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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scott Walker has to deal with these morons

If you want to see why this county has the financial problems that it has, one only needs to look at this story on JSOnline. Panel deadlocks on pension cuts for elected Milwaukee County officials A plan to cut pensions of elected county officials to match cuts targeted for other county employees hit a snag Thursday. The County Board's finance committee deadlocked, on a 3-3 vote, on the proposed 20% cut in pension credit for the 19 county supervisors, the county executive and a handful of other elected officials. The cut would apply only to pension credit earned in the future; time already put in would be credited at a higher rate. The vote may signal trouble for the measure when it hits the full County Board March 18. The pension issue turned into a proxy for fissures on the board over the cause of the county's ongoing budget woes and the best way to deal with them. This should be a no-brainer vote. (Which should be good for those 3 that do not possess a brain and voted against it. Supervisors Mayo, Johnson and Johnny Thomas voted against the cut) If they are asking other county employees to accept these cuts, then they should damn well accept them too. Hopefully the full board will understand this and vote appropriately next week. BTW...Kudos to Supervisors Jursik, Peggy West and Jim "Luigi" Schmitt who voted in favor of the pension cut for themselves and other elected officials.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 7:59 PM Labels: County Board

We need Scott Walker as our next Governor. This blog is a place to highlight Scotts outstanding record, dispel the lies and distortions spread about him, inform about his opponents and help elect ScottForGov. THIS BLOG IS NOT CREATED OR ENDORSED BY THE WALKER CAMPAIGN!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walker Campaign Launches First Ad

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Contributors Mom4Scott Billy Shears Proprius Hospes Tom Servo Scott Walker For Governor Blog Archive 2010 (262) May (16) April (47) Wauwatosa Tomorrow, Scott Walker, Milwaukee County executive and candidate for governor, will air his first TV ad called Salary, highlighting Scott and Tonette Walkers decision to give back $370,000 of Scotts salary to the taxpayers. The ad will air across Wisconsin. Tonette and I made decision to give back $370,000 of my salary because we believe its time to cut government waste and fundamentally change the way government does business, said Walker. Our campaign is about every day Wisconsin families worried about their jobs and family budgets, and who are sick and tired of politicians who think its OK to waste taxpayer money and grow government. The ad directs viewers to Walker's website The brown bag will be a key theme in Walkers campaign. He drives a 1998 Saturn with more than 100,000 miles on it and packs his own brown bag lunch each day before heading to the office to save money in his family budget. Walker approaches his county budget the same way, cutting out waste to do more, with less. Since his election in 2002, Walker has cut the county debt by 10%, cut the county government workforce by 20%, and introduced eight consecutive budgets without an increase to the property tax levy from the previous year.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 4:53 PM Labels: Ads, Scott Walker

March (75) Barrett Bypass Fact Check Just a thought... Ahem....we called this one. Barrettbypass to close... Neumann shows his lack of knowledge (again) What is Mark Neumann doing? Tom Barrett Grasping for Straws... Questioning the Judgment of Mark Neumann Barrett Bypass until Memorial day? I'm not buying ... I can't be silent like he's been for 12 years The Zoo Interchange Debacle Zoo interchange developments

Is it all about the Benjamins?

