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Initiative Alumni Club 1.

International Christian Business Camp Of the Initiative Alumni Clubs


Initial Situation: Again and again the initiative alumni (former internship participant) asked whether there might be a continuing and annual-accompanying management training course after Hospitation / intership seminars. Developement of this Project: Paulina Gousseva, Alumni 2009, had the idea of the Business Camp, a developer team had created a detailed plan and presented it to the board of directors of the Initiative e.V. They support the project ideational and financially. Motto: "With Christian values and Ethic aspects to a viable and convincing conception for a longterm competitive advantage." Target: The offer is valid as a convenience, and strengthening of the existing ties between the alumni and the Initiative. In a 9-day seminar, existing and new business ideas and Business plans examined according to current criteria, optimized and adapted to individual country requirements Target Groups: Alumni of the years 2001 -2011 Internship applicants of the years 2001 - 2011 Members, friends und sympathizers of the Initiative-associations und Initiative groups in Middle and Eastern Europe

Number of participants: 25

Duration: 04.-12.05.2012

Venue / Meeting location: Slesian-Evangelical Academy ul. Spokonja 1 58-540 Karpacz Tel./Fax: 075-7619271

Initiative Alumni Club

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Close to the Nowegian Church below the Sniezka (Schneekoppe) in the romantic Giant Mountains - Karkonosze-Mountains in Lower Slesia in Poland. Course: Combination of speeches, presentations, induvidual and group discussion, coaching, devotion, sports, excursion to Swidnica Church of Peace and Wroclaw and the second excursion to Christian Polish enterprises. Agenda: See attachment

Main Themes: Strategic Marketing o o o Goals and objectives, products, market Develop your own strategies out of the classic marketing mix Launch of products and services in foreign countries

Management of Risk o o o o o Definition of risk, validation of risk, countermeasures Business processes and critical success factors Avoid pitfalls at the launch in foreign markets Contracts and claims in foreign trade Export of products and services into the EU and other European countries

KPIs - Control the business processes with key performance indicators o o o o o Management with KPIs What are KPIs and what do I need them for Business validation and liquidity Underpinning of critical success factors Successful foreign trade

Business Plan

Initiative Alumni Club

o o o o o Introduction to the components of a Business plan Management, organization, legal form, site Competitors, Marketing, USP( unique selling proposition) Liquidity plan, 3-year-financail-plan Businessplan for foreign trade


Optional Topics Project Management Technics Corporate Identity and professional Layout Work Life Balance: how can I cope work, my life, and my wishes

Initiative Alumni Club



Accompanying the seminar, a workbook will be created specifically for the Business Camp with the topics and issues from the main topics. The Workbook is a mixture of working paper on knowledge transfer and targeted questionaire to develop own results.

Trainer / Coaches: Karin Bierstedt, Initiative Latvia, Klaus Haehl, Senior Expert Service Heinrich Lesinski, Commitee Initiative e.V. Wolfgang Schenk, Initiative e.V.

Supervisors: Paulina Gousseva, Alumni 2009 Nikolai Schischkin, Alumni 2011

Management: Eckhard Weber, Initiative e.V.

Partizipation Fee: 495,- (Euro) for the duration 04.-12.05.2012

Terms of Reference: full board Accommodation in double rooms Participation in all seminar events 2 excursions to Wroclaw and visitation of the Christian enterprises

Only in exceptional cases, a contribution to the cost of attendance up to the height of 100, - (Euro) will be granted. Application of this is to be send with the application form. The travel and visa costs, are taken by the participants themselves.

Insurance: 4

Initiative Alumni Club


There will be a health, liability and accident insurance for the duration of the Business Camp in Poland for the participants.

Requirements for participation in the Business Camp: Participants are entrepreneurs or managers or enterprise founders Good German or English language skills Member of a Christian church most possible an active member Payment of the deposit in the height of 150,- (Euro) until 29.02.2012 on the account of Initiative e.V.:

Account Information: Account Nr.: Bank: Bank Code Number : IBAN: BIC: 101 305 5013 KSD Bank Dortmund 350 601 90 DE32 3506 0190 1013 0550 13 GENODED1DKD

The application is only accepted, when the deposit is registered on the account. The deposit will be paid back at the beginning of the Business Camp, when the prospect participates at the Business Camp. In case the prospect cancels or does not show up, the deposit will not be paid back. An exception is only disease with a certificate. The participant fee of 495, - (Euro) must be paid on to the above account of the Initiative until 15.04.2012.

Application: Completed application must be send back until 29.02.2012 Brief description of your business (1 page) must be attached with the application

Informationen given: Eckhard Weber Initiative e.V. Friedrich-Stoltze-Str. 8 b 61462 Koenigstein Germany Tel. 0049-6174-23324 E-Mail:

Initiative Alumni Club

Karin Bierstedt


Wolfgang Schenk