Strategic Management Case Study Submitted to: Sir Muhammad Asad Submitted by: Jamila Hassan Abida Hamid Khadija Rahim

Masooma Asad Ruqaiya Hussain Date: 19.10.2011 Department: Management Sciences

It is competing in every country (stated above) with other companies providing entertainment.e. France.Experimental exercise 1A SWOT Analysis of Walt Disney Company Strengths  Strong reputation and brand name.  Disney is financially sound as its revenue and profit has increased as almost it has doubled its profit from 2004 till 2007 i.e.  Increase in unemployment. Weaknesses  Weak performance of studio entertainment as its revenue decreases from 58 million dollars to 7.993 in 2007 which shows that the company is inefficient in terms of short term debt paying ability i. Threats  Competitors: Disney is facing Global. it is less liquid.936 in 2006 and 0. It is large corporation and it has large number of employees.5 million dollar due to lower world wide home entertainment.  Global competitor: It is operating in Japan. in 2004 its profit was 4860 million dollars and in 2007 it became 7827 million dollars. it was 0.  Disney is investing intensively through out the world. For example in media broadcasting networks Disney is in second number with 68% broadcasting while discovery network is at the top with 72% broadcasting which is a big threat for Walt Disney Company. Canada. local. Hong Kong. economic downsizing has limit consumer’s disposable income for entertainment purposes. movies and games on demand which is a major industry and growing . USA and many other big countries of the world. fuel costs i.e.0.  Walt Disney Company’s current ratio was in a decreasing rate from 2005 till 2007 i. interest rates. national competition.  Disney is largest world wide licensor of character based merchandise and producer/distributor of children’s film related products based on retail sales. which are derived for from fees charged on per subscribes basis and high advertising rates.  Two major TV networks of world Disney corporation(ABC and ESPN) offer hit shows . Opportunities  Media expension: Disney’s revenue has increased due to growth from cable and satellite operators. This causes employee dissatisfaction.  Internet is a big threat for Disney as people are using more internets for entertainment purposes.e.965 in 2005.

Not only does open communications foster teamwork and facilitate a healthy working environment. as well as between divisions. disability.rapidly which was about 3. Respect for the Individual: We are committed to providing a work environment in which all Cast Members and employees are afforded the respect that they deserve. employees and the Company's management. Further. age. disciplining or terminating Cast Members and employees. No discrimination on the basis of race. covered veteran status. religion. 2. exciting and fulfilling environment. Although difficult decisions may arise in hiring. and between Cast Members. Exercise 1B: Three Aspects which is liked most in Walt Disney: 1. or any other basis prohibited by applicable law will be allowed. dignity and respect. We strive to provide our Cast Members and employees with a challenging. pregnancy. free of any discrimination or harassment. marital status. discretion and respect for privacy. color. free and effective channels of communication among Cast Members and employees.consumer preferences are shifting to more on demand movies and shows. Our Cast Members and employees are the cornerstone of our magic: The Company and its management are committed to treating all Cast Members and employees with fairness. promoting. both within departments and divisions. the Company expects such responsibilities to be carried out with fairness. the Company expects Cast Members and employees to treat each other with the same dignity and respect that they expect from the Company. Professional Development: We are committed to having our Cast Members and employees develop and advance professionally in a manner consistent with their abilities. sex. promote synergy and enable the Company as a whole to realize greater potential than the sum of its individual businesses. national origin. Teamwork and Communications: We are committed to providing open.9 billion dollars in 2010. but such free and open channels. Three Aspects which is liked least in Walt Disney: 1. sexual orientation. as well as compassion for the individuals involved . evaluating performance. 3.

but we also believe that diversity is the best way to develop superior products and services. Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities: We make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities in accordance with the applicable laws. We are committed to these goals for their own sake. and participate in any emergency drills and planning that our business units may institute. Our goals are to: Attract and sustain a work force that reflects our guests and customers. color. Non-Discrimination: We make all employment related decisions (hiring.) without unlawful regard to a person’s race. Three Aspects which is least most in News Corporation: 1. Drug-Free Workplace: We maintain a workplace free of alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs. gender. religion. 2. promotion.2. compensation. business partners. Diversity: We seek to be multicultural. shareholders. consistent with the Electronic Communications Policy applicable to your business unit. military or veteran’s status. 3. 3. where everyone is advantaged by their potential and no one is disadvantaged by their belonging to a particular group. age. marital status or any . labor markets and communities in which we do business. nationality. pregnancy. Crisis Management: We work to prepare appropriate crisis management plans. and • Maintain a workplace that reflects open opportunity. tapping the unique talents and potential of every member of our diverse work force. sexual orientation. 2. etc. disability. 3. On Site Security: We follow the procedures established at each Company site for access and security. Safety: The Company is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its Cast Members and employees • Three Aspects which is liked most in News Corporation: 1. Data Privacy: We respect the privacy rights of employees in how the Company handles personal data.

