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Purchase Order. 1) No provision for manual condition for non deductible Excise?

This is because non deductible conditions can be handled through pricing while deductible conditions cannot be. Use own Z conditions in pricing to load the manual value to inventory or change duty value during EI capture. 2) How to print taxes in PO? Any condition (standard JEXS) defined as tax in pricing will copy the total taxes into pricing. 3) Tax element to be calculated on a differential base Passing alternate base for Tax calculation. For E.g. # VAT to be calculated on Base + Excise + Freight. Use subtotals 4 or 6 against the Freight condition in PO. Assign alternate base value routine 362 or 363against the condition whose base value is to be altered. 4) How to pass manual ADC for procurement from dealer of imported goods Use condition JADC in pricing and assign subtotal 2 to it. Maintain 0% for AED tax condition. 5) Condition record exist but is not called in PO for TAXINN. Please check if the structure assigned to fields in access sequence are correct. -If the tax code is assigned to company code in customizing. - Check of conditions are classified correctly in table J_1iexcdefn. 6) Routine 361 for Octroi does not work correctly Insert the condition JEXS for total taxes & let Octroi be calculated on value of JEXS and Gross price. J1IEX. 7) System does not default the excise duty values. Check - If the material is Cenvatable - If a valid condition record exists in PO - If Vendor is relevant for excise - If the duty conditions are assigned in the appropriate columns in the excise default table (J_1IEXCDEF) - If the duty conditions are classified correctly in table J_1iexcdefn. 8) How to post to alternate accounts for excise Use sub transaction type 9) No accounts generated for imports of capital goods Ensure sub transaction IP is also assigned for excise transaction type CAPE in table J_1ITRNACC

10) ADC not updated as100% for Dealer #s purchase of capital goods Ensure sub-transaction type IP was used. 11) For Account assigned PO more than one part 1 entry is created. #Consumptions# indicator should be off at excise group level. 12) Unable to activate MRP indicator after GR MRP indicator can be activated only during capture of EI and not after. 13) Register type incorrectly maintained & needs to be changed This can be done in the change mode before posting the excise invoice, system will update part 1 for the new register automatically. 14) Material defined as Finished goods but needs to also be procured. Material type can be changed during EI capture from RG1 to RG23A or C. 15) Unable to cancel excise invoice, Error # Reverse part 1 before reversing EI# issued. GR should not be reversed using MBST. If reversed through MBST update part1 through J1I5 for the 102 document and update part 1 and GRXREF tables with correct values. MIGO. 16) Excise tab is not seen during GR posting? Check for - Valid tax code. - IF movement type made relevant for excise in table J_1IMVMT - Material is maintained for excise 18) Excise tab is not visible during display? Excise tab is visible only when the options #Capture & Post# or # Only post option#, not when the EI only referred during MIGO 19) #Refer subcontracting challan# option is not seen in MIGO excise tab Ensure that the output material is made relevant for subcontracting in J1ID. Check valid zero tax code in PO. 20) Excise invoice does not exist in supplying plant for stock transfer from Factory to Depot (or both). Ensure that the supplying plant#s official document number and date are given as reference and not the internal document number. 21) Want to Inventories duty in Depot through STO. Create delivery cost conditions in STO pricing and use this to pass on the value to receiving plant. MIRO. 22) Error FF713 issued during MIRO Ensure that the tax code is assigned to company code in customizing.

23) System does not bring correct excise duty as posted in the excise invoice. For TAXINN # Check if the conditions are classified correctly without any duplicates. The same applies for VAT. For TAXINJ # Check if the appropriate routines such as 354 for BED, 364 for ECS and SECS are assigned 24) Vendor sends invoice with different value than in PO/GR Use Invoice reduction functionality. Excise is not supported for item level invoice reduction. J1IG 25) One plant has both factory and Depot operations Define two different excise groups. Activate depot functions in one & use that excise group for posting depot operations 26) Folio/Depot invoice number is not generated Ensure Folio number generation is activated at excise group level J1IGA 27) Excise value change needs to be passed on Depot Use J1IGA. Increase in duty value will be effective for the total quantity of the mother invoice in depot and not only for the remaining quantity. Subcontracting 28) Material document not relevant for this function Ensure movement type is assigned to movement type group 0001 in customizing. 29) Excise base amount/Assessable value does not appear during creation of challan. Check the subcontracting attributes. If assessable value is not maintained, use #Get excise invoice# option 30) Excise duty values not defaulted Subcontracting is a non taxable transaction and does not need to show duty values. 31) How to handle directly supply to Subcontractor from vendor of components. Assign movement type 101 O to subcontracting movement type group 0001 and create challan referring this 32) Forgot to assign challan during MIGO? Challan can always be assigned in J1IFQ directly 33) 101 movement is also shown in the details screen Remove 101 movement from movement type groups 0002. 101 is not necessary for reconciliation 34) Do not want all the GR qty to be assigned to one challan Refer all relevant challans to be reconciled. Reconciliation Qty cannot be less than the GR qty. 35) No Accounting document is generated no part2 posted during reversal

Ensure sub transaction type 01 is assigned to all the subcontracting related excise transaction type in subcontracting attributes and J_1itrnacc. 36) Duty values are not calculated for reversal For TAXINN # ensure condition record has been maintained using table 357 for excise duty conditions. For TAXINJ # Ensure rates are maintained for chapter ID 37) Unable to take re-credit Ensure that reconciliation has been made before re-credit. 38) Want to close challan with pending quantity Reverse duty for the pending qty and set the status as complete. These questions & answers will be helpful for consultants to understand implementation errors. You can save your time without asking these repeated questions to SAP OSS. They will also give the same answers. Before asking any SAP MM CIN questions to SAP, check is their repeated questions are their not