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Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.

It knows that it must run faster then the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It known than it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It does not matter whether you are a lion of a gazelle When the sun comes up you had better be running.

There is no underdeveloped country in the world today which is not struggling for change. Change that is induced by the internal and external forces of trade, commerce and industry through science and technology, demand, rapid, individual and social adjustment and it renders obsolete products and process, skills and attitudes and with them men and jobs. Meeting this challenge of change is the primary responsibility of management. An institution lacking adaptability to change has no future. Adaptability to change is a necessary quality of good management. The most challenging issue by the Indian industry today is not the obsolescence of machinery but the obsolescence of manager at all levels. And to combat obsolescence, professionalization of management is the need of the hour. The modern manager has to act as a change agent. In order to provide creative leadership in a complex competitive environment in which everybody from the labour to the government and the consumer are making continuous demands upon the resources of an enterprise, management needs above all scientific knowledge of this discipline.

This report has been presented on the basis of practical training studies undergone at AJANTA QUARTZ. The information printed in this report are the perfect match of the theoretical concepts and practical application. Most of the information has been collected directly from the related officers and same from the company website. Information have also been collected by taking interviews of managers and departmental heads of the organization.

I, the undersigned Doshi Urvashi M. a student of T.Y.B.B.A. hereby declare that the project work presented in this report is my own work and has been carried out under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Smita C. Vyas of J H Bhadolia Womens College, Rajkot. This work has not been previously submitted to any university for any other examination.

Date : Place : Rajkot (Signature Student) Doshi Urvashi M. of the

I, the student of T.Y.B.B.A. studying in J H BHALODIA WOMENS COLLEGE, Rajkot, as a part of my studies I have undergone an industrial training at the AJANTA QUARTZ, for a a period of ten days. I am happy to present this project report of my industrial training at AJANTA QUARTZ. I express my deep gratitude towards the principal and the staff of my college for encouraging me. I am thankful to Prof. Smita C. Vyas who helped me in preparing the questionnaire and guiding me throughout my industrial training project. I am also thankful to the principal of my college ____________________ who encouraged me in persuading my industrial training.

I owe a deep sense of gratitude to the marketing manager Mr. Shrinivasan and Mr. Murlidharan for giving me permission to take training in AJANTA QUARTZ, for the vocational training for 18 days and also for extending complete co-operation for the enhancement of my knowledge.

Lastly, I am also thankful to my friends and also my family members who always encouraged and cooperated with me for the successful completion of the project report. In short, I am very much thankful to all those who helped me in my industrial project report.

Doshi Urvashi M.

Part - 1 The Company + Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Particulars History of Quartz Introduction of Ajanta Ajanta at a Glance Organisation Chart Market Share of Ajanta Ajantas Views Towards Markating & Potential Strategies Page No.

Part - 2 Companys Views Towards Marketing + Sr. No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Particulars Promotion Mix Six Ws of Promotion Mix Purposes of Promotion Mix Objectives of promotion Mix Effectiveness of Promotional Programme Factors Affecting Promotion Mix Promotion Mix Pillers Dealers Activities & Promotion Pricing & promotion Page No.

Part - 3 Advertising Sr. No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 Particulars Advertising as a Centre of Promotion Advertising & Marketing Concept of Advertising Advertising & Ajanta Managing Advertising Programme Advertising Copy Page No.

Part - 4 Sales Promotion Sr. No. Particulars Page No.

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Concept of Sales Promotion Sales Promotion & Advertising Objectives of Sales Promotion Can Standardised Sales Promotion be Part pf Marketing Sales Promotion Strategies Factors Affecting the Choice of Sales Promotion Sales Promotion Tools of Ajanta Sales Promotion Budget

Part - 5 Public Relation & Publicity Sr. No. 01 02 Particulars Concept of Public Relation & Publicity Publicity & Public Relation of Ajanta Benefits of Publicity Page No.

Part - 6 Ending With Sr. No. 01 02 03 Suggestions Conclusion Bibliography Particulars Page No.

Quartz or watch has become an important part of human life. In ancient times illiterate people were also aware from quartz because each and every function or human life cycle is performed with the help of time and the quartz is the only source to measure the time. Though in ancient times there was not any fancy or well designed quartz, they used the instrument as given below. Above picture gives the clear idea regarding ancient time-piece which was the instrument for measurement of time and for many decades this type of instrument were used.

