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VetClosure Business Services Inc. VBS Inc.

Using Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Technologies to improve the Quality of Life for all People. Assisting businesses raise their bottom line and show a greater Return on Investment (ROI) from their Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX).
This document is a summary of VetClosure Business Services Inc. (VBS Inc.) that includes our Business Units (BU): (Veterans Social Network), VetClosure Systems Integration, VetClosure Software Design and Development, and the VetClosure Global Real Estate.

Mr. VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild Founder and President: VetClosure Business Services (VBS), Social Network, VetClosure Systems Integration, VetClosure Software Design and Development, and VetClosure Real Estate. VonVictor V. Rosenchild is responsible for VetClosure Business Services day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the companys service and product development and technology strategy. He is also responsible for the external matters of VetClosure Business Services: building partnerships and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership. VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild United States Navy (USN) Veteran 11 years in the field of Cryptology. Attended: University of California Berkeley, Maryland University, Chicago State University, Alameda College, and Berkeley College; he has studied Computer Science, Information Systems Management, Business Management, Economics, and International Business. He has MCITP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CCNP, CCA, CCP, VCP, CISM, CISA, Network+ and A+, in addition to IDNX, SIXSS, AMHS, TACINTEL, etc. He has 23+ years of professional experience in the Information Technology sector. He has extensive experience as a IT Consultant/Contractor and Entrepreneur. VonVictor stays current on cutting edge and bleeding edge technologies and strives to find ways to use these technology innovations to better society as a whole. He also has worked as a English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor while living overseas in various countries. Mr. John Ullaury Co-Founder and Vice President: VetClosure Business Services (VBS), Social Network, VetClosure Systems Integration, VetClosure Software Design and Development, and VetClosure Real Estate. John Ullaury is Co-Founder and Vice President; he oversees the companys business strategy alongside founder VonVictor V. Rosenchild. Under his leadership, VetClosure Business Services has dramatically scaled its business outreach and diversified its service offerings while maintaining a strong culture of innovation. John Ullaury also introduces other dynamics into VetClosure Business Services, and heads the VetClosure Global Real Estate Business Unit. John Ullaury United States Marine Corps (USMC) Veteran 13 years. He has extensive experience as a Construction Contractor, and as an Entrepreneur. He has years of experience in Professional Development, and has assisted hundreds in obtaining sustainable careers despite the economic downturn. In addition, he has professional experience in the Real Estate sector.

Business Overview
VetClosure Business Services Inc. (VBS Inc.) is the parent company (Holding Company) for the following VetClosure Business Units (VBU): Social Network December 23, 2011 to Present VetClosure Systems Integration January 16, 2012 Present VetClosure Software Design and Development January 16, 2012 Present VetClosure Global Real Estate January 16, 2012 Present

Board of Directors
We are currently putting together our Board of Directors, so in the near future there will be an update to this document.

VetClosure Business Services Inc.

With a global presence using Web 2.0 technologies, we VetClosure Business Services (VBS) is quickly extending its reach in to more industries than initially anticipated. What started off as a company that created the first Veterans Social Network (VSN); which is a Social Network for Veterans and their families, that assist them in raising their Quality of Life, is growing into a major powerhouse of Quality of Life Services that uses Web 2.0 technologies, and professional experts in various industries to extend our Quality of Life Services. With the expansion of VetClosure Business Services (VBS) into the real estate/mortgage sector, systems integration, software design and development, and API design and development sector, we are able to offer a more robust package of services. Our Business Technologist and Business Management professionals strive to enhance our services, and strive to continually raise the bar on quality. We can offer our clients in-depth expertise, an extended global reach and an impressive services portfolio. Based on our 40+ years of collective Business, Project Management, Program Management, Professional Development, Information Technology, Systems Integration, Software Development, and Real Estate experience, and the successful, proven experience in consulting, managed services, as well as cloud computing services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BaaS, DaaS, MaaS, Security as a Service), and transaction-based activities, we understand your business challenges and deliver Information Technology (IT) and Business solutions that fit your needs, with measurable and sustainable results. Delivering on our commitments with a passion for IT innovation Whether, Small or Medium-sized or Large Enterprise, Start-up, Public authority, Non-for-Profit, U.S. federal Government, State Government, or Local Government anyone who doesn't use state-of-theart IT that's right for the business can't compete. It's therefore time for a business technology that puts (information) technology solutions and services to work to serve the business strategy. And hence time for Business Technologists from VetClosure Business Services, who understand both: their customers' business and the IT. And who create quality solutions with which processes can be holistically managed and transformed. After all, successful change needs the expertise and the commitment of people who know what they're talking about. What is our ambition? To find better ways to use Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies to improve the Quality of Life for all people, and to help businesses raise their bottom line and show a greater Return on Investment (ROI). Today, together, we start shaping the exciting future of IT and business.

