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JORDAN APISDORF 4001 SW 71st Terrace Davie, Florida 33314 Phone: (954) 646-0230 E-mail: ja17e09ba@westpost.


SUMMARY PROFILE Expert business intelligence (BI), data warehouse (DW), and customer relationship management (CRM) professional who has created entire enterprise-wide business intelligence and CRM practices from scratch. Deeply involved in all aspects of BI/DW implementation from creating strategic alignment with business sponsors; developing plans for capital and operational funding; leading requirements-gathering sessions; creating strategic and tactical architectures and designs; leading development efforts; and overseeing quality assurance. Has the rare ability to understand both business processes as well as technical details and work effectively with both types of subject matter experts. A team builder with a reputation for customer service and getting the job done right the first time. ==== SELECTED RECOMMENDATIONS "Jordan has exceptional leadership and project management skills. Moreover, he is one of those rare IT executives who has the aptitude and willingness to stand in the shoes of the business units he supports. As a result, he partnered with the Sales organization to successfully implement significant improvements in tools we used to run the business. Our largest customers commented these tools were best in class in the travel industry. We could not have achieved this fantastic result without his leadership. Jordan would be an asset to any organization seeking an IT executive capable of effectively advocating for business change through technology." * - Patrick Mitchell, Vice President, Global Sales Strategy & Planning, Norwegian Cruise Line -"I have always found Jordan to be available, thoughtful and participatory in my business issues. His technology knowledge is solid and he has the added talent of understanding business issues and solutions. In regard to our marketing efforts, Jordan has added value to the building of Norwegian's customer and prospect database as well as to our Loyalty Rewards program and other marketing initiatives aimed at past guests. Jordan exemplifies many strengths, including: - Demonstrating deep, detailed, current knowledge of technical issues, data structures that enabled accurate, real-time decision making. - Taking large amounts of information and getting to the heart of the matter quickly. - Creating solution alternatives and making recommendations that are often implemented. - Brainstorming well in areas that have no boundaries or blueprints.

- Communicating effectively between business and technology people. Jordan is a real team player and is very easy to work with. I believe him to be an ethical person with high integrity. I have enjoyed and often benefited from working with him on Norwegian business initiatives." - Melanie Vetter, VP of Relationship Marketing, Norwegian Cruise Lines -"Jordan has a unique and holistic approach to Business Intelligence. Jordan has a true and valuable passion for BI and this really comes through in his thoroughness and attention to detail in addressing the business needs while minimizing extraneous, non-core BI development. He creates a learning organization that also shares his passion for BI and 'getting it right.'" * - Mitchell Peacock, Director, Revenue & Itinerary Planning, Norwegian Cruise Lines -"I had the good fortune of working with Jordan on the implementation of a new marketing data mart for NCL in 2010. I have implemented over 50 of these type solutions in the past several years and it has been the rare occasion when the project goes as smoothly as did with NCL. It is testament to his leadership that his team was able to meet so many new requirements while adhering to their disciplined methodology and release procedures to ensure quality of the data and deliverables. Jordan shined equally as an independent contributor on the strategy, approach, and technology options for the project. He was often the go-to person for identifying approach options in all areas and for making many key decisions during the project. I think Jordan is a highly capable technology leader that is also adept at leading high performing teams and working very collaboratively, and with urgency, with the business in order to respond to and address their key priorities." * - Ed Connor, VP, Technology, Epsilon (NCL Partner) -"Jordan led the team that delivered the best CRM implementation I have ever experienced as a sales leader in the many organizations I have launched CRM and there have been several." - Camille Olivere, Vice President Sales, Norwegian Cruise Line -"Jordan is a true leader that not only has knowledge, skill and ability but also embodies the characteristics of what can take a company from good to great. He posses the right blend of personal humility and professional will to motivate his people and get the job done." * - Brian Keane, IT Audit Manager, Norwegian Cruise Line * Complete quotes are available on LinkedIn profile

==== AREAS OF EXPERTISE Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse - Strategist; team builder; system and process designer - Exemplary critical thinking skills and analytical approach to problem solving - Experienced and talented architect Strategic partner working in lock-step with business customers Strong customer service focus Business Intelligence / Analytics tools - Oracle OBIEE+ - Hyperion Interactive Reporting and Hyperion Essbase - Microsoft Excel, including Visual Basic for Applications - Oracle 8i, 9i, and 10g RDBMS - SQL, PL/SQL, Deep understanding of Oracle's optimizer with expert-level SQL tuning skills Customer Relationship Management systems - Oracle CRM On-Demand r17 (SaaS application) - PeopleSoft CRM ==== PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE, Miami, Florida. VICE PRESIDENT, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE and DATA MANAGEMENT - 2008 to 2011 DIRECTOR, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS and DB ADMINISTRATION - 2000 to 2008 - Conceptualized, architected, and implemented COMPASS, NCL's enterprise data warehouse and analytics system to provide business customers a 360-degree view of NCL's customers' spend and behavior prior to boarding a ship, while on a cruise, and once they returned home. - Data warehouse (COMPASS DW) contained over a terabyte of information and supported thousands of reports and ad-hoc queries. - Designed utilizing a modified Bill Inmon Corporate Information Factory architecture. - Utilized an operational data store feeding an enterprise data warehouse which then fed several department-centric data marts. - Included shoreside reservation information; onboard property management information, including onboard spend data and shore excursion details; onboard casino data; guest satisfaction survey data; and competitive pricing data. - Reengineered entire data warehouse due to changeover to a new reservation system with zero negative impact to the business and no down time. - Analytics layer (COMPASS BI) implemented using Hyperion Interactive Reporting which was architected with a three-tier design to most appropriately empower the largest base of business customers possible:

