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scan and zoom options you can center your view on a display screen of choice. on the operator’s desk by moving your viewpoint. The real-time mission map screen is located directly above the Predator camera monitor. monitoring the aircraft’s progress on special surveillance screens. Alternatively. This will overlay the current speed. landing gear etc. heading and altitude of the Predator at the top of the screen. if you like to get close to the action. By using the Flight Simulator pan.UAV Predator Flying The Predator Our Predator UAV puts you in the controller’s chair. Predator UAV takes a unique approach because a fully functional 3-D representation of the ground station replaces the virtual cockpit mode of Flight Simulator. You’ll find control buttons for engine start. press s + Z while flying. We recommend for normal flight operations to zoom your view on to the display screen linked to the camera of the Predator.. Loading a flight plan into the Flight Simulator GPS will also reflect on the mission map in the control room. you can fly the Predator from the spot view option of Flight Simulator. www.abacuspub. flying classified missions from the ground station.com 3 . If you prefer to fly in spot view. press c + E to start the Predator engine and press G (default keymapping) to raise and retract the landing gear. Alternatively. This will closely approximate the “pilots view” of a traditional aircraft.

Select the Predator UAV in the mission categories tab. 4 www. We only recommend using the mission compass if all else fails (for maximum realism). A mission compass is available and is mapped to the U key by default. After the dialogue has opened.com . Click [OK] and the scenery will be added to the scenery library. On the next screen choose “Add Area”.abacuspub. search for the folder with the name “FCS_UAVScenery” which should be in the \Addon Scenery folder and click on this once. To load each mission please select the Missions option from the Flight Simulator X menu.UAV Predator Missions (FSX) The FSX version of Predator UAV includes eight challenging missions. Installing the Mission Scenery Before flying an FSX Mission you should complete the installation of the scenery by starting the flight simulator and clicking on “Settings” in the FSX opening screen and choosing “Scenery Library” on the far right.

com 5 . www. The terrorist cell is using a small Piper Cub aircraft. It’s suggested the terrorists are using Shelter Cove airstrip in Northern California as a base of operations. If the Piper Cub is there.abacuspub.S. Your task is to fly from Little River airport and follow the coastline north to Shelter Cove.UAV Predator Mission 1 . make a low pass to ensure that this is the aircraft referred to in the intelligence report. some 48 miles from Little River.Plane Spotting Intelligence sources believe terrorists using light aircraft to smuggle weapons into the U. The mission ends on successful identification of the suspect aircraft.

The task is further complicated by the requirement to stay within 500 feet of the ground at all times in order to avoid radar contact. Departing Nellis Air Force base. 6 www. hugging the tops of mountain peaks and making sharp descents into narrow valleys to avoid discovery. Once you have flown over the research center at low level return to Nellis and land on runway 21L to complete the training mission.com . your task is to locate a mock-up research center hidden deep in the desert.Low Level This is your opportunity to practice low-level flight with the Predator on a dramatic flight across the Nevada Desert.abacuspub. just outside of Las Vegas. The research center is located approximately 29 miles north of Nellis Airbase.UAV Predator Mission 2 . This will require all of your flying skills.

www. Your task is to find the Lady Claire and to follow her to her secret rendezvous. make a pass over the area to confirm that our intelligence is correct and that this is indeed the location of an arms deal.com 7 . The informant believes that a small fishing vessel. Once the vessel is beached. Maintain careful surveillance. The mission ends when you secure successful information regarding the location of the planned arms transfer to ground based vehicles.Archipelago Intelligence from a reliable source suggests that a gang of ruthless arms dealers have been smuggling weapons around the Indonesian Archipelago. Be advised that she is moving south at some speed so you will have to push the UAV to its limits to catch up with the craft.abacuspub. Radio monitoring suggests that the vessel is about 27 miles south of your position in the bay. the Lady Claire has left port with a cargo of munitions.UAV Predator Mission 3 .

The satellite came down in Finnish territory within the Arctic Circle.abacuspub.com . You should concentrate your search effort north of Rovaniemi. Once completed you should return and land on runway 21 at Rovaniemi to complete the mission.UAV Predator Mission 4 . However. make a low level pass and return to the airfield.Satellite A reconnaissance satellite has malfunctioned and returned to Earth. Your task is to search for the jet. carrying with it key intelligence data. all communication with the fighter jet has been lost. 8 www. Once located. A rescue mission was dispatched and it was believed that the data pod of the satellite was safely recovered and being transported by an air force jet back into allied hands. It has to be assumed that the jet has itself crashed in the Arctic wilderness of Finland.

One turbine has already been flooded by encroaching seawater.UAV Predator Mission 5 . However. www. who plan to use water as a weapon. weaving precariously between them narrowly avoiding terrain as the sensor attempts to lock onto the trace of explosives. Should another turbine pump fail the entire complex will fall and Rotterdam will be under water. Rotterdam will be under water. have compromised the turbines. if these turbines are compromised. To find which turbine is set to blow you must overfly the turbines at no greater than 50ft above their tops. Your mission is to examine the turbines that lie to the North and locate the turbine that has been rigged with explosives. The evacuation of Rotterdam has started and you only have thirty minutes to locate the explosive laden turbine before a wall of water overwhelms the city. An explosive sensing device has been hurriedly adapted and fitted to your Predator UAV.com 9 .abacuspub. A series of wind turbines north of Rotterdam drive pumps to keep the waters of the North Sea from flooding the area. However.Dutch Dash Much of the Netherlands lies below sea level so the Dutch have devised intricate irrigation systems to avoid massive flooding. A group of determined terrorists. the device only works at low level.

Time Trial This training mission requires that you seek out a fake missile hidden on the outskirts of Paris. You must use the Predator UAV to locate the missile within fifteen minutes. Keep in mind that time is short.UAV Predator Mission 6 . about sixteen miles west-southwest of Le Bourget.abacuspub. Special Forces on the ground suggest that it might be located on a small airstrip. ! 10 www. This device will trigger success of the training mission once the Predator is in close proximity.com . first you must find 6 the missile. The UAV has been fitted with a radio signaling device. However. you must reach the missile before the clock runs out.

abacuspub.com 11 . return to the base airfield. They may have formed a base camp northwest of your position deep in the Grand Canyon adjacent to a small riverbed. www. making a low-level pass over their vehicles. Any imagery received by your Predator should confirm the group is hostile.Grand Canyon Intelligence suggests that a terrorist cell has arranged a meeting within the Grand Canyon prior to an attack. Land on the touchdown point for runway 03 to complete the mission.UAV Predator Mission 7 . This mission requires fine piloting skills as you direct the Predator UAV along narrow canyons in search of the terrorist cell but locating the enemy is of vital importance. After you make the pass. Your mission is to locate the terrorists.

com . pass over it at less than 500 feet so identification photographs can be taken. 12 www. Once you locate the submarine. head north to the ocean and then follow the coastline in an easterly direction and attempt the find the rogue submarine.Submarine Hunt Iceland is a very important strategic area to the NATO alliance.abacuspub. Aim to stay below the snow clouds at all times to maintain a visual contact with the ground. Having completed the photo run. The winter weather in Iceland is treacherous so beware of strong cross winds and turbulence along the coast. You must fly from Akureyri in Northern Iceland. Alarm bells have been raised with the sighting of an unidentified submarine in coastal waters.UAV Predator Mission 8 . as the gateway to the North Atlantic. return to the airfield and land on runway 01 to complete the mission.

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