Moderate Relativism A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J.


I argue that not only are ethics and politics and law characterized by Moderate Relativism, but that the entire nature of reality is characterized by Moderate Relativism. The double slit experiment of Quantum Physics clearly shows that reality is characterized by Moderate Relativism. The display pattern which results from the double slit experiment has some relation to the original light pattern, but the pattern is not the one that is linearly expected. For ethics, politics, and law, Moderate Relativism means that there will always be two arguments that can be presented when a reasonable disagreement is presented. Even when there appears to be only a favorable

argument, this is because the contravailing position has no statistically significant differences between that argument, and the one presented. Moderate Relativism is not Extreme Relativism. I argue that Natural Law and metaphysics provide a static and immutable framework for


Moderate Relativism. In this sense, not everything is relative. There are some metaphysical absolutes. Some aspects of reality don’t change. For

example, in a perfectly linear world, 2+2 will always equal 4. This is an absolute.