Afghan satellite in orbit a landmark development Advancement in information technology and its effective use in government and private

sector to facilitate daily work play central role in the overall development of a country. It not only makes the work easy and fast but also increases transparency in the affairs of institutions and organizations. While for individuals, advancement in the use of information technology means more empowerment in matters spanning from community related issues to the national issues by having their say heard. A good example of the use of information technology could be the unfolding ‘Arab Spring’ where individuals have come together on the virtual social networking platforms to organize massive rallies against the totalitarian regimes whom had ruled their countries for decades keeping an iron fist on their own people. Afghanistan since its renewed commitment to development following the fall of Taliban regime have witnessed tremendous success in the field of information technology however there is much more to do and a long way ahead to compete with the develop/ing countries in installing and benefiting from information technology. By analyzing the government ambitions and firm determination regarding development of IT sector in the country it is evident that the current and coming few years are decisive to make it into real what they have stood for. Welcoming news, in this regard, came from the ministry of telecommunication and information technology to media which revealed that Afghanistan is due to launch its own satellite into orbit next year. And the issuing of computerised national ID cards and 3G internet service which will revolutionise mobile cell phones usage in the country will be launched during this current year. If the things go as planned it will be a landmark achievement of the government as it will not only empower the individuals by facilitating them to get access to information via their cell phones and cut the costs of TV and radio stations who now buy the airtime from other private satellites but will also be able to collect the exact transparent populace data virtually away from just a single click of mouse. Apart from this, the development in the IT sector will able the government to keep check and balance on organizations which are not yet virtually connected thus making them more transparent and connected with the rest of the world. In doing so, the government will be in need of IT professionals and experts numbering in hundreds if not in thousands, annually. To meet the demands of the future the government particularly the higher education ministry needs to work on it by establishing an IT school which provide standard education and enable the students to contribute in the development of the country.

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