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1.01. Name: The organization governed by this constitution and bylaws shall be known as the University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu Student Veterans of America (UHWO-SVA).

I.02. Authorization. This organization is established as a social and academic support

association for student veteran affairs under the auspices of the Faculty Advisor, the Student Services office at the University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu, UH Foundation, and the Student Veterans of America.


PURPOSES: To provide support, activities and fellowship for members of the association, and to provide services to veterans within the university, community, and the State of Hawai'i.


b. c.

to establish and develop a student veteran organization at the University Hawai'i- West O'ahu. to serve as an organization advocating for student veteran issues at a university, community, state, and national level. to receive and administer funds in order to achieve the purpose of the organization,


all through activities exclusively within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding Section of any future tax code.


Open to all University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu students, alumni, and faculty. Membership is voluntary and become official upon payment of membership contributions and others fees as specified by the Governing Committee. Privileges of membership include voting, full participation in events, and other benefits are determined by the Governing Committee.


4.07. Governing Committee. The operations of this organization will be directed by the Governing Committee. The committee will be composed of the following:

1. ChiefOfficer 2. Executive Officer 3. Adjutant Officer 4. Finance Officer 5. Public Affairs Offrcer 6. Senior Mentor 7. Faculty Advisor
4.02. Seleclion: The Faculty Adviser will be a full time University of Hawai'i - West Oahu faculty member who shares the interest of the organization and is appointed by the Governing Committee. The Senior Mentor must be a seasoned student or veteran who is familiar with the organizations constitutions and bylaws and is appointed by the Chief Officer. Chiei executive, and public afTairs officer candidates must be serving or prior U.S. service members. The adjutant and finance officer candidates do not require a veteran status to be eligible. Officers will be elected by the majority vote at the general meeting to be held early in the Fall semester. Term of office is one academic year (September - August). Officers may be re-elected. An officer may be asked to resign from offrce if the majority of the Committee members (at least lour offrcers) agree by vote of the secret ballot that the officer has failed to fill the duties of the office. Interim officer for any vacancy (other than the Chief Offrcer) will be appointed by the Chief Officer in consultation with other committee members.

4.03. General Duties'. After election in early Fall, the Governing Committee shall meet to set goals for the following year. Officers should attend all meeting called by the Chief

4.04. Duties of Officers:


The duties of the Chief Offrcer are as follows: 1. Determine meeting times and places and preside at meetings of the general membership and Governing Committee. 2. Exercise general supervision over UHWO-SVA activities, coordinate the activities of other officers, and appoint interim officers if

3. Represent


the association, enhance the association's image, and provide positive leadership for the members.

4. Determine 5.

the needs of the membership, university and community; and structure activities to meet those needs. Appoints a Senior Mentor to ensure adherence of policy to UFIWOSVA constitution and bylaws.


The duties of the Executive Officer are as follows: 1. Assist the Chief Officer. 2. Preside over meetings in absence of the Chief Officer. 3. Assume the role of Chief Oflicer if the position is either temporarily or permanently vacated before the end of the elected term. 4. Oversee activities of sub or special committees as directed by the Chief Officer. 5. Enhance the image of the association and provide positive leadership for the members. The duties of the Adjutant Officer are as follows: 1. Be responsible for any required correspondence, and maintain a correspondence fi1e. 2. Keep record of all proceeding meetings and of activities undertaken by the association. Post minutes of the general membership meetings within 3 school days after meeting. 3. Perform clerical task and prepare a semester calendar of events for the general membership. 4. Assist Public Affairs Officer by providing any documentation required for publications in the West Oahu Press. 5. To produce and maintain photos and/or video of all UHWO-SVA activities. The duties of the Finance OfTicer are as follows: 1. Receive, disburse, safeguard, and account for money and other fund assets in accordance with the provisions set forth in this constitution and instructions received from the Governing Committee. 2. Prepare annual budget and monthly financial reports. 3. Notify members about fees, membership contributions, special assessments and act as authorized collector. 4. Maintain active correspondence with the UH foundation regarding status of the UHWO-SVA account. The duties of the Public Affairs Offrcer are as follows: 1. To elect a chair to lead and manage publication activities. 2. To construct handouts, posters, news release, and other announcements about the association meetings and activities using specific information supplied by the Chief Offrcer. 3. To disseminate information about the association meetings and activities to membership, the university, and the community, as appropriate.





To publish an informative newsletter as directed by the Governing Committee at least once a semester. Act as an official ambassador for the organization by establishing and maintaining favorable relations with other university, community, and state organizations.


The duties of the Senior Mentor are as follows: l. Assist the Governing Committee. 2. To provide advice on matters of ethics and policy in accordance with organizations constitution and bylaws. The duties of the Faculty Advisor are as follows: 1. To provide information and assistance to officers and membership. 2. To assist in the determination of needs and ways to meet those needs. 3. To provide continuity for the associations constantly changing membership.

4.05. Resigrmtiort. Resignation of any officer must be submitted to the Governing Committee in writing. Vacancies will be handled by the Chief Officer as noted in
Section 4.02.

5.01. Menrbership Contributions: To insure solvency, the Governing Committee may ascertain initiation fees, membership contributions, and special assessments as required. Increase in fees, membership contributions must be made to members at least seven days prior to the effective date. Any member, who has not submitted the required fees, membership contributions, etc., will be unable to vote in the membership meetings and will be ineligible for benefits accorded members in good standing.

5.02. Oulside Contributiorts. The Committee is authorized to accept voluntary contributions given to the organization. 5.03. Lxpenditures'. All expenditure will be made by the Finance Officer. All purchases must be made with the prior approval of the Governing Committee.
5.04. Audil: Audit ofthe association will be performed if required and as directed by the Chief Officer, the Governing Committee, a special committee, the Faculty Adviser, the West O'ahu Student Services Coordinator, or the UH Foundation.

ARTICLE VI MEETINGS 6.01. General Membership. A meeting ofthe general membership will be held at the call of the Chief Officer or when petitioned in writing by at least two committee

6.02. Gotening Committee.' A meeting of the Governing Committee will be held at the call of the Chief Offrcer or when petitioned in writing by at least two committee


7 .01. General Membership Meetrrgs. Because the number of members attending meetings will vary considerably, business may be conducted by vote of the majority of those present provided notice of the meeting was published at least one week prior to the meeting.


This constitution and bylaws may be amended by vote of the majority of those members present at a meeting of the general membership called for this purpose. A petition of at least five members of the association to the Governing Committee is needed to propose a change. Approval of the Faculty Advisor is required. Notice of proposed amendments will be published and distributed to the general membership in advance when possible. Copies of amended constitution and bylaws must be sent to Student Services, West O'ahu, the tlH Foundation, and the Student Veterans of America.

The dissolution of this organization may be made at the proposal of the membership of the Faculty Adviser. Dissolution will require a vote of the majority of those members present at a meeting of the general membership called for this purpose. Prior to dissolution, all liabilities will be paid and residual assets of the organization will be disposed of by donating them to another local chapter of Student Veterans of America or another veteran organization. If necessary, a special assessment may be levied upon the membership to pay all liabilities prior to dissolution.

The foregoing (9) articles ofthe Constitution and Bylaws of the University of Hawai'i West O'ahu Student Veterans of America are hereby approved for implementation after February 3,2011.


N MAKATO CHTIN (Faculty Advisor) University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu




Chief Of;ficer, Student Veter4ns of America University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu

Y'u t\