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Andrea Maila A. Ordaez Director IV Human Resource Management Office Office of the President Rimel D. Evaristo

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Executive Summary of the Proposal The Office of the President is considered the highest office in the land. Being such, employees in this Office are expected to display the utmost professionalism and credibility. Employees here are looked up to as having the competencies and skills that are above the rest. This will serve as the pilot initiative to further professionalize the Office of the President Proper. A Career Development Program Planning Model has been initiated which aims to assist higher management to identify future potentials for the critical positions in the Office of the President Proper. Starting off with the lowest officer level position, this Test Battery Proposal for the Presidential Staff Assistant shall serve as a trial for a proposed test battery for the said purpose. Background of the Proposal


Objective/s of the Assessment The main objective of this proposal is to assess the competencies of the employees in the entry level position in the Office of the President. This will serve as a tool in measuring the level of aptitude of the incumbents vis--vis their level of performance. While past performance can be a good predictor of future performance references may not be good predictors of past performance. The aptitude and ability tests in this test battery will give an indication of the incumbents likely performance, obtained under exam conditions and are thus likely to be an objective, true reflection of the persons ability. Competencies Identified for Assessment This test battery to be dubbed as Presidential Staff Assistant Assessment Battery (PASAB) has been developed to assess the aptitudes which are predictive of performance in a wide range of clerical jobs. Thus this proposal aims to assess: a. Verbal Reasoning b. Numerical Ability c. Perceptual Speed & Accuracy (clerical checking)


d. e. f. g.

Office management skills, Spelling Ability Decision Making skills, and Ability to work with team members


Setting/s and/or Application/s in which the Psychological Test Battery will be Used This test battery will be used in the assessment of the employees currently holding the position of Presidential Staff Assistant. Being an employee of the primary office of the land, this initiative aims to address professionalism in the bureaucracy and will serve as a testing ground for the proposed assessment battery to be given to those in the higher position (supervisor up to Director level positions). To be administered and interpreted by a practicing psychometrician who shall be from a top university in the country who presently holds a Masters Degree or a PhD in the field of Psychometrics which will be overseen by the Human Resource Development and Welfare Division. Administration of the test shall be in the testing room of the Human Resource Management Office and to be performed in groups, preferably 5 individuals in each group. Schedule of which shall be provided by the HRMO.


Proposed Psychological Test Battery


Identification of Tests/Subscales to Measure each Competency Name of Test IPI Aptitude-Intelligence Series Tests Fluency Numbers Perception Office terms Memory Judgment CPF, 16PF Employee Aptitude Survey Tests Verbal Comprehension Numerical Ability Visual Speed and Accuracy Symbolic Reasoning Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning

Name of Competencies

Verbal Reasoning Numerical Ability Perceptual Speed and Accuracy Office Management Skills Spelling Ability Decision Making Skills Ability to Work in a Team Setting Logical Thinking Skills


Rationale for Choice of Tests


I.P.I. Aptitude Intelligence Test Series The I.P.I Aptitude Intelligence Test Series, consisting of 5 aptitude and personality tests and the I.P.I. Employee Aptitude Series, consisting of three tests (the CPF, NPF and 16PF), are used in different combinations

for employee selection. For this test battery proposal, the below tests are the ones proposed for the aforementioned purpose. 3.2.2.

Office Terms tests ability to understand special words and terminology used in business, industrial and government settings, particularly routine office procedures. Fluency tests ability to think of words rapidly and easily, and to write or talk without blocking or searching for the right word. It is important in a variety of jobs most especially those requiring substantial speaking and writing ability such as a position in the government service. Numbers tests ability to work rapidly and accurately with numbers and to understand mathematical tasks. Perception tests the ability to perceive details in words and numbers quickly and to recognize likeness and differences rapidly. Memory tests ability to remember different types of material. Composed of three sub-tests namely: Visual Memory, Verbal Memory and Numbers Memory Judgement tests ability deduce solutions to abstract problems and measures aptitude to think logically and foresee plan. CPF (Contact Personality Factor) Tests extroversion vs. introversion or contact vs. non-contact personality 16 PF tests full personality in terms of the 16-basic functions

Employee Aptitude Survey Test The Employee Aptitude Survey consists of ten short cognitive ability tests intended to be used for personnel selection in organizations. The tests are designed to save testing time; nine of them have limits of 5 minutes each and one which takes 10 minutes.

