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Jyoti Anand Roll no.: 14 Batch:2010-12

The course began with the introductory session. Among many things that we learnt in this course, in our first class we came to know about the vital role that HR plays in any organization in the present era. They are the ones who hire the right people for the organization. They make every effort to ensure that the employees put in their best effort. They also take care of the needs and satisfaction of the employees like their salaries, incentives, bonus, leaves etc. We also learnt about the importance of HRP i.e. Human Resource Planning. It refers to the process of striking a balance between human resources required and acquired in an organization. A wrong decision taken by the HR manager can cost the organization to a great extent. We also learnt about the various ways in which the HR Managers enhance the employability of the employees by various means such as training and development programmes.

One thing that I liked most in this course was the case discussion. I got to learn a lot from that like the body postures when we present, the way we should make eye contacts with the audience and the way of communication. We still need to put in a lot of effort to learn to present with the apt content in our slides. Our learning process will continue till we learn it. The way we dressed ourselves in formals for the presentations was also one experience that we enjoyed. We discussed many cases. The first case that we presented was Southwest Airlines . We came to know how a company can differentiate itself from the rest and gain a competitive advantage with the right people and appropriate HR practices to fulfill employee s needs satisfaction. We came across discussing many cases and the last case that I along with my group members presented was Change Management at ICICI , it fetched us a score of 4.8. It was an exhilarating moment for us as our effort got rewarded. Case presentations were a great learning experience and I look forward to learn a lot more in this context as presentation skills are considered as the most important skill to be present in managers.

The most practical approach to our learning was the three Simulation Phases. It was a learning via experiencing. The first Simulation Phase was RECRUITMENT & SELECTION . We had to apply to two companies formed by the various groups. I got call letters from both of them. Then we had to prepare for the interview. It was an enriching experience as we actually went through the tension of getting selected or rejected and we were made to face that. We learnt to keep ourselves relaxed and then face any interview. We learnt to write the Acceptance and Rejection letter as well. The Simulation Phase II was about preparing a documentary of the Training and Development programme. We learnt how and in what ways to impart training to the newly recruited employees. I got trained by the Tata Communication Group. In Simulation Phase III, we got our performance appraisal done. All these sessions made me learn that it requires to be proficient in KAS i.e. Knowledge, Attitude and Skill to succeed in life. We also conducted the OCTAPACE study in ITC. Visiting ITC and interviewing its employees was a real learning experience. In a nutshell, the entire course provided us the exposure to the real HR Practices. We got to learn a lot form it about the various tools adopted by the HR Managers in order to enhance and ensure the smooth functioning of the organization and maintaining and providing employees with the best possible environment to work in. Moreover, this course taught us to be punctual which we would not have learnt otherwise.