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RICH BACON 2328 Walcot Way Lexington, KY 40511 954-805-8634 QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER Highly effective and results-driven

Quality Assurance Specialist with extensive experience in manufacturing, operations management, and workflow planning. Broad knowledge of lean manufacturing principles and Six Sigma with successful track record of developing and improving procedures to increase efficiency and decreas e operating costs. Respected leader with demonstrated talents in staff training and development. Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, impeccable attention to de tail, and exceptional process development abilities. Continuously search for way s to streamline manufacturing procedures and improve quality. Proven ability to deliver outstanding results in all areas of production. Corrective & Preventive Action Regulatory Compliance Quality Systems Development Process Improvement Root Cause Analysis Inspection & Auditing Kaizen & 5S Staff Training & Development Budget Administration Inventory Control QUALITY SYSTEMS PORTFOLIO ISO 9001 AS9001 IPC-6012 IPC-TM-650 IPC-2221 & 2222 Mil-STD-45662A Mil-Q-9858A Mil-I-45208A Mil-PRF-55110 Mil-PRF-31032-1/B & 2/A PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Amazon Lexington, KY 2010 to Present Area Operations Manager Recruited to turn around 2 night shift operations following merger between Small Parts, Inc. and Amazon. Enlisted due to exemplary performance as Quality Manage r for Small Parts, Inc. Report directly to Senior Operations Manager and supervi se 50 to 90 Associates, Tier 3 Associates, and Process Assistants in Make-on-Dem and books and DVD/CD department. Conduct weekly audits to ensure compliance with 5S and safety standards. Collaborate with Human Resources department regarding hiring and terminations, annual performance reviews, employee complaint investig ations, and work injuries. * Successfully revitalized operations in less than 1 year and led both night sh ifts to become top producers within Make-on-Demand department. * Directed Kaizen blitz in DVD/CD area that reduced unit completion time by 31% . * Inspired personnel to exceed prior year's peak season (Christmas) volumes by 17%, becoming first shift to produce 10K+ books in 11.5-hour period. Small Parts, Inc. (Subsidiary of Amazon) Miramar, FL 2006 to 2010 Quality Manager Hired to improve quality system that was no longer in compliance with ISO 9001 s tandards for distributor of fasteners and hardware used for medical manufacturin g and R&D projects. Devised auditing schedule and trained 6 Internal Auditors. E stablished on-site calibration program and developed training for associates to conduct internal calibrations on measuring equipment. Conducted analyses of root causes and vendor on-time delivery statistics. Attended monthly management revi ew and material review board meetings to examine material defect reports and est ablish performance trends for vendors. Functioned as management representative f or ISO 9001 quality system. * Spearheaded use of barcodes to aid annual inventory initiatives, reducing tim e needed from 3 weeks to less than 1 week and saving $15K in costs. * Cut Inventory Record Defect Rate (IRDR) from 12.6% to 1.1% by directing Inven

tory Control Quality Assurance team to perform random inventory audits and clean ing efforts. * Rewrote quality system within 3 months of hire and established quality contro l checks to confirm quality of products at output of all processes, allowing suc cessful re-registration with ISO 9001. * Oversaw inventory relocation from Florida to Indiana following integration of Small Parts to Amazon's platform, collaborating with Amazon's Accounting, Purch asing, and Transportation departments to coordinate virtual and physical move of inventory. * Developed one-off system to move 970K units over 4 months without sacrificing customer service or availability and created method to track inventory during t ransition. * Investigated any accounting issues with inventory transactions; uncovered err or and successfully recovered more than $190K. PCT Interconnact Fort Lauderdale, FL 2004 to 2006 Quality Systems Manager Managed regulatory compliance functions, Microsections Laboratory, and Quality A ssurance department for manufacturer of multilayer printed circuit boards with a nnual sales of $6M. Conducted monthly reviews with senior management and coordin ated third party testing of circuit board microsections, documenting results and monitoring for trends. Served as primary liaison for ISO 9001 and Defense Suppl y Center Columbus (DSCC) compliance. Wrote quarterly and annual reports addressi ng any quality issues to guarantee adherence to government agency standards. Uti lized Microsoft Office Suite (Word and Excel) to monitor wet process using Six S igma principles. Coordinated with all departments to ensure quality data was sup plied on time for weekly review meeting. * Developed complete quality system, trained Internal Auditors, and established auditing schedules to meet ISO and government requirements. * Maintained PCT's listing in government directory by revising quality system a nd effectively addressing 23 findings by DSCC. * Ensured full compliance with ISO 9001 and military requirements Mil-PRF-31032 -1/B and 2/A, Mil-PRF-55110, IPC-2221 and 2222, IPC-6012, and IPC-TM-650. Continental Resources, Inc. Bedford, MA 1981 to 2001 Quality Manager Promoted through series of positions with increasing responsibility (Metrology L ab Manager? National Services Manager? Quality Manager) for company providing te st and measuring equipment rentals and sales, IBM PC clones, servers, and consul ting services with annual revenues of approximately $500M. Reported directly to CEO and President and supervised team of 15 including Administrative Assistant, Metrology Technicians, Parts Administrators, and Internal Auditors. Managed annu al budget of $1.2M and held full P&L responsibility. Conducted external auditors of vendors and trained Internal Auditors for quality program. Oversaw 5 metrolo gy labs across the U.S. and maintained $25M electronic rental inventory. * Revised quality system for electronic test equipment to comply with MIL-STD-4 5662A standard, ensuring successful audits from defense contractors and aerospac e industry customers. * Successfully maintained compliance records for UL registration of PC clones a nd managed FCC compliance for Part 15 Class A and B unintentional radiators. * Created paperless quality system to increase efficiency of system updates and ensure immediate availability of revisions. * Functioned as management representative throughout successful ISO 9001 review . * Served as member delegate to National Conference of Standards Laboratories. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS Coursework completed toward B.S. in Electrical Engineering New Hampshire Techn ical Institute, Concord, NH Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Advanced Lean Manufacturing Certifications Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Member ASQ