The Boston Celtics have started the season with a 4-8 record, and are in danger of falling to the bottom

of their division. With young teams like Philadelphia a nd New York in their division, they don't have room to fall too far behind. With team captain Paul Pierce just coming off an injury, they are off to the worst s tart of the Garnett, Allen and Pierce era. Shooting Guard Ray Allen is leading t he team in scoring at 16.5 ppg. He has seemed to be the most consistent piece of this disassembled team. All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo is 14.5 and 10 on the season, and former superstar Kevin Garnett is having a difficult time getting in rhythm, averaging 13.5 ppg and 7.5 rpg. The entire Celtics organization is tryi ng to find out what is going on with the team. A once feared team in the east ha s been bullied by teams such as New Orleans, Indiana and New York. Kevin Garnett has issued an apology to fans for the late start. Fans in the Foxborough area a re not use to losing. With the success of the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox, the fans expect nothing but excellence. There was a rumor circulating around the NBA this season about the Celtics tradi ng Rondo to the Thunder of Russell Westbrook. If I were the Celtics, I would mak e this deal. I will tell you why. The Celtics are 26th in the league in scoring at 89.8 ppg. That's not even 23 points a quarter. Playing in the eastern confere nce, they will have trouble playing against most teams. Teams like Miami, Philad elphia, New York and Chicago would wear the Celtics out on both ends of the floo r. They are 9th in points allowed at 92.5 ppg, so whatâ s the problem? They have a pr oblem finishing, and they need someone explosive. Can you name one explosive per son on the Celtics...not counting Rondo? You can't, everyone on their roster is either too old or just not an explosive player. The Celtics have also missed for ward Jeff Green, who had to sit out the season with a heart condition. Green exp ected to be a big part of the team this season, after a rough end to the season. As for the future of the Celtics, I don't see them winning another championship with this team they have now. They don't have the size, speed, and effort of oth er teams in the league. In the playoffs you need to have a great bench, great st arters, and a healthy team. If they can be healthy during the playoffs they can make a run. But, I don't seem them beating Miami, New York or Chicago. For them to become a major contender again, they need to add another piece to the bench, and possibly change the starting lineup. Whether it's Rondo, O'Neal or Allen, th ey need help.