A national lefty blog (TPM. Cross posted to Daily Kos) takes aim at Mark Neumann. Here are some excerpts: First, Neumann is said to be visiting businesses, not people and not citizens. I'm certain there were people at those businesses, and I'll bet they told the candidate at least a little about what they want him to know they're concerned about in their lives, but you'd never know it from this report. Instead, we're told that the candidate was given an exotic gift, that one of the businesses ships restored horse-drawn buggies around the world and that one of the onwers gave "an emotional talk about the state of business in Wisconsin." ********** That Neumann lives in a different world should not surprise us: He's a multi-millionaire who has already put $1 million of his own money into the campaign and is reportedly willing and able to dump as much as $3 million into it. People with that much "play" money don't live like the rest of us, don't think like the rest of us, and don't have the same problems, issues and concerns as the rest of us. A three-sentence paragraph, tacked on the end, notes that "hunting is a big deal in Wisconsin," conflates the issues of hunting and concealed carry of weapons, and tells us that Neumann is an avid trophy hunter. Once again, we're presented with a candidate who is out of sync with the people of Wisconsin: people who already know hunting is a "big deal," because it's a defining characteristic of the culture for most of the state; people who know that hunting has absolutely nothing to do with concealed carry; and people who hunt because they love the experience and the food, not because they're collecting trophies. ********** Neumann wants you to believe the budget policies he proposed created the strong economic and budget results of the '90s: when Bill Clinton was president, when Neumann was a small-state, noname member freshman member of the 435-seat House of Representatives, when the "bubble" economies (dot com, stock market and real estate) were booming (for which we're paying dearly now). Neumann also has his history wrong. The first balanced budget submitted in 30 years happeend in 1998 when President Clinton submitted his 1999 budget-- which means that "four years later," as Neumann puts it, the budget was still not balanced. When Neumann brags that "millions of jobs were created," not only is he taking credit for something in which he played no recognizable role, but he's failing to mention that "millions of jobs" were also created under every president since Roosevelt (Hoover lost jobs, as did "Dubya" Bush, making the "bookends"). In short, Neumann is failing to be honest. ********** On his "taxes" page, Neumann's site makes this fraudulent claim: This historical chart shows that the federal budget was in balance only for a short time over the last 40 years - and it is no coincidence that this occurred while Mark Neumann served in the U.S. Congress. But, course, it was precisely a "coincidence" that Neumann was in Congress when the Clinton administration balanced the budget. Neumann's claim to the contrary is nothing less than a lie. ********** There is, if you look at it from the right angle, a bit of ironic humor in the Neumann campaign. He's trying to sell himself as a regular guy, a man of the people, running against career politicians, when he's a multi-millionaire former member of Congress now in the midst of his sixth campaign for public office. I'd hate to think what would happen if someone this shallow, this vacuous, this bigoted, this dishonest and this obsessed with money were elected governor. Life is about so much more than moeny. So is leadership.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 12:36 PM Labels: Mark Neumann

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Neumann slithering around for dirt

The MacIver Institute reported on an open records request from the leftist group One Wisconsin Now to State Representative Leah Vukmir. They were on a fishing expedition for dirt to use against her. I assumed Scott Walker's office was getting similar requests on a quest to smear him, so I put in my own open records request. I requested a copy of all open records requests and the responses to them from the Milwaukee County Executive's office. As I thought there would be, One Wisconsin Now was there with multiple requests. One from Anna Landmark and a couple from Cory Liebmann. One of Liebmann's was similar to the the wide net fishing expedition that he sent to Vukmir. There were a bunch from Steve Schultze of the Journal Sentinel and another interesting request from State Representative Jon Richards. He was looking for travel records on Scott Walker. The interesting part is that his staff said they would have the Assembly Chief Clerk pay for the cost of the request. ($127.62) I'm not exactly sure why the state (taxpayers) should be paying for Representative Richards fishing expedition. (I might need another open records request there) The one request that stood out to me is a request from a Derek Ellerman. Being a curious sort, I did some research and found that he is (or at least represents that he is) with the Neumann Campaign. I'm not sure if he is paid staff or not, but he is responding to emails as a representative of the Neumann campaign. In one response he said: "Thank you for contacting the Mark Neumann for Governor Campaign..." and signed it Derek Ellerman, Mark Neumann for Governor. That email was from the end of December/early January...and he's not showing up as paid staff on Neumann's campaign finance report. Mr. Ellerman was looking for all calendars and schedules for 1/1/09 through current for the entire County Executive's office. All communication that contains calendar or schedule and/or event information for the entire County Executive's office. All reimbursement requests and any communication regarding reimbursement requests from January 1, 2002 through current. (News flash Derek, Walker didn't take office until May of 2002) I expect these dirt digging expeditions from the leftists out there. But this is yet more evidence that Mark Neumann is planning an extremely dirty and negative campaign. His initial salvo was just the beginning. Neumann has said that he and Walker are very similar on the issues, so the only way he can win is by spending millions of dollars slinging mud. Just for fun, you should check out Derek Ellerman's Facebook page and his contributions to the Neumann Facebook comments. He is a member of a group that says: "We believe in progress for Wisconsin residents, as well as freedom from prosecution for responsible use of marijuana." He's also a member of not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR Ron Paul 2012 groups. There are some great beer bong and other party photos. He even has a nice photo of him with Scott Walker. He apparently doesn't feel that we should pay taxes either. He says in one comment: "I still dont understand why anyone accepts taxation or regulations. Both are crimes against property" This is quite the campaign staff you are putting together Mr. Neumann.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 6:57 AM Labels: Cory Liebmann, Derek Ellerman, Mark Neumann, One Wisconsin Now

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And Tom Barrett's plan?