Ajanta was started in 1971, with a very small investment by its promoter, Mr. O. R. Patel. The name of the unit is selected ORPAT from the name of its promoter Mr. O. R. Patel, who has made a lots of efforts to lead Ajanta to the peak. It is situated at Rajkot-Morbi highway, Orpat Industrial Area, Morbi. In the initial they were producing a very small quantity of the quartz but by making improvement time to time and by developing new strategies with the changing time, the promoters of Ajanta are able to get the glorious success. At present the production capacity of Ajanta Quartz is (per day) Clocks Time Pieces Calculators Telephones 4000 15000-20000 20000-25000 2000-3000

Ajanta was producing 100 different types of models of quartz in 1984 and at present in the year 2000-2001, it is producing 350-400 models. Company is expanding its efficiency by adopting new produt line viz. calculators, telephones, etc. in each and every product line company is having a considerable market share.

Thus, Ajanta has got chance to compete I international market too, by producing a largest quantities quartz in whole world. Growth Through Innovation and Quality Alternative Cover Concepts The Fastest Growing Consumer Electronics Company in the country The name that sets new standards in consumer electronics The New Horizons of Consumer Electronics Redefining

THE GENESIS: M/s. Ellora Time Pvt. Ltd. Was established in the year 1991. The Company commenced operations with the manufacturing of timepieces under the Orpat brand name. The products received an overwhelming response, inspiring the Company to diversify into the manufacturing of calculators and telephones. These too generated phenomenal excitement in the market, rising to the forefront of their respective categories. Today, Orpat is a brand that has become synonymous world-class quality and innovation. The annual turnover of Orpat exceeds Rs. 1410 crores. The products of lthe Company are available throughout the country with a wide network of 140 wholesale depots and 25,000 retail dealers all over India.

ORPAT PRODUCTS: THE CATEGORY LEADERS Orpat is the fastest growing brand in the highly competitive consumer electronics arena. The current product range includes Telephones, Calculatrs, Time pieces, Educational toys and Home Appliances. The customers have a choice of over 100 models under the brand name of Orpat. All the Orpat products are leaders in their class. The estimated domestic market share of the Companys timepieces is 70%, the Orpat calculators too command a 70% market share while the telephones enjoy 20% market share. The company exports 20% of its production. Orpat offers more than 40 models of Timepieces in various colours including the unique devotional time pieces having Ganesha, Gayatri, Balaji, Haredrishna and other devotional songs as alarm. There is also an azaam alarm time piece specially designed for The largest calculator manufacturer, Orpat offers 15 different Muslims. cells.

models of calculators 8 digits, 10 digits, 12 digits with and without solar Orpats Scientific Calculators have become enormously popular because of their quality and exonomical price. Orpat offers 12 models of telephones in various colours and designs.

A COMPREHENSIVE MANUFACTURING BASE: Orpat has the-state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Orpat Industrial Estate in Morbi, Gujarat. It is sprawled over aan area of 15,00,000 sq.ft with n overall carpet area of 102,00,000 sq.ft. Orpat currently provides employment opportunities to more than 1800 people with 90% of them comprising of females. Right since its inception, Orpat has always believed in investing in the latest technology. It is the first company in India to undertake in-house I.C. Chip Bonding. The company in India to undertake in-house Machine, Automatic Coil Winding Machine, Ultasonic Ware Bonders, CNC Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, Moulds/Dies/Jigs and full-fledged workshop for in-house mould manufacturing. By having all these facilities under its own roof, Orpat is able to achieve precision standards closest to perfection.

Full Name of the Company Registered Official Address

: :

Ajanta Quarts (Orpat Industries) Orpat Industrial Estate, Rajkot-Morbi Highway, MORBI-363 641 (INDIA)

Year of Establishment Size of Firm Form of Organisation Name of the Products

: : : :

1971 Large Scale Unit Public Limited Company Clocks Time-Pieces Calculators Telephones

Brick Raw Material

Plain and Designed Glass Plastics Different Type of Wood

Facilities provided by the company :

Medical facility Housing facility Canteen facility Recreational facility Leave facility Guest House facility School Bus Services

Utilised Capacity


Distribution Channels

Manufacturer Distributors Dealers Retailers Customers

Total Workers Board of Directors

: :

3500 Mr. O. R. Patel Mr. Ashok Patel (M.D.) Mr. Jaisukh Patel (Wrist Watch) Mr Pravin Patel (Production)


State Bank of Saurashtra Indusind Bank


Management Representative Quality System Implementation & Control Internal Auditing Factory Department Production Operations Control Purchase Material Controls Subcontract Quality Assurance Maintains Engineering Department Engineering Technical R&D Administration Department Personnel Finance Local Staff Account Export General Affairs Security Excise Advertising Despatch After-Sales Service Marketing Department Marketing Research

Something that would push us into becoming a dominant force. We were grappling with ideas, says sales manager, Ajanta. As the marketing team discusses this, the ideas grew. It is important to share the excitement, the pace, the warmth and trust within the company with out dealers. We have to communicate our values to these people. I remember someone saying, lets call on every single dealer-cc whether the sells one clock or one lacs clocks. Lets felt to know them by name, says marketing manager Ajanta. In India, Ajanta has 138 main distributors and there are a number of sub-dealers within each distributor and in numerous retailer under subdealers. Thus, the channels of Ajanta is very wide over the country. As a result, they have achieved something remarkable: 75% market share in Indian Quartz Market. The present market standing of the company itself shows the higher level promotion activates and strategies to make efficient market share which Ajanta have made.

