your cover page. or the likes as sources for your work. You should on no account make reference to www. Word Count 2.e.200 3. captions.201 – 3. Ensure each citation has its corresponding reference and each reference has its citation in the answer.

modifying the existing product for different use. using different materials. is considered novel to an individual. minimising the size. if applied. etc.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 11 of 14 Additional Information • The idea of ‘innovation’ in this assignment will be seen in objective manner meaning the product concept you proposed must not exist in the market around the world (Note: This can be verified by the marker via online by typing in the relevant keywords) and not from a subjective perspective where the idea. this does not mean that students have to create something new from scratch. rearranging the parts of the product. • However. They can use those ideas or products that already exist and propose something new by combining two or more different functions. This is to avoid students having simply copy an idea or taking a product which already exist in another country than merely applied to the country and market of their choice which shows no creative effort. as long as the proposed product concept can appeal to the market and effectively compete with the competitors. an organisation or a nation. Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 .

Not clear 1 2 3 4 5 Very clear 3.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 12 of 14 CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: QUESTIONNAIRE This questionnaire is to be used by CRI students with regards to the acceptability and implementation of their ideas. You have to do survey of at least TWO (2) lecturers in APIIT. Q12. Suggestions given by the interviewee should be presented as recommendations for maximising the supporting factors and/or minimising the restricting factors. Q10. Q9. NAME: ________________________________________________________ DATE:____________ EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________________________ ACADEMIC GROUP : _____________________ 1. You will be required to explain your ideas to the interviewees and show how it can provide value to the target market and make comparison to other available alternatives in order to determine the innovativeness of your idea. and Q13. How far do you agree that the value provided by the proposed idea is relevant to the target market / user? Level 2 Not relevan t 1 2 3 4 5 Highly relevan t 201112 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation . Are you clear with the idea proposed by the student? 2. Is the description of the target market specific or general? Not clear 1 2 3 4 5 Very clear Highly 1 2 3 4 5 Highly genera specific l Note: Specific detail of target market(s) is desired rather than providing a general description. The respond need to be attached as appendices in your assignment. Some of the information given by the respondents will be required to be incorporated into the Force Field Analysis especially the answer and suggestion given in Q8. Have the students explained the value that will be provided by his or her idea to the target customer(s) or user(s) clearly? 4.

How far is the proposed idea considered to offer superior value when compared to the identified competing alternatives? 1 2 3 4 5 Highly inferior 1 2 3 4 5 Highly superio r 8. social-cultural. How innovative is the proposed idea? 6. How unique is the proposed idea when compared to the identified competing alternatives ? 7. non-technical problems and technical difficulties that you have identified above? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 .BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Not innovat ive Not unique 1 2 3 4 5 Page 13 of 14 Highly innovat ive Very unique 5. What suggestions can you provide to overcome the limitations. Will there be any technical difficulties in the designing and implementation of the proposed product / service / process innovation? If yes. What are the limitations of the proposed idea? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. what are these technical difficulties?  Yes  No ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Do you agree that the proposed product / service / process innovation can be introduced within FIVE (5) YEARS from now?  Yes  No 12. What are the non-technical problems (which can include barriers that are resulted from the political-legal. economic and ecological environment) do you think may exist when the proposed idea is to be implemented? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10.

______________________________________ Signature of respondent Level 2 Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation 201112 . ______________________________________.BM006-3-2CRI Individual Assignment Page 14 of 14 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 13. What other suggestions can you give in order to improve on the idea? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ I. hereby declare that the above information is provided by my good self in support of the effort made by the student in writing their Creativity and Innovation assignment.