Scott Walker announced his plans to create 250,000 jobs and 10,000 companies by the end of his first term in office as Governor. His opponents, lefty bloggers and the media had a field day with those numbers saying they are not obtainable. Walker's plan would require the creation of 4,167 jobs per month. Tom Barrett comes out today and says he can only create 180,000 jobs, but he'd do it in three years. This would require 5,000 jobs be added each month. And how does he plan on doing it? Barrett didn't spell out how he would create those jobs, but called Walker's jobs figure arbitrary. "I don't know that I would call it a plan. It's certainly a political document and it's a campaign document," Barrett said of his goal. "I don't think it makes sense to pull a number out of the air." Barrett takes a swipe at Walker saying his numbers are arbitrary (even though Walker has laid out his plan on how this could be achieved)...and what does Barrett do? He creates arbitrary numbers, provides zero details and no plans. Typical leadership from Tom Barrett. It's kind of funny that Barrett is the one to completely take the air out of the lefty's sails on this issue. It would be kind of hard to make this an issue when their candidate says he'll create more jobs per month and doesn't provide a plan to do so. I suppose we have to at least give Mark Neumann a point for creating a plan, regardless of how useless it is.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 3:33 PM Labels: Scott Walker, Tom Barrett

A REAL plan from Scott Walker

Contrast this to Mark Neumann's high school econ101 plan, Walker's plan will bring jobs to Wisconsin. From Walker: If you elect me as your next Governor, Ill get government out of the way and lower the tax burden so Wisconsin business owners and factories can create 250,000 jobs and 10,000 businesses in our state by 2015, said Walker. Walker's six-step plan to help Wisconsin businesses create 250,000 new jobs and 10,000 new businesses by 2015: 1 Lower Taxes I want to lower the tax on employers, lower the tax on income, freeze property taxes and phase out retirement income taxes. States that have a lower tax burden have more jobs and better budgets, and its time Wisconsin was a better state to do business. 2 Less Regulations State agencies should be more responsive to the customer and standards must be sciencebased and predictable. 3 End Frivolous Lawsuits Luckily, we stopped the Governors changes in joint and several liability, but we need to do more to block frivolous lawsuits, and we need true tort reform to help lower health care costs. 4 Better Education We need a strong education system with more accountability and more tools to prepare our future workforce. And it means giving our UW System the tools to operate more like a business to pursue economic development. 5 Improve Healthcare We need help for employers to be able to afford the costs of providing health care without government taking total control. That means eliminating the state tax on Health Savings Accounts. It means full disclosure on medical procedures. And it means helping employers tap into larger purchasing pools to share the risk. Most importantly, it means finding new ways for everyone to get some skin in the game so we work on improving our health which will ultimately lead to lower costs. 6 Strong Infrastructure Reliable energy sources and dependable transportation links are the final piece to our plan. Unlike my opponents, I believe that people create jobs, not government. By enacting my plan, we will be able to get government out of the way of employers big and small who will then help Wisconsin create 250,000 jobs by 2015, and as we create those new jobs, we will be able to add 10,000 new businesses. These are the changes that the business leaders of Wisconsin are looking for that will attract new companies from outside of Wisconsin. While Mark Neumann is holding meetings and focus groups, trying to decide what his vision is...Walker will hit the ground running.

Stepping Right Up! Letters in Bottles No Runny Eggs The Underground Conservative Badger Blogger The Hispanic Conservative Marquette Warrior Wigderson Library & Pub North Shore Exponent Lakeshore Laments Above the Belt Mike Tate Watch Wisconsin Knows Boots and Sabers

Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 3:26 PM Labels: Mark Neumann, Scott Walker

The Simple Life by Mark Neumann

Mark Neumann has a six point plan for creating jobs in Wisconsin. Its so simple, you have to wonder why it hasnt been done before. Here it is: Step One: Identify and understand the problem. (Walker has already done this) Step Two: Define a vision to solve the problem. (Walker has already done this) Step Three: Develop a plan to achieve the vision. (Walker has already done this) Step Four: Market the plan. (Walker has indicated he will promote Wisconsins new open for business agenda) Step Five: Attracting businesses. (Isnt this the same thing as marketing the plan?) Step Six: Measure outcomes. (Outcomes will be measured by the taxpayers/voters) This is it? This is his plan? This is what he thinks sets him apart from Scott Walker?!?!?! Excuse my French, but NO SHIT Sherlock!!! I learned this stuff back in high school Econ 101. It seems to me that businesses have spoken quite clearly about what needs to happen to make Wisconsin a more attractive place to do business. If Mark Neumann is such a whiz, why does he need to assemble a team to put together an agenda? Perhaps Mr. Neumann should take time to understand whats already been said by the businesses of this state instead of obsessing over his Facebook page. (He skipped out on meeting with business leaders at the WMC business day last month. It is the largest event of its kind in the state, annually attracting up to 1,000 business executives.) You have to wonder how long it would take for Neumann and his team to gather enough information to develop a plan, market the plan and begin attracting jobs. If it takes Neumann anywhere near as long to build his economic development team and get it up and running to his satisfaction as its taking him to assemble a stable campaign team, we will need to extend unemployment benefits indefinitely. Scott Walker has the vision, ideas and plan to get Wisconsin working again.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 2:25 PM Labels: Mark Neumann

