QUESTION NO: 1 What are the two subtypes of the IF conditional statement in PL/SQL? A. if-then-endif and if-thenelseB.

if-then-else and if-then-elseifC. if-then-else and if-then-elseif-endifD. if-then-else and if-thenelseif-then-else Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 2 What are the two variables supported by PL/SQL? A. Explicit and implicit variablesB. Scalar and composite variablesC. Primary and default variablesD. Scalar and user-defined variables Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 3 Oracle supports all of the following types of collections except for which one? A. VARRAYSB. Nested arrayC. Nested tableD. Associative array Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 4 Which of the following identifiers can include any printable characters, including spaces? A. Quoted identifiersB. Predefined identifiersC. Valid identifiersD. Invalid identifiers Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 5 Which of the following types of message output contains a chronological log of errors, initializationparameter settings, and administration operations, and also records values for overwritten controlfile records? A. RMAN messagesB. alert_SID.logC. sbtio.logD. Oracle trace file Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 6 Which of the following statements is used to insert, update, or delete bulk data? A. FOR Loop statementB. BULK COLLECT INTO statementC. BULK statementD. FORALL statement

DBMS_MONITORD. Cursor FOR Loop statementC. VALUE_ERRORB. C++ programmingB. DBMS_SQLB. A catch statement has executed. While Loop statementD. An abnormal execution condition has been synchronously detected. Java programmingC. ZERO_DIVIDED. A throw statement has executed.Guaranteed3 A. Simple Loop statement .C.B. Range FOR Loop statementB.Answer: D QUESTION NO: 7 Which of the following exceptions is raised when a user tries to divide a number by zero? A. Ada programming Answer: D QUESTION NO: 11 Which of the following is ideal for querying a database table or view? A. DBMS_SCHEDULERC. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 9 Which of the following built-in packages supports dynamic SQL? A. An asynchronous exception has occurred." .D. OUT_OF_RANGEC. SELF_IS_NULL Answer: C QUESTION NO: 8 All of the following can be the causes of raising an exception except for which one?Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. DBMS_CRYPTO Answer: A QUESTION NO: 10 From which of the following programming languages are the features of PL/SQL programmingfetched? A. C programmingD. Any Time.

Default variable Answer: C QUESTION NO: 19 Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. CursorD. DETERMINISTIC Answer: C QUESTION NO: 18 Which of the following is another name for bind variable? A. PARALLEL_ENABLEC.34F Answer: D QUESTION NO: 17 Which of the following clauses indicates that a function is cached only once in the SGA and isavailable across sessions? A. 6." . 6. RESULT_CACHED. PIPELINEDB. Host naming Answer: C QUESTION NO: 16 Which of the following correctly represents floating point number literals? A.Answer: B E. Any Time.Guaranteed6 Which of the following exceptions is raised when the value of amount plus the offset exceeds themaximum size of LOB allowed by the database? A. FunctionC. User-defined variableB.34B. ProcedureB. 6. Access Answer: D QUESTION NO: 20 .34C. System variableC. F6. Session-level variableD.F34D.

D.C. Define the cursorD.Guaranteed7 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 23 Which of the following errors is raised when placeholders are put inside the overriding signature ofan INSERT statement? A. ORA-06502C. An explicit cursor can be declared in any declaration section of a PL/SQL block. Cursor Answer: B QUESTION NO: 21 All of the following statements about a named system exception are true except for which one? A. Fetch from the cursorC.B.D. Close the cursor Answer: C QUESTION NO: 25 . DeclarerD.B. These exceptions are caught by referencing the standard name within an exceptionhandlingroutine. Any Time. These exceptions are raised when a predefined Oracle error occurs.Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. The name of an explicit cursor can be up to 30 characters in length. ORA-01006B. Open the cursorB. WrapperB. These exceptions are declared explicitly.C. NO_DATA_FOUND is an example of a named system exception. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 22 All of the following statements are true about an explicit cursor except for which one? A. Values can be assigned to a cursor. A cursor name is not a PL/SQL variable.Which of the following terms is used for the declaration section of the named-block programs? A. PLS-00049 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 24 Which of the following is the first step in using a cursor? A. HeaderC." . ORA-00928D.

MON-DD-YYYYD. A messageC. Type of exceptionD. Whenever a message is displayed using RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR." .D.C. all previoustransactions which are not committed within the PL/SQL block are rolled back automatically. MON-DD-YYC. EMPTYD. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR raises an exception and handles it.Guaranteed9 Answer: A . Answer: B QUESTION NO: 26 Which of the following operators allows users to check whether a VARRAY or NESTED TABLEcollection is a subset of a mirrored datatype? A. Simple and searched Answer: D QUESTION NO: 29 Which of the following is NOT a part of a PL/SQL exception? A. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR is a built-in procedure in oracle which is used to display theuserdefined error messages along with the error number. An Error CodeOracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. Simple and compoundB. Simple and iterativeC. A return valueB. Any Time. MEMBER OFC. Direct and indirectD. DD-MON-YYB. DD-MON-YYYY Answer: D QUESTION NO: 28 What are the two types of CASE statements in PL/SQL? A. ISA SET Answer: A QUESTION NO: 27 Which of the following correctly represents the default format mask for dates in PL/SQLprogramming? A.All of the following statements about the RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR procedure are trueexcept for which one? A. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR is used to create a unique id for a user-defined exception. SUBMULTISETB.B.