The marketing mix activities of product planning, pricing and distribution are performed mainly within a business or between a business and the members of its distribution channels. However, through its promotional activities, a firm communicates directly with potential customers. And, as well we see, it is not a simple process. Basically, promotion is an attempt to influence. And more

specifically promotion is an element in an organisations marketing mix that serves to inform, persuade and remind the market of the product and/or the organisation selling it, in hopes of influencing the recipients felling, beliefs or behaviour. Morden marketing calls for more than developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible to target customers. Companies must also communicate their present and potential customers, retailers, suppliers, other stock holder and general public. Every company is inevitable cast into the role of communicator and promoter. say, to whom and how often. Definition:Promotion consists of those activities that are designed to bring a companys goods and services to the favourable attention of customers. Mason & Rath.. For most companies, the question is not whether to communicate but rather what to

For promotion the following six Ws should be kept in mind by the communicator (I) WHOME TO COMMUNICATE?

The communicator must know whom he has to communicate. The receivers acceptance ability and grasping power should be known by him. For e.g. it farmer are to be given information about their farms and if technical words are used then the communicator will not get any result. According to buyers perception, the marketer should give message otherwise the buyer may understand it in the opposite manner. (II) WHY TO COMMUNICATE?

The marketer must know the objective for which he is communicating. If he is not aware of the objectives of the buyer not understanding that objectives, then the communication fails. For e.g. sales promotion is done to increase profits by increase in sales, but the price-off is such which leads to increase in sales but not in profits. Such price-off is useless. (III) WHAT TO COMMUNICATE? The marketer must know what he wants to communicate through message. For e.g. The customer must know the benefits of using product. If the quality of the product is described and nothing is said about its benefits

then it will not create the interest of the customers. The message must be understood in a similar way by both, the marketer and the customer. (IV) WHEN TO COMMUNICATE? The time for giving message should be decided. If the message is given too early then the consumer will forget the product when it is launched and if it is given too late then the consumers will take the advantage of it. (V) WHICH WAY TO COMMUNICATE? When the

The language, theme and media should be decided.

communicator gives the message he should know the ability of the receiver for understanding his language and theme. The say of giving the message is also important. If the information is to be used for a linger period of time, than it should be in writing. (VI) WHERE TO COMMUNICATE? The place also plays an important role in communication. be given in such a manner that it reaches the target customers. Thus if the above six point are kept in mind while communicating, then the favourable results can be achieved in an easy manner. The

surroundings and place can bring good results. Moreover the message should

Every company has to determine the communication objectives. Its the second W above mentioned. Once the target market and its characteristics are identified, the marketing communicator must decide on the desired audience response. The desired ultimate responses are purchase, high satisfaction land favourable record of month. But the purchase behaviour is the end result of a long process of consumer decision making. Consumer Decision Process Personal Process Perception Learning Motivation Interpersonal Influences Non-Personal Influence

Family Societal Cultural

Time - Place Environment

Positive or Negative Experience Post purchase Evolution

Evaluation or Alternatives Purchase Decision

The marketer can be seeking a cognitive, affective or behavioural response from the target audience. That is why marketers might want to put something into the consumer mind, change the consumers attitude.

The objectives of Promotion Mix are as under

1. Communication

It is main objective of promotion to inform the customers or prospective customers about the availability, features and uses of the products. Information tools are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and other modes which communicate properly to the consumers about the product. 2. Convincing It is not enough merely to communicate. Ideas to be communicated must be convincing so that necessary actions may follow. In other words, dissemination of information must produce marketing results. For this purpose, sellers should differentiate their own products with those of the competitors by creating brand loyalty. New or outstanding features of the products should be highlighted in a manner most convincing to consumers. 3. To motivate consumers For this purpose customers should be reminded time to time and service of the company by highlighting the main characteristics of the products with a comparative analysis of competitive products. should be stimulated by creating awareness. Demand

The marketing communicator must examine the following eights in developing an effective promotional programme 1. Identify the target audience. 2. Determine the communication message. 3. Design the message. 4. Select eh communication channels. 5. Establish the total promotion budget. 6. Decide the promotions results. 7. Measure the promotions result. 8. Manage & Co-ordinate the integrated marketing communication process. The target audience of Ajanta is economic calls public and general public. The communication objectives are as under: a. Excellence in quality b. Ceaseless quest for higher productivity c. Maximum customer satisfaction d. Environment conducive to Employees growth. e. Vigilant search for opportunity for growth and fulfilment of social objectives. The message the AJANTA want to convince the target audience is of the best strength and best quality.

