The new generation of leaders
about how this program literally transformed his life. Legal is currently interning at GITECH where he is doing a wonderful job. His immediate supervisor, a former beneficiary of the program, commend’s him on his discipline, capacity to take initiative, and eagerness to learn. promising youth from high risk areas and effectively train them in technical trades which include but are not limited to : construction, pluming, electricity, electronics, air-conditioning, refrigerator, and generator maintenance, and iron work/ welding. At HPCD we believe that these youth are Haiti’s tomorrow. Investing in their future is investing in our future, the future of this nation. Legal Davidson, valedictorian of our recent promotion of 100 youth, brought us to tears as he shared

Building back better Building back better Our Partners

ow are you actively involved in the reconstruction of this nation and its people? At HPCD we take this very seriously, hence our initiative to effectively train over 500 youth living in construction trades to literally rebuild this nation. Through out the past two years HPCD has partnered with the MINUSTAH to carefully extract Inside this issue: Be the change you want to see 2 2 3 3 4 4 4


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Be the change you want to see in this world
work experience and changing the course of his life forever. A bit more about Godson Hillaire: -Born on June 9th , 1989. -Wants to be remembered for his talent, sincerity and discipline -His idol: Nelson Mandela -Favorite word: equanimity- tranquility of spirit

This program, didn’t change my life, it helped define it. Not only by equipping me with the trade skills of plummer, but with the necessary experience to sustain a successful career as a skill tradesman,” Hillaire Godson, a young distinguished beneficiary from our reinsertion program definitely set his self apart from his peers. January,12th ,2010 changed the course of Godson life forever, a refugee currently living in displacement camp of Jean Marie Vincent, filled with dreams of what his future would hold had to plainly put his life on hold after the devastating earthquake of January 12th. Godson elaborated on how this program not only equipped a technical trade, but served as a means

for receiving a global education, gaining valuable work experience and changing the course of his life forever. Godson elaborated on how this program not only equipped a technical trade in plumbing, but served as a means for receiving a global education, gaining valuable

“Our vision at HPCD is to

see this country filled with employment & we won„t stop till we do!”

Building back better..


ach person has their lot in life, at HPCD we believe that regardless of where life has placed you it doesn’t need to define your future. The earthquake of January literally transformed and displaced the lives of hundreds of thousands people in the metropolitan area. HPCD is working to ensure that in spite inconveniences of the youth living in displacement camps, there is opportunity to go to a respected trade school and gain valuable experiences at premier construction companies and in the country.

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Building Back Better..
Youth placed at Sogebank

efore this reinsertion program over 80% of these youth weren’t recognized by Haitian Government, we assisted them in registering for their NIF, setting up their first savings account at one of the nation’s premier banks: Sogebank. And now, a little after a month preceding their technical formation after HPCD staff’s tireless work, 72/100 of these youth are currently interning at leading construction companies of the nation including :GDG Beton, GITECH, ARCOTEC, MACADAM, REVTECH, ENERSA,ECEM, TECINA, SOTECH and many more. To put it simply these youth are benefiting from the opportunity of a lifetime.

Youth placed at GITECH

Youth placed at The National Police Academy

“This program didn„t change my life, it helped define it…”

Youth placed at GITECH

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Our partners...
HPCD prides itself in being an association of entrepreneurs committed to sustainable job creation in Haiti. HPCD has recently partnered with a number of construction companies and organization to ensure our youth receive hands on experience in their trade and transform their lives forever. Would you like to partner with us ensuring that the youth of our country are skilled and working to rebuild this nation?


A look back on 2010…  HPCD created over 600 jobs      Trained 260 young people Incubated 37 entrepreneurs within our incubators Remodeled our main office Graduated 34 entrepreneurs from our incubators Placed 188 youth in apprenticeships

I come from le paradis de Indiens… Ernes Bonhomme( HPCD Entrepreneur)
Entreprenuer Profiled: Ernes Bonhomme, a new dynamic entrepreneur who recently joined our family here at HPCD Mr. Bonhomme is an excellent example of creativity, affability and will. Ernes grew up in a small southern town called Abricot in Jeremie, le paradis des Indiens renown for its beauty and ingenuity. Mr. Bonhomme has been creating beautifully hand crafted embroidered bags , and various garments for the past twenty years. A trade passed down his aunt, his designs are inspired by Haiti’s culture of festivity vitality, innovation and resilience. His work takes precision, detail, and creativity. His dream is to teach thousands of people his trade and to inculcate a spirit of discipline, craftsmanship, perspicacity, and will.

Our Objectives for 2011-2012 2011  
Create 800 jobs in 2011-2012 fiscal year Place 300 youth in apprenticeships with various companies in our network Implement vocational training seminars where previous entrepreneurs with in our network will teach the public their trade.

   

Open two new incubators which can house at least 20 entrepreneurs in additional communes of Haiti Grow our membership database by 500%. Implement a nation-wide entrepreneurship training program Partner with seven more organizations to host various leadership seminars, business conferences, and formative session.

s  

Partner with various youth organizations to implement a nation-wide youth placement project. Launch a microfinance department
Our youth at work


Address: Haitian Partners for Christian Development 170 Route de Auto-Route Delmas Port-au-Prince, Haiti Telephone: HPCD: 2-940-0619 Ernso Jean-Louis: (509)3-602-7928 Martissant Incubator: (509)2-941-0619 Cite Soleil Incubator (509)3-142-3716 E-mail: hpcd2000@yahoo.com Website: www.hpcd.org

Vision and Mission
A country full of employment where social harmony lasts and economic development is based on entrepreneurship and sharing.

To encourage strong entrepreneurship, in Haiti and around the world, that is based on foundational values, ethics, and social sharing as stated in Biblical scripture.

 

Youth Formation 2011 Business conference and seminars

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