What is your knowledge on portfolio management?

credit vs markp risk Lay out how you would analyze the credit risk profile of a company. Give example of what you would use to evaluate a loan? How do you handle complex telephone calls with clients, agencies, etc? A particular house depreciates x much in value, give some reasons why? How would you merge two data sets in SAS? How would you estimate the number of daily domestic flights in the US? Address any US economic issue with comments/observations. What steps do you take when a colleague impedes your progress?

What differences do manufacturing firms and distribution firms have on their bala nce sheets? Explain the concepts behind quantitative portfolio management? What are the steps involved in a monte carlo based VaR model? name three strengths and three weaknesses The change of three financial statements supposing you sold a pen. How do you believe the economy will affect interest rates in the future? If you could teach any class at your university, what would it be and why? Which specific balance sheet items would you look at to determine a company's cre dit worthiness?

For a stock, the spot price is 100, Volatility is zero and the risk free interes t rate is 5%. What's the price of the 1 year at the money call option ? Because volatility is zero so the rate of return is riskless, therefore the stoc k price will go up to 105 for sure and will give the payoff of 5. Now we just ne ed to discount it to time 0 using discount rate 5%. It will give us something ar ound 4.75. PRICE IS 0

and many other types of in stitutions sell bonds. and so can be standardized to the requirements of the parties involved. An interest rate swap usually involves just two parties.What is a bond ? A debt instrument issued for a period of more than one year with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing. What is an interest rate swap ? IRS is interest rate exchange of benefits between 2 counter parties with compara tive advantage. states. This is a counterparty agreement. The Federal government. cities. he/she becomes a creditor of the issuer. but occasionally involv es more. Generally. a bond is a promise to repay the principal along with interest (coupo ns) on a specified date (maturity). but all bond s require a repayment of principal. However.com/Finance-Interview-Questions wHATS RISK risk means uncertainty about future events affecting our current positions . Some bonds do not pay interest. the buyer does not gain any kind of ownership rights to the issuer. corporations. http://excelexperts. unlike in th e case of equities. When an investor buys a bond. An exchange of interest payments on a specific principal amount.

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