The AJANTA has dealers as middleman between the company and target audience. Sometimes there are sub-dealers also. Ajanta prepared budget by considering the following two points: Total market Share Market Potentiality The Ajantas promotion mix includes two tools: Advertising Sales Promotion And then the company evaluate the whole programmes and measures the result.

Promotion mix is the name given to the combination of methods used in communicating with customers. Usually a firm chooses more than one type of promotional tools and the manager of the firm is to decide how he is going to choose the communication media and blend them into an effective promotion programme. The following factors should be considered while determining the promotion mix: Nature of the Product Stage of Product Life Cycle Nature of the Market Availability of Funds Nature of the Technique Nature of the product Quartz is a consumer product, the price of which is very low and it is not completely durable consumer goods, so, to increase or balance the market share it is compulsory to promote the product to sell again to the same consumers. Stage of product life cycle The stage of AJANTA is maturity. During maturity, advertising and personal selling are needed to ensure continued patronage of customers; and to meet competition. Nature of the market

Nature of market on the numbers and location of customer/ prospective customers influence the promotion mix to great extent. Agamarket is regional market but since last two-three years they have started to capture the national market. So, for the company, advertising and sales promotion is the best. Availability of funds Availability of funds also affects the promotion mix. If funds available for promotional purposes are large, (and it is) a mix of all promotion tools may be used simultaneously. Advertising is costly but can attract a large number of customers and scattered all over the country. So far as Ajanta is concerned there is nothing to worry about the funds because it is having a good financial strength and it able to invest its huge funds when and where it requires. Nature of technique Each promotion technique has its own advantages and disadvantages and they must be understood before deciding the promotion mix. Advertising is impersonal and mass media of promotion. It is a pervasive medium. Size, colour and sound may be added to make it more effective. Thus, advertising can be used for building long term image of the product and for generating quick sales. Sales promotion incentives induce buyers to buy now and create quick response and boost sagging sales. Public relations enjoy high creditability and can be used to supplement other tools.

In the Ajanta, it uses the latest techniques in producing the Quartz. Time-pieces, calculators, telephones. It enables them to reduce the cost per unit because high technology is having much more productivity an speedy production. So, by developing good techniques it is must necessary to have a good promotional strategy to sell the companys products in bulk quantity.

Strategy of promotion mix push or pull strategy of the company determines the promotion mix. Strategy of Ajanta lays down the broad principles by which the company hopes to secure an advantage over competitors. Exhibit attractiveness to buyers and lead to full exploitation of companys resources. Thus, above all factors affect the promotion mix.

There are five forms of Promotion Mix

Each has distance features that determine in what situations it will be most effective. Personal Selling This is the direct presentation of a produce to a prospective consume by a representative of th organisation selling it. Personal selling takes place face to face or over the phone and it may be directed to a middle man or a final consumer. We list it first because, across all business, mere money is spent on personal selling than no any other form of promotion. Advertising This is impersonal mass communication that the sponsor has paid forehand in which the sponsor is clearly identified. The most familiar forms of advertising are found in the broadcast network (television and radio) and paint (newspapers and magazines) media. However, there are many other advertising alternatives, from direct merit to billboards and the telephone directory yellow pages. Sales Promotion

This is demand stimulating activity designed to supplement advertising and facilitate personal selling. It is paid for by the sponsor and frequently involves a temporary incentive to encourage a purchase. Many sales promotion are directed at consumers. The majority, however are designed to encourage the company; sales force or other members of its distribution channel to sell its products more aggressively. This latter category is called trade promotion. Included in sales promotion are wide spectrum of activities such as concerts, trade shows, in-store displays rebates, samples, premiums, discount and coupons. Public relations It encompasses a wide variety of communication efforts to contribute to generally favourable attitudes and opinions toward an organisation and its products. Unlike most advertising and personal selling, it does not include a specific sales message. The targets may be customers, stockholders, a government agency, or a special interest group. Public relation can take many forms, including newsletters, annual reports, lobbying and sponsorship of charitable civic events. Publicity It is special form of public relation that involves news stories about an organisation or its products. Like advertising it involves an impersonal message that reaches a mass audience through the media. But several things distinguish publicity from advertising. It is not paid for the organisation that is the subject of the publicity has no control over it, and it appears as news and therefore has greater creditability than advertising. Organisations seek good publicity and frequently provide the material for it in the form of news

releases, press conferences and photographs. There is, of course, also bad publicity, which organisations try to avoid or deflect.