Unethical and illegal 4: Counting tractor trailer trucks leaving competitors loading bays. Experiential Exercise 1C 1: Buying competitors garbage. Ethical 2: Dissecting competitor’s products. Unethical but legal 14: Interviewing consultants who may have worked with competitors. Comparisons: If we compare the Standards of Business Conduct statements of Walt Disney and its competitor The News Corporation. Ethical and legal 18: Quizzing potential employees who worked for or with competitors. we can find out that Walt Disney focuses on the employees self respect and their reputation. Ethical and legal 7: Analyzing competitors labor contracts. Ethical and legal 9: Infiltrating customers and competitors business operations. Unethical and illegal 3: Taking competitors plant tours anonymously. Ethical and legal 6: Analyzing competitors help wanted ads. Unethical but legal 13: Quizzing competitor’s former employees. Unethical and illegal 8: Quizzing customers and buyers about the sales of competitors products. While News Corporation focuses on the drug free work place where employees are free from alcohol and drugs. Ethical and legal 5: Studying aerial photographs of competitors facilities. Ethics of the news corporation includes Crisis management and problem solving and data privacy of employees. Ethical and legal 16: Conducting phony job interviews to get competitors employees to reveal information. they also provide accommodations for the employees who have disabled individual family members. Unethical and illegal 12: Encouraging key customers to reveal competitive information. Unethical but legal . Unethical and illegal 10: Quizzing suppliers about competitors level of manufacturing. They give their employees an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Ethical and legal 15: Hiring key managers away from competitors. and they believe on the teamwork and communication of the employees within the organization through departments and divisions. Unethical but legal 11: Using customers to buy out phony bids. states and cities in which we do business. Unethical and legal 17: Sending engineers to trade meetings to quiz competitors technical employees. This is a plus point of the news Corp as compared to Disney.other characteristic prohibited from consideration by the laws of the countries.

weaknesses. Opportunities:  Due to scholarship and financial help large pool of students from every class gets admission in our university. Balochistan University etc). . New technology. Strong brand name.  Due to bad environment of Balochistan University (main competitor of BUITEMS) most of the people are attracted here. Weaknesses:     In experience lecturers. Economic downsizing. Financial strength. Terrorism. Threats:     Competitors (Iqra. Inefficient management and administration. Weak admission system Lack of communication between departments.  Expectations of people towards quality education system in BUITEMS.Experiential exercise 1D The major strengths. Political situation. opportunities and threats of BUITEMS University are as follows: Strengths:      Qualified teachers (PhD teachers). Time management.

7%.. It was listed in first section.7951 in stock exchange of Tokyo. Lifestyle-Related Products 5. AV/IT. AV/IT 3.3% and others have 6. AV/It is about 12.7%. It was established 1897 as Nippon Gakki Co.1 in customer satisfaction and is looking forward to providing the customer with an „experience‟ with its products. golf.Exercise 1G Case Study of YAMAHA (Strategic Plan): Yamaha is world’s largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments. life style related products 9. Electric Devices 4. electronic devices. 1. It aims to provide its customers the full range of its engineering marvels that make Yamaha the company that it is. electric devise 4. 2) Yamaha has a very strong focus on the technical department. code N.36%. North America . and cars lifestyle-related products. 1. It has its products in musical instruments. Ltd. Others The sale ratio of musical instrument covers a major ratio of the Yamaha products which is about 66. Japan 2. YAMAHA’S Changing Strategy: 1) Yamaha has shifted its focus from the lower end segments to the premium segments. Sales by Business Division: The sale of Yamaha by business division is diversified in five categories. Its Headquarter was in Japan. Sales by Business Region: The sale of Yamaha business Region covers almost all over the world and is divided into four sections.7% share. It has 106 subsidiary company out of which 88 of them are consolidated companies. the result of which can be seen with Yamaha comfortably leading the constructor’s championship in the Super bikes racing with Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards as their riders. Olds who are willing to try taking the not so much treaded path of buying the „sports bike (rather than a „utility two wheeler) these young guns are very conscious of the style quotient and look forward to their ride being a personality statement. 4) The target market of India Yamaha Motors is the young and enthusiastic 18-25 yr. 3) Yamaha has aimed to become the No. musical instrument 2.

. Europe 4. Kando means to develop an inspired state of mind. together with people all over the world. music and lifestyle.5 % and North America is about 14. creating ‘KANDO’ together.9%. Asia. Oceania and Other Areas The biggest area of sale is in Japan which is about 51. Yamaha aims to create ‘Kando’ and enrich culture with technology and passion born of sound. Business Strategic of Yamaha: Yamaha’s main corporate objectives are to gain more market share and to become the market leader in its business divisions.3. then the ratio of sale in Europe is 18. Oceania and other areas are 15.2 %. Vision Statement: The Slogan of Yamaha is. Asia.5 %.

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