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SELF MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED :: Marketing Office :: 308 , Shamrock Building , R. B. S. K. Bole Road , Dadar (West) , Mumbai - 400028.

Tel :- 430 3083 , 430 2937 , Fax :- 432 0694. We "SELF" take pleasure to introduce ourselves as first and only private company in India engaged in goat & allied activities since last 5 years. Goat Farming in India has history as old as human civilization. Goat is a very prolific animal & useful for human being from horn to hoof. ORIGIN & DOMESTICATION The Goat is originated & domesticated in Near East crescent, sometimes between 7500 & 7000 BC. Domesticated Goat (Capra hircus) are descendants of the Pasang(C.aegagrus), Bezoer goat which is the ancestor of the present day breed was the earliest ruminant to be domesticated. PLACE OF HONOUR FOR THE GOATS India, a land of traditions and beliefs, has given a place of honour to goats from time immemorial. They found mentions not only in our scriptures and mythology, but also in our art & literature, painting & folklore. The Discovery of an Indus Valley Civilization inscription which has a goat portrayed on a seal, shows the antiquity of this animal and the importance attached to it by our people since the primitive age. CONTRIBUTION OF GOAT Contribution of Goat has an overwhelming impact when it comes to the rural India. They are usually associated with the poorest of the poor and many a time the goat has been the only source of income for a family. That is why, it has rightly been called "Poor Man's Cow" by Mahatma Gandhi. RELIGIOUS AND RITUALISTIC IMPORTANCE During the religious ceremonies, a Goat has always played an important role. It has been sighted as a successful animal which is sacrificed to please the God both by the Muslims on ID, and the Hindus, to worship Goddess Shakti (Kali).Goat is also worshipped for its creative and generative power in the Mediterranean region. BREEDS OF GOAT India has 20 discreet breeds of goats out of the globally identified 102 breeds. The Indian breeds are evolved through natural selection for adaptation of specific agro - ecological conditions. Important breeds like Jamunapari and Barbari are reared in central parts of India. Black Bengal and White Bengal in Eastern regions and Sangamneri and Malabari in Deccan Plateau


and Coastal areas.The Goat has its authorative place under all production system. It is the only species that can be successfully farmed with any level of intensification. GOAT FARMING Goat farming plays a very important role in the economy of small and marginal farmers. The activity is carried out traditionally and conventionally for centuries together. It is now essential to adopt the modern and most scientific methods as practiced by "SELF", to make it commercially viable proposition. GOAT FARMING PROJECT BY "SELF"

SELF INSTITUTE OF GOAT RESEARCH & TRAINING THE BOOK:-SELF INSTITUTE OF GOAT RESEARCH & TRAINING ( S. I. G. R. A. T.) Practical Guidelines To Start A Commercial Goat Farm. This Book has all the information About the Goats , Goat Farming and Farms.