Ajanta sells mostly through Distributors. They are not only dealers of Ajanta, but are also the members of Ajanta Group or Ajanta Parivar. The executives believe and we can say by their nice, friendly and heart bounded relations with their distributors and dealers that Ajanta had wedded with their range of distributors. Ajanta gives three grades to their dealers. I. Distributors II. Dealers. Ajanta gives the following incentives I. For Distributors Ajanta give fix percentage as commission on the sales. This is quite suitable for the company. distributors. II. For Dealers Ajanta gives 12.5% to 20% commission to its dealers. It gives 15% to 25% commission to the

Price is the 2nd P in marketing mix while Promotion is 4th P. there is no direct relation between pricing and promotion. The promotional programmes affect pricing in two ways. 1. promotional cost increases the total cost of production 2. Promotional efforts helps in increasing demand which also affects price. The promotional cost of Ajanta is very high but a negligible amount when we compared it with sales turnover. It has the following reasons: o Ajanta is having computerised technology. o It is having wide channels of distribution. o It is well planned and cheap facilities to distribute the products in all over India. o Well managed wide marketing system. Due to all these reasons the cost per unit of different products is very low in comparison of other companies in the same field. Thus, Ajanta can stand firmly and by charging comparatively less price can attract more customers through the combination of


Advertising, as one of the promotional tool, offers the only magic formula to protect consumer franchise in an age where competition and category segmentation make a shotgun single messaging approach. It is upto the Brand Custodian the agency to ensure total brand strategies for clients and provide end to end support. Classic studies show that people take action only when they have a goal. More important, however, they must perceive the goal and accept it as such before they will act. Here in lies the roots of effective marketing and especially advertising. Advertisers must first help potential customers, perceive the existence of the product and its value in supplying a want or need. Once customers are aware of the product and its value and establish the goal of satisfying their want or need, they may be motivated to act. And the greater the potential value or utility of the need satisfying product. There are many ways to look at advertising-as a business, as a creative process, as a social phenomenon and as a fundamental ingredient of a free enterprise system. It is a marketing tool, a creative process, a dynamic hybrid discipline employing elements of the various arts and sciences. The British novelist Horman Bouglas affirmed the global significance of advertising when he remarket, You can tell the ideas of the nation by its advertising. According to the American Institution, Everyone living and working in the modern world today is influenced by advertising.

All advertisers face a parental challenge. How to effectively present their goods, services and ideas through the medial to buyers. But to do this

they may first comprehend the subject relationship between the product and market place. The relationship is the province of marketing. Generally advertising goes with all the activities of marketing. companys marketing plans and strategy. Advertising helps the organisation to achieve its marketing goals, so do marketing research, sales, product distribution and inventory controls. And all these other marketing specialities have a relationship to and impact on the advertising a company employs. Therefore, an effective advertising specialist must have a broad understanding of the marketing environment in which advertising operates. Communication Whom to say What to say How to say Whom to say Marketing Who sells What to sell How to sell Whom to sell Why to sell = Saying Something It communicates

Communicator Message Channels-medias Target audience = Manufacturers Product/Service/Ideas Channels of distribution Target audience To fulfil the objectives Selling Something

Over the years, a very extensive volume of literature has taken shape on the subject of advertising. In the last two decades, in particular, the expansion in the literature on the subject has been so tremendous that advertising has evoked into a separate full-fledged field of study. The term advertising originated from the Latin work Adverto which means to turn round. Advertising thus denotes the means employed to drew attention to my object or purpose. According to American Marketing Association, Advertising has been defined as any paid from of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. Thus, advertising is the ability to tell well in order to sell. It is a process by which the message is given by the advertiser through various media. It is a forum of pre-selling which carries out the first four steps of sale i.e. Catch attention Arrange interest Crease desire Induce action

Quartz, Calculators, Telephones & Timepieces are such products which cannot be sold in mass or bulk quantity without advertising of its. With the help of advertising to the mass people, they come to know about the brand of the company. Without effectiveness advertising nobody will be read to purchase the product. Previously the company was not giving the advertisement in the television, it was advertising only through newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, posters and through products design itself. The reasons for medium expenses. In television advertisement of Ajanta are as follows: The product of Ajanta is well known by most of people of Indian people. The design of every quartz itself is an important tool for advertisement for Ajanta, so there is not need to make more expenses on advertisement than that of requirement. The Quality standards of the Ajanta Quartz encourage the people to purchase only Ajantas product, so, Ajanta believes to make expenses in attractive design and quality performance that of T.V. advertisement. Though Ajanta never hesitate in making advertisement expenses when and where it needed to be made.