The subblock can refer to the global exception only when the exception name is qualified withthe block label (block_label. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 31 All are lexical units except which of the following? A. The scope of an exception declared within a block is global for the block and local for all of itssub blocks. Black ArtB. CHR Answer: C QUESTION NO: 34 Which of the following functions is used to convert a cursor number to a weakly-typed cursorvariable? A. An exception cannot be declared more than once in a single block. Gray ArtC.exception_name).TO_CURSORD. the local declaration takespriority over the global declaration. Blue Art Answer: A QUESTION NO: 33 Which of the following PL/SQL built-in functions is used to find the position where a substringstarts in a string? A. LPADB. White ArtD.OPEN_CURSOR Answer: B QUESTION NO: 35 .TO_OPEN_CURSORB.D. IdentifiersE. INSTRD. DBMS_SQL. INITCAPC. When a global exception is declared again within a sub-block. DBMS_SQL. CommentsB.x programming? A. DBMS_SQL. DBMS_SQL.TO_REFCURSORC.QUESTION NO: 30 All of the following statements are true about an exception except for which one? A.B. VariablesC. LiteralsD. Delimiters Answer: B QUESTION NO: 32 Which of the following terms is given by developers to PL/SQL 2.C.

RPADD. Eponymous blockC. equality.D. ROLLBACKC. CHECKPOINT Answer: D QUESTION NO: 38 Which of the following statements is NOT true about records? A." . Answer: C QUESTION NO: 39 Which of the following PL/SQL functions is used to remove a set of characters from the beginningof a string? A.C.Guaranteed11 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 37 Which of the following is NOT a supported transaction control statement? A. Pseudonymous blockB. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 36 Which of the following is another name for an unnamed program unit in PL/SQL? A. In a SELECT list.C.In which of the following places is the record variable NOT allowed? A.B. Anonymous blockOracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. COMMITD. SAVEPOINTB. On the right side of the SET clause in an UPDATE statement. LTRIMC. Nested record types are not supported. RTRIMB. or inequality. Any Time.B. In the VALUES clause of an INSERT statement. Records can be tested for nullity. In the INTO subclause of a RETURNING clause. The datatype RECORD allows users to collect information about the attributes of something.D. LPAD Answer: B QUESTION NO: 40 . A SELECT or FETCH statement can be used to fetch column values into a record. Exotic blockD.

TO_CHAR( ) and TO_NCHAR()D. NO_DATA_FOUND Answer: C QUESTION NO: 43 All of the following statements are true about PL/SQL except for which one? A.D. VALUE_ERRORD. SUBSCRIPT_OUTSIDE_LIMITB." . Directory naming Answer: E . TO_REFCURSOR and TOCURSOR_NUMBERD. TO_LOB and TO_REFCURSORB. SUBSCRIPT_BEYOND_COUNTC. TO_NCLOB and TO_TIMESTAMPC. Any Time.Which of the following functions can be used to explicitly assign data literals? A. TO_CHAR( ) and DATE( )C. TO_CHAR( ) and CAST( )B.C.B. It is a case-insensitive programming language. Local namingD. TO_CLOB and TO_NCLOB Answer: C QUESTION NO: 42 Which of the following collection exceptions is raised when an attempt is made to use a data typethat cannot be converted to a PLS_INTEGER? A. Oracle NamesB. Answer: C Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. TO_DATE( ) and CAST() Answer: D QUESTION NO: 41 What are the two new functions added by the DBMS_SQL built-in package? A.Guaranteed13 QUESTION NO: 44 In which of the following naming methods are the connect identifiers stored in a centralizedLDAPcompliant directory server including Oracle Internet Directory and Microsoft Active Directory? A. It was developed by Oracle in the late 1980s. External namingE. Host namingC. Users can call PL/SQL directly from the command-line SQL*Plus interface. It is a purely procedural language.

REFCURSORB. Any Time. CONVERT is a datatype conversion function. ISNULLC. $$ Answer: D QUESTION NO: 49 Which of the following statements is NOT true about datatype conversions? A.C. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 50 . BETWEEN Answer: A QUESTION NO: 46 Which of the following collection methods returns the lowest subscript value that is used in acollection? A. Datatype conversion is often done explicitly in PL/SQL." . PRIOR method Answer: C QUESTION NO: 47 Which of the following data types is NOT available for session variables? A. &B.QUESTION NO: 45 Which of the following is a pattern matching operator in PL/SQL? A.B. NEXT methodC. VARRAY Answer: D QUESTION NO: 48 Which of the following symbols denotes PL/SQL conditional compilation-time variable? A.D.Guaranteed14 C. There are two types of datatype conversions: Implicit and Explicit. &&C. CHARD. Datatype conversion is also known as casting. LIKEB. LAST methodB. NUMBEROracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. IND. FIRST methodD. $D.