Verbal Comprehension measures ability to use and understand the relationship between words Numerical Ability measures basic mathematical skill Symbolic Reasoning measures the ability to manipulate abstract symbols and use them to make valid decisions Numerical Reasoning measures the ability to analyze logical relationships and discover principles underlying such relationships Verbal Reasoning measures the ability to analyze information and make valid judgments about that information Visual speed and accuracy measures ability to see details quickly and accurately.


Psychometric Properties of Recommended Tests


I.P.I. Aptitude Intelligence Test Series

Reliability Reliability coefficient r = .81 to .90 Description of Reliability Study Test-retest reliability was scored ranging from .81 to .90. The data was collected on a sample of 126 clerical staff attending an in-service training course. Parallel forms: NA Split-half: N/A Internal consistency: NA


r = .XX r = .XX r = .XX Validity Validity coefficient r = NA Verbal r = -.06 to .14 Numerical r = -.16 to .31 Clerical Checking r = .02 to .32


Description of Validity Study Content validity: type full description here; encode NA if not applicable because no such evidence was presented in the test manual Criterion-related validity: A sample of 125 customer service operators with a High Street Bank completed certain tests and were concurrently rated on 14 performance competencies. Construct validity: As a measure of construct validity, sub-scales of the test battery were correlated with other measures purporting to assess the same or similar characteristics. The verbal and numerical subscales were correlated with the other series counter-parts, whereas the Checking tests was correlated with the IPI series Perception measure.

Verbal r = .63 Numerical r = .76 IPI Perception r = .68

Norms available Type of Norms Age norms Description of Norming Study The effect of age on this test battery scores was also examined with samples with ages ranging from 16-45 y/o Gender differences on this battery were examined by comparing results of males and female trainees matched as far as possible for educational and socio-economic status (n=125). The total norm base of this test battery is based on a three different groups which include clerical trainees, Customer Service Staff and Clerical Staff


Gender norms

Specific groups norms


Employee Aptitude Survey Test (EAS)

Reliability Reliability coefficient r = .76 to .91 Description of Reliability Study Test-retest reliability was measured using a 907 subjects. These coefficients range from .76 to .91 for the individual sub-tests and not the entire test Parallel forms: Tests were given 2-14 days between administrations and reliability was scored at .75 Split-half: N/A Internal consistency: NA


r = .75 r = .XX r = .XX Validity Validity coefficient r = NA r = .25 r = .XX


Description of Validity Study Content validity: NA Criterion-related validity: Tests 1-9 to test criterion-related validity with school secretaries, teaching aides, building service workers and cafeteria workers (n=24) Construct validity: NA

Norms available Type of Norms Age norms Description of Norming Study A group of middle managers were assessed matched with their age to see if there are significant results Series of tests were also given for supervisory ratings in a group of 169 male assemblers and 183 female assemblers A study was made that assessed a group of middle managers matched roughly with their age and college undergraduate education


Gender norms

Specific groups norms


Cost of Test Battery Content of Test Package I.P.I. Aptitude Intelligence Test Series Description of Costing Features Office terms specimen set Office terms test pkg/20 Numbers specimen set Numbers test pkg/20 Perception specimen set Perception tests pkg/20 Judgment specimen set Judgment test pkg/20 Fluency specimen set Fluency test pkg/20 Memory specimen set Memory test pkg/20 Test Examination kit Aptitude profile sheets pkg/20 Office Terms kit Numbers kit Perception kit Judgment kit Fluency kit Memory kit Manual Shipping cost Php 1,257.90 2,727.90 1,257.90 2,727.90 1,257.90 2,727.90 1,257.90 2,727.90 1,257.90 2,727.90 1,173.90 3,357.90 13,017.90 1,005.90 2,937.90 2,937.90 2,937.90 2,937.90 2,937.90 3,777.90 501.90 6,789.72

Total Cost of Test Package Php 64,243.62

Php 94,440.78

Employee Aptitude Survey Test

Verbal comp form A pkg/25 Verbal comp form B pkg/25 Numerical ability form A pkg/25 Numerical ability form B pkg/25 Numerical reasoning form A pkg/25 Numerical reasoning form B pkg/25 Verbal reasoning form A pkg/25 Verbal reasoning form B pkg/25 Manual speed & accuracy form A pkg/25 Symbolic reasoning form A pkg/25 Symbolic reasoning form B pkg/25 Verbal comprehension key A/B Specimen Set Visual speed & accuracy form A pkg/25 Visual speed & accuracy form B pkg/25 Shipping cost

Php 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 1,047.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 6,087.90 8,162.28

Total Php 158,684.40 *computation is pegged at $1 Php 42