Advertising is one of the most common tool companies use to direct communications to target buyers and public. In developing an advertising programme, marketing manager must always start by identifying the target market and buyers motives. Then they can proceed to make five major decisions in developing an advertising programme, knows as the five Ms: Mission Money Message Media Measurement What are the advertising objectives? How much can be spent? What message can be sent? What media should be used? How should results be evaluated?

Sales promotion is an important instrument in marketing to lubricate the marketing efforts. Today, a sales promotion is a necessity and not merely a luxury or a fashion. It is not an expenditure, it is an investment which can pay rich dividends. It is an integral part of immediate inducement that adds an extra value to the product, so that it promotes the dealers, distributors or ultimate consumers to buy the product. The American Marketing Association defines sales promotion as follows: Sales promotion is media and new media marketing pressure applied for a predetermined, limited period of them, at the level of consumer, retailer or wholesaler, in order to stimulate trial, increase consumer demand, or improve availability. In other words, sales promotion is a direct inducement offering extra incentive all along the marketing route to enhance the produces movement from producer to consumer. According to Ajanta effective sales promotion maximise sales value. It helps to build market value. It generates sales that would not otherwise be achieved.

Sales Promotion & Advertising

Sales promotion differ from advertising in many ways:

Advertising is mostly an indirect approach towards persuading consumers to buy a product, sales promotion is a direct and almost an open inducement to consumers to immediately but the product.

While advertising normally has long term objective like building brand awareness or consumer loyalty or repositioning a brand, sales promotion performs an immediate task to increase current sales.

While advertising helps sales by adding some durable and long term value to the product, sales promotion aids selling temporarily changing the existing price value relationship or the product. Sales promotion moves the product towards the buyer, while advertising moves the buyers towards the product. Recently sales promotion has been the fastest growing method of promotion with expenditure being shifted from advertising. Total annual expenditures for sales promotion area estimated to be parallel or is also being integrated into the total marketing strategy in may firms. afterthought. Thus, advertising and sales promotion have their own distinct roles to perform in a marketing plan, when these roles are properly understood and used, they can yield better results. It is being introduced at the inception of a promotion campaign, not taken as a

Objectives Of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion tools vary in their specific objectives. A free sample stimulates consumer train, whole a free management advisory service comments a long term relationship with a retailer. Sellers use incentive type sales promotion to attract new tiers, to reward loyal consumers, and to increase the repurchase rates of occasional users. Sales promotions often attract the brand switchers because thy are primarily looking for low price, good value or premiums. We can identify three broad objectives of sales promotion of Ajanta:

Stimulating business user or household demand for a product. Improving the marketing performance of middlemen and sales people. Supplementing advertising and facilitating personal selling. One sales promotion technique may accomplish one or two but probably not all of these objectives. program. A firms objective to increase sales by entering new geographic market scan be fulfilled by pull strategy, one way to encourage product trial and line consumers away form familiar brand. The choice of sales promotion techniques should be dedicated by the objectives of the total marketing

A firms objective to protect market share in the fact of intense completion can be fulfilled by push strategy to improve detailed performance and goodwill. Training retailers, sales people, supplying effective, paint of purchase displays and increasing advertising allowances would be appropriate sales promotion options. A firms objective to increase sale be entering new geographic markets can be fulfilled by pull strategy, one way to encourage product trial and line consumers away from familiar brand.

Can Standardised Sales Promotion Be A Part Of Marketing Programme

As more firms become multinational in their operations, it becomes clear that there is one most effective way to promote their products. But could it also standardise its sales promotion? There are several reasons why this may not be possible: Level of economic development Limited purchasing power combined with low literacy level restricts the number of sales promotion options in developing countries. In developing countries, samples and demonstrations are the most common sales promotion tools, while coupons, common in developed countries, are seldom used. Stage of market development The same product is frequently sold in mature markets where there are numerous competitors and consumers are familiar with alterative brands, and new markets where not only is the brand unknown, but the product class is also new to consumers. In mature markets, greater emphasis is placed on increasing the number of stores that stock the product by using promotional tools such as trade allowances to middlemen, while in new markets getting consumers to try the product through sampling and couponing is most appropriate. Consumer vales

Sales promotion techniques are evaluated differently from culture to culture. Some consumers feel shy to use the gifts they get with main products. Thus what might be seen as company valuable premium in one country may be viewed as an indication of poverty in another. Government Regulations Laws governing what is permissible and the manner in which promotions can be carried out differ across countries. They only sales promotion permitted by all member countries in the European Community are free samples, in store, demonstrations and reusable packages. Structure of Retail Trade The dominance of large and powerful chain stores versus small independent retailers in a market will influence the success of promotion chains prefer trade promotions that provides price discounts and in store customer promotions. However, smaller stores do not buy in large enough quantities to benefit significantly from trade discounts. Because the goal of advertising is to build awareness and familiarity with a brand, the use of common themes around the world can be effective. But the objective of sales promotion is action trail, purchase, repurchase, purchase at a larger quantity an so forth. Thus, it must be adopted to the particular conditions of the market.