Our outlook is global and we are constantly searching for the practical innovations and business trends that make our clients more competitive and drive their business transformation. We understand that successful change needs a human touch. So we listen carefully to understand our clients challenges. Then we deliver unique holistic solutions with confidence; orchestrating ecosystems, providing teams of skilled consultants and industry experts to define and deliver an end-to-end blueprint that meets your objectives. Our Projected Growth: As VetClosure Business Services Inc. and our VetClosure Business Units continue to grow, we will be delegating more responsibilities to those professionals that have the experience, education, training, morals, ethics, principles, and values that is required by VetClosure Business Services Inc. We think that a dynamic and changing business environment requires a unique type of professional one that doesnt presume to know the answers; A professional that really listens and comes up with innovative answers to our clients business challenges - working with them to create the firm of the future. Business technologists arent just techies or techies that lack business understanding. Or consultants that arent truly accountable for delivery. We consider the entire value chain. And we dont believe in technology for technologys sake. Its only purpose is to deliver on Quality Sustainable Business Strategy. We are actively looking for professionals within various industries and we abide by the Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Guidelines. We pride ourselves on being a 21st Century Company preparing ourselves to be a 22nd Century Company. Our diverse TEAM of professionals shows that the best of the best is humanity, and we all belong to the human family. Quality Services vs. Services: We are helping to put Americans Back to Work by continuing to develop a robust company built on a solid foundation of Principles, Values, Ethics, and Morals. At VetClosure Business Services Inc. we put QUALITY above all. Far too many companies are offering services with a wide array of functional and business enhancements; however, we see that many of them are offering services that lack in quality. There is a major difference in receiving an education and a quality education, in providing services and providing quality services, and in using business ethics and being the ethics in business. We strive to inspire our customers to become loyal clients, and we do this by giving them the quality they both deserve and demand, in addition to giving them the services we provide with the highest level of dignity. We at VetClosure Business Services Inc. have all been excellent followers, and this is what make us good leaders, but what we seek to be is great leaders, and we know what makes great leaders are great teams. We are continually building a team of professionals that are not only skilled in their profession, but have excellent professional interpersonal skills. Sustainability: 4

Sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy and our ambition remains to be recognized as a world leader in providing innovative Business and Information Technology (IT) solutions to help our clients become more sustainable. Since onslaught of the Global Recession starting in 2008, our clients have faced fundamental and permanent changes to the way they do business. Over the next ten years, it is now even clearer that the successful and surviving businesses will be those that properly embrace sustainability. This new approach recognizes that sustainable business is good economics which means that sustainability needs to become part of a companys core business, embedded in its processes, running through its culture and influencing every activity. So by embedding sustainability in our own company as part of the Groups DNA, we automatically ensure that it is similarly embedded in all the propositions we make to our clients. In this way Atos will become best in class, not only for its own operations, but also in the way it serves its clients. The company wants to be recognized as one of the best companies to work for, innovative, socially responsible and able to attract and retain the best talents across all our geographies. This is the purpose of the Well Being at Work ambition which was launched early 2010. What make us stand out? VetClosure Business Services has a fundamental understanding of industrial and administrative business processes and different system environments. This serves as the basis for complex IT projects in which VetClosure Business Services Inc. combines technological competence with extensive IT expertise. Beneficial innovation The technical expertise of VetClosure Business Services Inc. is backed by a strong engineering culture. This results in innovations that deliver measurable value to the clients, both in the public and private sector. Transformation enabler As a service company we have the proven ability to guide the successful transformation of our customers business processes and operations. VetClosure Business Services Inc. stands for the highest level of quality, reliability, and long-term security. VetClosure Business Services takes a revolutionary innovative approach to business, we use technology to increase Quality of Life, and that of in itself is beginning to show a high return on investment (ROI). There is nothing like knowing that yes you are making a profit and helping other increase their profit margins, however, what really makes one feel really good, is knowing that you are helping society raise their quality of life, and that my friends, is what makes working at VetClosure Business Services Inc. a pleasure and point of real pride.