- Designer - Power user tier with direct access to enterprise data warehouse and department-centric data marts. Acceptance to this tier required aptitude assessment, attendance at a two-day training class, and approval by director or above. - Navigator - Offered for users requiring the ability to create their own queries but who were not technically proficient enough to write queries from scratch. Accessed enterprise data warehouse and department-centric data marts via a predefined semantic layer to reduce risk of poorly written queries resulting in bad information or long-running queries. Acceptance to this tier required aptitude assessment, attendance at a one-day training class, and approval by director or above. - Viewer - All other users of COMPASS. Could run pre-written reports, including parameterized reports allowing them to enter needed filter criteria. Acceptance to this tier required attendance at a half-day training class and approval by director or above. - COMPASS had direct impacts to the following business goals: - Increased net ticket revenue and onboard revenue yields. - Improved casino revenue yields. - Facilitated improved customer repeat rates, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. - Increased supplier (travel agency) productivity and satisfaction. - Enhanced cruise ship security via anti-terrorist watch list tracking. - Improved effectiveness of direct marketing and direct sales campaigns - Controlled annual operating budget of over $5 million and managed multi-million dollar projects. - Member of the IT leadership team, reporting directly to the CIO. - Bridged the gap between business customers and Information Technology, communicating effectively with the business in their language and translating their needs into technical solutions. - Responsible for 30 FTEs and contractors on three teams: - Business Intelligence Systems - Created, enhanced, and maintained enterprise data warehouse, analytics systems, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. - Database Administration - Responsible for all Oracle and SQL Server databases. - Midrange Systems Administration - Responsible for UNIX, LINUX, and SAN systems. - Developed a deep customer service-focused culture on all three teams.

- Negotiated and renegotiated several large-dollar contracts with software vendors and consultants, reducing costs and minimizing implementation risks. - Deployed a consolidated IBM p-series server architecture in order to achieve better resource utilization and to reduce database licensing costs by more than $150K. - Responsible for and directed implementation of NCL's ongoing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives using Oracle CRM On-Demand r17. Initial implementation for direct sales call center completed within six weeks. - Responsible for NCL's MDM/CDI project. Phases completed included requirements gathering and documentation, funding (over $3 million), and several design and coding iterations. - Designed a Service Delivery Model to best meet the needs of business customers, providing efficient service of tactical requests while properly prioritizing strategic project work. - Designed software development life cycle (SDLC) process to ensure data quality was of the highest level possible. - Developed innovative process to extract important data from business rules embedded in transactional source system. ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES, LTD., Miami, Florida. TEAM LEADER, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES - 1998 to 2000 Team leader for the Data Warehouse development team. Managed multiple decision support projects and technologies for the Sales, Air/Sea, Corporate Planning, and International Sales departments. Designed applications and managed projects utilizing Oracle RDBMS, Hyperion Essbase, Brio, Microsoft ASP, and Microsoft Access. Communicated effectively to both business units and technical resources. KNIGHT-RIDDER INC., SHARED SERVICES CENTER, Coral Gables, Florida. TEAM MEMBER, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - 1997 to 1998 Project manager in charge of reengineering the Travel and Entertainment expense reporting process for KRI and all its properties. In charge of development efforts on Key Performance Indicators system used to determine success of entire center. Instrumental in task force created to develop a data warehouse with On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and EIS systems. Developed user-friendly querying tools in 4GL programming language to aid end users in customer service efforts. Acted as liaison between business unit and Information Technologies department.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES, LTD., Miami, Florida. SENIOR ANALYST, REVENUE SYSTEMS - 1995 to 1997 Increased productivity of department's analysts through creation of client-server MIS applications interfacing with an Oracle data warehouse. Developed an ad-hoc querying system to enable the users to retrieve data without requiring the aid of the systems staff. Instrumental in creation, implementation, and maintenance of department's Revenue Decision Support System. Developed a competitive database system to allow RCCL to better compare its pricing to that of its competitors. Aided several departments, including Information Technology, with automation efforts. EDUCATION: MASTER OF SCIENCE, Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida. Graduation: 2006 Major: Management Information Systems G.P.A.: 4.00 BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. Graduation: 1990 Major: Finance G.P.A.: 3.95