Sales Promotion Strategies

Sales Promotion employs two types of strategies i.e. push strategies and pull strategies. Manufacturers who market through normal channels must serve the co-operation of retailers. So they use push strategies utilizing trade promotion tactics. Trade promotions are primarily defensive tactics designed to protect self space against competitors. Pull strategies, on the other hand, use offensive consumer promotion tactics to attract customers and increase demand for the product. PUSH STRATEGY Manufacturers salesman Wholesaler Wholesalers salesman Retailer Retailers salesman Consumer

PULL STRATEGY Wholesalers salesman

Manufacture r




Factors Affecting The Choice Of Sales Promotion

The following factors affect the choice of sales promotional tools to be used by AJANTA: The promotional Objectives of AJANTA The promotional objectives of AJANTA at head office level affects the choice of sales promotional tool to be used at branch level. The objective may be pull or push strategy. If push strategy is given stress, then trade promotional tools are use. Target Market For Promotion The choice of sales promotional tool differs for ultimate consumers and for dealers. Cost of The Tool If the tool to be used is costly and if longer area is to be covered, avoided and cheaper one is selected. Thus, the tools to be used differ from time to time and from place to place. They change as per the influence of the above factors.

Sales Promotional Tools Of Ajanta

There are many sales promotion tools available to accomplish sales promotion objectives. The promotion planner should take into account the type of market, sales promotion objective, etc. factors into consideration. These tools are divided into two broad categories:

Consumer Promotional Tools

These tools include those efforts aimed at influencing the final consumer. Such promotions are designed to motivate consumers to immediate action. To accomplish this task, marketers have developed quite a variety of sales promotion techniques. AJANTA implements Following Promotional Tools: Coupons The coupons are issued to dealers and distributors only. They are prompted by targeting the sales quota and to inspire them. AJANTA makes lucky draw for them. Premium Premiums (or gifts) are merchandise offered at a relatively low cost or free as an incentive to purchase a particular product. In the inpack premium, the goals are packed with premium. Its description is given on the package of goods. A self liquidating premium is an item sold below its marginal retail price to the consumers who request it. Point Of Purchase (POP), Displays & Demonstrations

POP, displays and demonstrations takes place at the point of purchase or sale. Displays window posters and other advertising materials located light in the store are known as POP materials. Advertising or display materials at the retail location build traffic, advertise the product and promote impulse buying.

Trade Promotional Tools : Push Strategy

Manufacturers use a number of trade promotion tools. Surprisingly mere sales promotion budget is directed to trade then to consumers, manufacturers seek four objectives in awarding money to the trade. They are: a. Trade promoters can persuade the retailer or wholesaler to carry the brand b. It can persuade the retailer or wholesaler to carry more goods. c. It can induce the retailers to promote the brand by featuring display the brand reductions. d. It can stimulate the retailers and their sales clerks to push the product.

The major trade promotional tools used by AJANTA are as follows:

Free Goods It is an offer of a certain amount of product free of const on purchase of certain quantity of quartz of the same AJANTA gives ball pens, key chains, diaries, etc. to their dealers and costly gifts at the time of Diwali. Targeted Schemes This scheme was specially offered in 1998-1999. according to this scheme if dealers sell certain quantity predetermined. Various Meetings AJANTA arranges following type of meetings: Family Meetings Its one type of gathering of all dealers and their family. Just like an occasion including dinner, music, movie show, etc. AJANTA arranges about 300 meetings at various places in a year. Technical Meetings In which technician gathers and asks about their problems and guided properly. AJANTA arranges 120 meetings in a year. Dealer Meetings In which dealer are invited, guided and motivated. In all type of meetings they either offer snakes or dinner to them.

Advisory Council Meeting

In which company decides how the various problems be solved, why they arise, how much time it will take to solve, etc. Sweet distribution Free Calendar Diary, etc. Free painting of advertising around the shop, on the wall of the shop to the dealer.

