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Rishab Goel

Graduate Intern at ST Microelectronics, Greater Noida 09910869074, 09457634488 35,College Road ,Chippi Tank, B.B.Road ,Meerut , India Phone No.: Email address:

Aspire to work in a healthy, interactive and creative environment. Always anxious to interact and play with innovative ideas and technologies. I am thrilled by the fact that how the combination of software and hardware design can untangle many problems. I am really keen to learn and contribute to this fascinating domain.

Educational Background
B.Tech.(Electronics and Communications ) Indian Institute of Information Technology,2008-2012 C.G.P.I. :- 8.88/10.0 Senior Secondary (12 ) ,(ISC) Board ,St. Marys Academy, Meerut,2007 Percentage :- 90.80 % Secondary (10 ), (ICSE) Board ,St. Marys Academy, Meerut,2005 Percentage :- 92.20 %
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Internship & Training

Graduate Intern at ST Microelectronics, Greater Noida 2012- Till present.


I am presently working on designing a generic I2C-EEPROM controller on NCSim in

Alcatel-Lucent, Gurgaon (Training and Internship) Summer,2011. In Alcatel-Lucent ,I was exposed to the OCB architecture for Telephony and BTS
section Architecture for GSM and on testing and validation industrial software for its modules

HPES Summer Summer, 2010.





Involved learning about design of Embedded System using AVR microcontroller (Atmega 16) were implemented in working projects models like Computer Controlled Robot and Tachometer. . Area of Interest Embedded System and Digital design Signal Processing.

Technical Skills
Languages :- C, C++, Verilog, Intel x86 Assembly Language . Platforms Used :- Linux, Windows. Software Used :- Matlab , Xilinx ISE& ISim(FPGA), Altium Designer(Altium Nanoboard) Eclipse ARM IDE (Arm9), CvAvr & AvrStudio (AVR C), and Exposed to Cadence and Tanner Tools (ASIC design).

Digital design July- Dec 2011 for Forest Fire Detection

It involves the implementation of digital design for Flame detection using color segmentation based upon RGB color features of fire and Otsus threshold for gray image followed by Laplace Edge Detection further chain-code computation followed by the FFT and temporal Wavelet Analysis of consecutive frames. Technology: Matlab , FPGA Design (Verilog ) Course: Mini Project (7th Sem) Mentor: Mr. Ajit Singh (Lecturer) Status: Completed

Gesture Jan-May 2011




It involves human hand interaction (pinch gesture) with images projected upon a surface and cropping out portions of real time images by contour tracing then extracting the tips of fingers by computing min and max x-y co-ordinates. Technology: Embedded (C/C++)design, Matlab Course: Mini th Project (6 Sem) Mentor: Mr. Ajit Singh (Lecturer) Status: Completed

Pipelined Architecture Jan-March 2011






It involves implementation of 128 bit-AES Encryption Algorithm for data security on Virtex 5 FPGA to achieve maximum data throughput with minimum area and resource utilisation on the target board .I implemented a pipelined architecture for implementation for each round ,thus for 128bits(10 rounds ) . Technology: FPGA design (Verilog) (Self Project) Status: Completed

Embedded Monitoring

It involved periodic data retrieval, processing and storage of multiple sensor (humidity temperature & Carbon dioxide) data inputs and its wireless transmission to a desired access point. We used Zigbee protocol based modules to achieve wireless transmission. Technology: Altium Designer (Embedded (C/C++) design) Course: Mini Project (5th Sem) Mentor: Prof. M. Radhakrishna Status: Completed

System design July-Dec 2010






I am presently Ranked 10th in my ECE 2008 batch in IIIT-A and been among top
10 rankers in ECE 2008 batch in IIIT-A. Active Member of the Student Organizing Committee and participant of the 1st COSMA , Inter-school Computer Skills Competitions, in St. Marys Academy in the year 2006. Introduced a new technical event . ECMARATHON, a EC hardware design skills Competition , Effervescence MMX,IIITA. Won third Prize in Roborace, a robot racing event, in Effervescence MMX, a techno-management fest IIIT Allahabad Implemented voluntarily some interesting embedded systems like Never Falling robot , Shape Tracer and Railway Crossing Controller. Won third Prize in Collage, an informal event, in Effervescence MMIX, a technomanagement fest IIIT Allahabad. Scored 91% in Science and Mathematics in 10th Board Examination and was awarded by Bhartiya Hindi Parisha for securing 95% in Hindi in 10th board in 2005. Ranked among top 2% students in AIEEE entrance examination in 2008

Active member of Prayaas, a non-profit organization working for poor children

Reading books Listening Songs and Watching Movies Football and Computer game