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Chapter 2

Design of the Automated System

Block diagram of the proposed system Design of detection circuit Block diagram of Automated System Principle of automated system Flow diagram of the system

2.1 Block diagram of the proposed system Stepper Motor Driver Circuit Stepper Motor to drive the macanical load

Motion Detection Circuit using Photoelectric Sensor

Microcontroller Controlled Circuit

Figure 2.1: Block diagram of proposed system

The output of the detector circuit is fed to microcontroller when any object are reach to the sensor field of view. When microcontroller found input command that time microcontroller delivered the control signal to stepper motor driver circuit to drive the stepper motor by microcontroller programming sequince. 2.2 Block diagram of detection circuit. BEN300-DFR PhotoElectric Sensor relay coil

Detecting target

Input 220acV 5Vdc In 5Vdc out when sence Microcontroller input command

Figure2.2:Block Diagram of detection circuit. The detection circuit consists of a autonics ben300-dfr photoelectric sensor.It sence direct reflection. This system is easy for implementation, so it is used. Moreover it has low cost and offer satisfactory operation. Microcontroller is used for generating signal, switching, controlling .

2.3 Design of automated system

Timer Relay To initialized the system Moving detection sensor close this contact

Microcontroller to Run Program

Driver circuit Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 R2,R3,R4,R5

Stepper Motor

Limit switch open and close Figure2.3 :Automated circuit diagram.

2.4 Principle of automated system: 7

.At First microcontroller initialized the system.During initialized or after initialized this system goes ready to detect any motion in front of detector FOV. When detector sence any motion then a high signal from the detector circuit is fed to microcontroller input pin, then its run its internal program and motor roted anticlockwise direction.When microcontroller found open limit(PA1) signal is high then it instantly stop the driver circuit operation and delay.After 5Sec delay it again drive the motor in clock wise direction.When microcontroller found close limit (PA2) pin is high that time microcontroller stop the rotation of stopper motor. During rotation of clock wise direction , if motion detector gives high signal then instantly rotation shift anticlockwise.All sequnce are execute inside of microcontroller programming.

2.5 Flow chart of the system: Start System

Motor Initialized the

If PA.0 high? YES

If PA.0 Delay 5sec 8 high? Motor roted Motor Roted clockwise StopIf PA.2 YES IfMotor PA.1 anti clockwise Rotating high? high? YES


Stop Motor