Sales Promotion Budget

Introduction The promotion budget should be established when the budget for the total promotional mix is determined. Combining sales promotion with advertising or public for budgetary purposes or lumping it together with an appropriation labelled advertising is likely to prevent the development of a separate sales promotion strategy. Sales promotion may than be over looked or poorly integrated with other components of promotion. Setting a separate budget for sales promotion forces a company to recognise and manage this important activity. Consistent with developing an integrated strategy, the amount budgeted for sales promotion should be determined by the task method. This forces management to consider specific objectives and the sales promotion techniques that will be used to accomplish them. Various factors to be considered while preparing sales promotion budget are as follows: The extent of retention of dealer. The perceived value of product. Value and availability of free gift. Free goods given should be serviceable. The extent of advertisement cost. The life cycle of the product. COST INCLUDED IN SALES PROMOTION BUDGET

At AJANTA, sales promotion budget is derived after inclusion of all the following costs: ADVERTISMENT COST DISTRIBUTION COST INVENTORY COST MANPOWER COST GIED COST INCENTIVE COST After determining all the above costs, total sales promotion budget is derived. AJANTA generally budget 3% to 4% of total sales turnover as sales promotion budget. Company spends highest amount on sales promotion among all promotional activities.

Publicity & Public Relation

Public relations is a management tool designed to favourably influence attitudes towards on organisation, its products and its policies. It is an often overlooked form of promotion. Public relations acitivities typically are designed to build or maintain a favourable image for an organisation and a favourable relationship with its various public, customers, prospectors, stockholders, employers, labour union, the local community and the government. Publicity As A form Of Public Relation Pubilicity is any communication about an organisation, its products or policies through the media that is not paid by the organisation. Publicity usually takes the form of a news story appearing in a mass medium or an endorsement provided by an individual, either informally or in a speech or interview. Only recently have organisations come to appreciate the value of good public relations. As the art of promotion has gone up, firms are realising that positive exposure through the medial or as a result of community involvement can produce a high return on the investment of time and effort. Publicity can help to accomplish any communication objective. It can be used to announce new products, publish new policies, recognize employee, describe research break through or report financial performance if the message, person, group or events is viewed by the media s newsworthy. Publicity is not forced on the audience. The creditability of publicity typically is much higher than advertising. AJANTA Provides Other Under Mentioned Services To Employees

The growth of AJANTA has been a single unit to multi unit with multi-location activities. Spread out in north and western India there are so many public relation activities going on in the organisation. The story of the people who have innovative contributions to make, to enable the organisation continue research towards excellence. AJANTA believes that unless the employees are motivated and willing to work, is not possible to achieve higher productivity. For the employees to be motivated they must feel secure and the organisation must have good future for them. AJANTA believes that people, once willing can give best results and be discipline member of the work team. Training Programme ON Total Quality Management AJANTA organised training camp for its workers when they are needed to be trained or any new technology or new machined comes on the company. AJANTA believes that it is the people who make things happen. They are to be treated as long term fixed assets of the organisation. For maximum productivity it is necessary to continuously watch the individual with the job free communication and information sheering. The individual worker perceives the ration as an extension of an organisation and himself to be individual excellence. The rational for this is the belief that the whole is greater than the four of its individual parts.

Benefits Of Publicity

Lower Cost Than Advertising Or Personal Selling Publicity usually costs less because there are no media costs for conveying the message and no sales people to support. Increased Leadership Many consumers are conditioned to ignore advertising or at least pay it scant attention. Publicity is presented as editorial material news, so it getrs greater leadership. More Information Because it is presented as editorial material, publicity can contain greater detail than the usual advertisement. More informantion and persuasive content can be included in the message. Timeless A company can put out a news release very quickly when some unexpected event occurs.


After going through the training at AJANTA QUARTZ, I feel that every promotional and organisational activities are properly determined and implied as per predetermined objectives or goals. There is nothing to suggest to the type of large scale unit, as it is the only manufacturer for who produces the largest quantity of the quartz in the world. Though, if company can improve the following points then it can get square of success:

Though, AJANTA is having a lion share in Indian Quartz

Market, it should try to evaluate the market position and demand of its products in other countries and should go for expansion for catching more and more international market.

AJANTA, should try to promote the product by small gifts, gift

coupons, lucky winner draw, etc. to the direct consumer by which will improve the more sales in local market in Gujarat.

As AJANTA id more famous in normal designed clocks in

India, AJANTA should market its precious quartz with an attempt to catch the market from rich people in India, this will enable the company to earn a more profitable amount by less turnover.


At the end of this report it can very easily be concluded that AJANTA QUARTZ is the best company in India today. It has covered almost the national market. It has most efficient and effective management as well as staff and employees. The company has developed itself very rapidly in short period. Promotion mix of AJANTA have been studied here in this report. As company is in saturation stage, it need not to do more efforts for the get more market share and it is the best example of its strengths. As we have seen the company so not face any problems as price fluctuations and under utilization of capital which directly affects the productivity. productivity. From the study of this report, it is very clear that AJANTA is quickly climbing up the ladder of success. This report is concluded withal the best wishes for the growth and prosperity of AJANTA QUARTZ in the coming years. Thus, AJANTA is having a very good utilisation of its


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