Do you know that a Leader resides within you!

(The one that is Fearless holds purity at heart & always striving for wisdom).

Jams and pickles are made for reasons numbering more than one; their origin is also pretty old. The reason for which they came into practice were; one that of course people relish them of taste, second reason that counts as major one is that during earlier times when certain vegetables and fruits were not in their season then the preparation of jam and pickle could render people with the taste they then missed. The facilitator for any jam and pickle are their respective preservatives preservatives enable those products sail through long periods of odd and even times. The products are though never consumed for the sake of their preservatives yet the preservatives while hold their sovereign existence and thereby they

come inseparable with their main product. The story is quite similar to that of a human soul that comes upon the gravitational planes of earth for purposes that are quite unknown yet hold all relevance to evolution towards higher planes of consciousness. This immortal soul when has to reside over this mortal plane then there are certain essentialities that accompany it for its facilitation at this transitionary abode although that those essentialities are in averseness to its original texture; but they come as features unavoidable. The norms of this delusory world are imposed upon the immortal self as nomenclature of its veracity on this mortal plane and the problem then starts The gravitational forces of matrix impose their arsenal upon the ineffable as a thick veil of dense fog extents of the illusory veil become intense to extents that the basic spark understands itself as the one itself of the superimposed identity Those are the times when few virtues are imparted upon it in the form of teaching and training. As if the sun is informed, taught and trained to learn how to glow. The leadership at all times shall mandate for traits of fearlessness, purity at heart and luminosity of wisdom and these are few amongst countless credential held by the immortal concealed by forces of matrix amidst each self . All yogic endeavour and entire spiritual mentioning is there to serve one and only cause i.e. inform the unfathomable about its truest identity telling elephant that you are huge and powerful imagine experience a simulation within yourself imagine that you are a fully grown elephant who considers self as dwarfed and impotent equating an ant and there comes a teacher with scriptures, sermons and deliberations at hand through all means and measure the teacher strives to explain you that shun that fallacy held about self as an ant you are a huge elephant. All efforts of the teacher do not suffice to get inside the hard shell of

your limited self belief and you go on repeating it to your own self I am just an ant. One teacher after another comes and goes seasons change but your preparedness to realize your own individuality does not near you play antlike games, your dreams are antlike the teacher disheartened by his efforts leave for nature to take its course. You are fearless within, you are pure and wisdom flows through your texture as electrons running into optical fibres the problem is that you merely consider the classroom for learning as an act of the outside world whereas it is quite contrary to your myth beheld at great depths. Start turning within learn how to remain quiet first then learn to instil silence within later shall come the time to observe total calm and then the weightlessness newly acquired shall give you with feathers that can scale uncharted great heights None is required that you are a leader experience that within your own self. dinesh kumar. Learning under discipline.
___________________________________________________ Dinesh kumar A teacher/trainer in the ancient wisdom which is an endowment of great ancient seers known as Indian Ethos. He has directly trained more than half million people during last 15 years.

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