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Statement National League for All Burma Refugees Statement On Recent Nay Pyi Daw Press Conference AU WebWeb-site:


Even though National League for A Burma Refugees with its NLA Community Learning Center ll BR residing in Malaysia, Community Based Organization issued by UNHCR, itself becomes a kind of Refugees sylumRefugees and A sylum-seekers Organizations for all ethnics including any races fled to Malaysia from Burma now called Myanmar, NLA has already assumed itself as The Dissent Political Opposition BR Group from oversea and abroad to fight for Democracy, Human Right, and Freedom for the sake of Burmas public as a side line Burma politics handing together with any Democracy forces whether National & Student Political Trend leading by Public Figure Min Ko Naing and 88 Students Leaders or Political heading ProParty National Political Trend heading by International Pro-Democracy Laureate A San Suu Kyi, its ung Leade members, NLD Leaders, members and all Parties members, who demand long striving for Democracy ardently in Burma.
But NLA can never turn acceptable for the plain refusal No Political Believers-cum- Prisoners now in BR Political Believers-cumBelievers-cumany Jails upon Burmas Political Believers-cum- Prisoners in Jails as in Burmese term or words AU recent ffairs Minister Brigadier Gen Ko Ko, a Nay Pyi Daw Press Conference made by Myanmar Home A spokes Pronotorious spokesman on behalf Myanmar Pro- Military Regime.

ProWith regards to this, Myanmar Pro- Military Regime has been obliged to settle this matter mentioned above in no time. On the other hands, we demand as political condition as following: 1. To issue General A mnesty mnesty first 2. To cease Fire among both sides of Myanmar Military and A Ethnics A Forces ll rm 3. To head for Forever Peace from cease-firing cease4. To issue and guarantee Foreign & Oversea Political Policy towards the sense of security, care Political and protection upon A The Ethnics Forces and A The Dissent Political Opposition Forces even ll ll sylummany A sylum-seekers and Refugees Community based Organizations from abroad, and oversea worldin world-wide

5. To make the amendment by reducing 25 % of 2008 Constitutions Myanmar Military Role playing in Burmas politics 6. To Keep national political settlement on The call of nature on Long-winded Pin Lon Federation national LongIssue among Major ethnics and Minor ethnics with equality and justice 7. To stand a good chance to participate in Freely Going to the streets by such all national issues social, as social, religious, business, economic, politics affairs with norms and mores of International Human Right and Freedom without any limitations of Police, Law Enforcement, and even advanced Money for people demonstration

compromise If not, we NLABR are never obliged to compromise with your Oversea Political Policy Issue to come soon and Myanmar regime is to face the stern political stance against more than ever before. Chairperson: Mr. Myat Ko Ko
*****Min *****Min Ko Naings bosom comrade, friend & a one time Political Prisoner & Detainee, 8 years in Revolution***** prison since 8888 Uprising Democracy Revolution***** *****A Professor-cum*****A one time honorable visiting Associate Professor-cum-Associate English Lecturer, at the ripitaka itakaDepartment of Tripitaka-Related English Related to Buddhism, (Yangon)***** State Pariyatti Sasana University (Yangon)***** NLABR Blog: WebWeb-site: http://wanna23