College Station ISD

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Cell Phone Pilot Program

A&M Consolidated High School
August 22, 2011

I have a new and exciting program that I am piloting in class this year. I want to access the tools available through student owned cell phones, teach the students how to use cell phones for learning, and practice appropriate manners with cell phones in all areas of life. The use of the cell phone in class for course work and out of class for homework will better prepare students for their future and meet National Educational Technology Standards for Students. There are many educational uses for cell phones. Starting with the organizational uses built into the phones, learning research tools, creating assignments by voice or text, group texts of assignments dates, cues, questions, content, and requests for responses to various sites. We will consider cell phone safety, cell phone etiquette, and the wealth of educational uses as we discover the world of agriculture. Students will be given instruction on how to appropriately use cell phones as a learning resource. If they abuse this privilege, they will be given an alternate assignment that does not involve their cell phone. I understand that not every student in the class will have a cell phone nor a texting plan that will allow them to use their cell phone for all the activities planned. Please do not think that you need to purchase your child a cell phone or change your phone plan for this class. In these cases or if a phone is lost or broken, I will have sharing options, alternative tools, or alter the assignment, etc. Please recognize that I am not responsible for lost or stolen phones, however, I will do my best to ensure the safety and care of your child s property. Cell phones are only to be used for academic use so please understand that inappropriate use will result in the loss of the privilege. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or our associate principal, Gwen Elder who is overseeing this pilot program. You can find the full Cell Phone Pilot Program proposal at my website under attachments. You will have the choice below to either access the document online or you may also elect to receive a full printed version of the document. Please initial by the statements which best represent your decision for your child: ________ ________ I agree to allow my child to utilize their cell phone for ALL academic purposes as deemed by the instructor My child does not have a cell phone but may participate in class through the use of a loaner cell phone or other electronic device for ALL academic purposes as deemed by the instructor I agree to allow my child to utilize their cell phone (or a loaner cell phone/electronic device for those students who do not have their own) for ONLY the academic purposes signed below: ________ Twitter ________ Online Polls ________ Disco (Group Texting) ________ Online Research I DO NOT agree to allow my child to utilize their cell phone for academic purposes. Please find an alternative method for my child.



Please choose your preferred method of accessing the Cell Phone Pilot Program proposal: ________ ________ I will review the Cell Phone Pilot Program proposal on the website at my convenience I would prefer to have a printed version of the Cell Phone Pilot Program proposal provided for me

Student s Name: __________________________________ Parent s Signature: ____________________________________________ Thank you for considering my efforts to include more technology within my classroom. Please feel free to contact me at any time at or (979) 764-5500 with your concerns. Sincerely,

Britina Robinson Pesak Agriculture Science Teacher

The CSISD Non-Discrimination clause is found on the reverse of this document

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