AFSCME is stomping their feet and holding their breath

AFSCME has refused to attend the status meetings with the county on the financial situation. They have refused to accept concessions that non-represented employees have already taken. Now they are stomping their feet and turning red. They have sent out flyers and posted them at the courthouse that they are "MAD AS HELL AND SEEING RED". They are asking members to wear red every Friday until they finally agree to concessions and have a contract, or until they are all laid off due to their lack of caring for their fellow workers. Are these people in high school? They are having a "wear red day"??? What's next? Are they going to have "opposite day" and "twin day" too. That would be so cute. Guess what, as someone that pays your salary, I am mad as hell too. Stop screwing around and agree to the reasonable concessions that non-represented employees have already taken. The longer AFSCME delays in agreeing to concessions, the more people will be laid off. But Rich Ableson would rather lose members than to appear he gave an inch to Scott Walker. UPDATE: Bruce over at BadgerBlogger has a copy of the flyer if you want to see it.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 8:54 AM Labels: AFSCME, Rich Abelson

Monday, March 8, 2010 From WisPolitics today:

Neumann, between a rock and a hard place

Neumann, who launched the first TV ad of the campaign last month, said GOP primary opponent Scott Walker is between a rock and a hard place. He either has to come up on TV and spend his money to match us or he doesnt and he allows our message to sink in, Neumann said. Does that sound as slimy to you as it does to me? So he starts with negative he's saying that Walker isn't rich like him, and he can't stop him from buying this race. Ah, isn't that just the common that everyday people will relate to. Does the idea of a rich man buying a race and making negative attacks strike you as someone the people of Wisconsin would want as a Governor? I don't think so. I think it is Neumann that is between a rock and a hard place. Should he drop out now before he's spent the million dollars he put in the race, or does he drop out later after he's given his campaign another million dollars.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 9:19 PM Labels: Mark Neumann, Scott Walker

Walker Announces January Passengers Up 43%

MILWAUKEE (March 5, 2010) Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker announced today that the January passenger count soared 43.14 percent at General Mitchell International Airport, making it the busiest January on record. The total of 697,495 passengers was 210,216 more than last Januarys 487,279 passengers. Walker said, The growth reflects the new service added over the past six months by Southwest, AirTran, Midwest, Frontier, American and Delta. The airport is enjoying a great start to what promises to be a very robust 2010. While January data from all U.S. airports has not yet been posted, Mitchell International should be top-tier among fastest-growing airports with its 43 percent increase. Nationwide, passenger traffic declined 0.4 percent in January 2010 compared with January 2009, according to the Air Transport Association. Airport Director Barry Bateman said, This is a huge increase in passengers. Mitchell International is one of the fastest-growing airports in the nation. Mitchell offers a great option for Wisconsin and Illinois travelers looking for low fares and reasonable parking fees. For passengers traveling to and from northern Illinois and the northern Chicago suburbs, Mitchell is just a 45-minute drive from the Lake Forest Oasis and a convenient alternative to OHare. Market Data: With 48 markets, Mitchell International has moved up to 28th among U.S. airports in number of markets served nonstop, according to data recently published by the Brookings Institute. Mitchells rank in a similar 2004 study was 34th. The new ranking means that more nonstop markets are served out of Milwaukee than out of other Midwestern cities, such as Nashville; Pittsburgh; Indianapolis and Columbus, and out of medium-sized cities elsewhere in the U.S., including Portland, OR; Austin; New Orleans; San Diego; Raleigh/Durham; Albuquerque; San Antonio and Hartford, CT. The average airfare out of Milwaukee was lower than the average at 89 other U.S. airports, according to the latest U.S. Department of Transportation statistics (3rd Quarter 2009). Mitchells average fare was about $81 less than OHares and $60 less than the nations average fare. General Mitchell International Airport is owned by Milwaukee County and operated by the Department of Transportation &; Public Works, Airport Division, under the policy direction of the Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and the County Board of Supervisors. The airport is entirely funded by user fees; no property tax dollars are used for the airports capital improvements or for its day-today operation.
Posted by Scott Walker For Governor at 7:12 PM

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