A. Background Education is a primary need in the human life. Education is an investment for long time. Education can give human knowledge and insight. Getting education help us to develop our skill and intelligence. The education can give very good effect for human for along life to make a better life. One way to getting education is to enter a school. In the school we can get and learn much information which has divided into the kinds of study or lesson. As a teacher and as a student, to give the lesson and to get the lesson, we need a media to help us to give and get the lesson easily. Media is everything¶s which used by the teacher to distribute information to the students in teaching and learning process. Media make the learning and teaching process more easily than without using the media at all. More over, the using of media is very effective and efficient. With using a media can give a motivate the students and make them interested in learning process, in addition if the media made look very attracted and different than usual. And also, Students can understand and remember the lesson about something like a word when they have touched the object it represents. Ten types of media, one of them are three dimensional aids. Three dimensional aids usually perform for the youngest students, because three dimensional aids is a real object as the media that usually interesting for children. The real object can be a doll, sock, and etc.

B. History of Media The develop of media learning had begun by Komensky, in his book with the title ³Orbis Sensualium Pictus´ (Dunia dalam gambar) that published at 1657. And then, first revolution

had begun when the parents give their children¶s education to other people whose have a profession as a teacher. Second evolution started since the written use in teaching and learning process. Third evolution happen when the print media had came. Fourth evolution when the media electronic and communication take place largely. Until now media has a big rule in education, many kinds of media well known nowadays.

C. The Aim of the Media The aim of this paper: To give an information and explain about three dimensional aids as one of the learning media. To fulfill the task of Media and learning resources. To give an alternative to help teachers to choice a media for their teaching process. To make the teaching and learning process more effective and efficient.

The aim of the puppet as the three dimensional aids: To give an example for the three dimensional aids. To presentation about three dimensional aids and give a simulation. To give information how to make this media.



A. Definition Three Dimensional is all thing that can look from every side, corner, and more realistic (real object).

B. Puppets Puppets are excellent teaching aids, especially with younger children. Not only can the teacher use them to communicate the important points of a language item but they can increase pupil participation in teacher-dominated classroom.

C. Advantages and disadvantages. Advantages and disadvantages of using Puppet. a. The advantages are :  To make students interest with the lesson.  The students more understood about learning.  Make students enjoy the learning.  Make students not boring. b. The disadvantages are :  No economize.  Need complete concept.  The process of making is very complicated.  Time-consuming to make it.



A. Equipment Tools and material: Scissors Flannelette yarn Needle Cotton Glue

B. How to Make Puppets Steps to make a puppet: 1. First, make a pattern on flannelette, for the head make like a circle, and then pattern for the clothes and hand, the eyes, lip, and hair. The pattern of head and clothes must bigger than your hand. 2. Cut the flannelette suitable with the pattern. 3. Second, sew the flannelette (the first is head pattern), but do not sew all, give little slot, the slot have a function as a pocket for our fingers, and to put in the foam. (Foam use to fill the flannelette to look like real object). 4. After you give the foam to puppet head, sew the other flannelette, which have a pattern like hair in top of the head. Or you can stick it with the glue. 5. Sew the clothes pattern, and then unite the clothes with the head. Sew it around the neck. 6. Stick the eyes, and lip in front of puppet head.

7. Sew the hand, and fill it with the foam. After all, sew the hand in left and right side the clothes.

C. Simple Stage for Puppet Show Materials and tools: - Rectangle Board - Carton - Scissors - Glue - Pencil

Stage: 1. Stick the carton to the board. For example, green carton. Dry it for few minute. 2. Make a pattern in the board. It can be like grass, mountain, or desk, and etc. 3. Cut the board accordance with the pattern. 4. Give stick in the back side, to hold up the board.

D. Using puppets 1. Teacher use in the classroom. a. Give each puppet a character and name. b. Work out a careful script See the sample script. c. Practice in advance Practice contrasting teacher voice between two or three puppet. d. Make the presentation realistic Intonation must be stressed to give a realistic character of puppets, for example the puppet is a anger cat. e. Involved the students Make student be a participant, and not just an audience. f. Watch for students reactions.

a. Skill b. Topic c. Level of student d. Step of teaching : speaking and listening : Puppet : nursery school

No. 1. 2. 3. 2¶ 5¶ 5¶

time Greeting

Teacher¶s activity

Student activity Student response Student response Student response

Introduction Instruction from the teacher about alphabet

4. 5.

5¶ 5¶

Sing together Teacher ask student to answer question

Student response Student response



A. Conclusion Media is very important to students because students with learning media more easily understand the lesson, and its should be practiced by all teachers, because by learning more effective use of media will make the students understand and excited. Interesting media will be prepared students one of them puppet that easy to learn and understood by students. Puppet is one of most effective media in teaching. But in making this media requires a skilled hand because the media is very complicated and many times for make it before we use.


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