Trigger restrictionE. DML trigger Answer: A QUESTION NO: 92 Which of the following datatypes makes PL/SQL code to perform better under Real NativeCompilation? A.FLUSHB.D.Which of the following is NOT a procedure? A. DDL triggerF. The BULK COLLECT clause can be used both in server-side and client-side programs." . DBMS_RESULT_CACHE.INVALIDATEC.INVALIDATE_OBJECTD. When implicit datatype conversions are needed. Trigger timingD.Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. INSTEAD OF triggerB. Any Time. It is not possible to bulk collect into an associative array that has a string type for the key. multiple composite targets cannot be used inthe BULK COLLECT INTO clause. SIMPLE_ INTEGERC. Statement triggerD. Row triggerC. Answer: A . DBMS_RESULT_CACHE.STATUS Answer: D For which of the following types of triggers can the BEFORE and AFTER options NOT be used? A. Triggering eventC. Trigger type Answer: E QUESTION NO: 94 Which of the following statements is NOT true about the BULK COLLECT clause? A. Trigger actionB. NATIVE_INTEGERB. System event triggerE. DBMS_RESULT_CACHE. PLS_INTEGERD. DBMS_RESULT_CACHE.C. BINARY_ INTEGER Answer: B QUESTION NO: 93 Which of the following components of a DML trigger determines how many times the trigger bodyexecutes? A.Guaranteed27 B. A user can combine the BULK COLLECT clause with a FORALL statement.

Real Native CompilationC. SQLERROR Answer: B Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. Any Time. LAST_ROW_COUNTD. Inside a triggerC. Inside a packageD. LAST_SQL_FUNCTION_CODE Answer: D QUESTION NO: 97 Which of the following functions returns an error code and a brief message? A. SQLERRMC. At the schema level Answer: B QUESTION NO: 100 Which of the following is used to refer to the conditional compilation flags? A. Inside a PL/SQL blockB. LAST_ROW_IDB. INSERTD. $$operator syntaxC. CREATE Answer: E QUESTION NO: 96 Which of the following functions returns the SQL function code for the statement? A." . PL/SQL Code In lining Answer: D QUESTION NO: 99 In which of the following can a subprogram NOT be created? A. $ERROR directive . LAST_ERROR_POSITIONC.QUESTION NO: 95 Which of the following events CANNOT cause a trigger to fire? A. SQLMSGD. DROPB. DELETEC.Guaranteed28 QUESTION NO: 98 Which of the following provides compile time code optimization? A. Compound triggerD. $IF directiveD. $$identifier syntaxB. SELECTF. Cross-Session PL/SQL Result CacheB. UPDATEE. SQLCODEB.

It will return an error because the RETURN statement is missing from the executable section ofthe procedure.The database contains two tables named Players and Player_Bat_Stat. p_name VARCHAR2 (30). 2)) ISBEGIN INSERT INTO Employees (Emp_ID. Answer: A .Answer: A Emp_Name VARCHAR2 (30) Emp_Salarv NUMBER (5. v_min_salary := 20000.Add_Player. PUT_LINEC. PUT Answer: B QUESTION NO: 117 You work as an Application Developer for Dolliver Inc.D. The company uses an Oracle database. Any Time. Player_Pack.B. In order to accomplish the task.B.C. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 116 Which of the following procedures of the UTL_FILE package is used to write a line to a file. p_name. andappends an OS-specific line terminator? A. The v_min_salary variable cannot be assigned a value from outside of the package." . Emp_Name. 2)Mark wants to create a procedure named Add_Emp that will be used to insert new records in theEmployees table.C. You are required to createa package named Player_Pack.D.END. FFLUSHD.v_min_salary := 20000. you execute the following statement in order to create thepackage body: Which of the following statements will assign a value of 20. Mark executes the following statement:CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE Add_Emp (p_id IN NUMBER. It will return an error because the datatypes of the parameters in the procedure's parameter listcannot have length or precision specified.000 to the v_min_salary variable fromwithin a stand-alone procedure outside of the package? A. It will execute successfully and the procedure will be created. Emp_Salary)VALUES (p_id. p_sal). you first create the packagespecification by executing the following statement:Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam.Guaranteed35 After creating the package specification. In order to accomplish this. Player_Pack.v_min_salary := 20000. It will return an error because the RETURN clause is missing from the header section of theprocedure. What will happen when Mark executes the statement? A.p_sal NUMBER (5. PUTFB.

DBMS_OUTPUTD. DBMS_JOBB." . Any Time. UTL_HTTPC.Guaranteed36 . UTL_FILE Answer: B Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam.QUESTION NO: 118 Which of the following Oracle supplied packages is used to access data on the Internet from SQLand PL/SQL? A.


emp_name || " || emp_cur.emp_name || " || emp_rec.emp_name || " || emp_rec. Therefore.emp_name || " || emp_rec.PUT_LINE (emp_cur.salary).CURSOR emp_cur IS SELECT emp_name.END LOOP.END LOOP. This way the code of the programhas now become a bit lengthy.emp_name || " || emp_rec. salaryFROM employeesWHERE salary > 10000.PUT_LINE (emp_rec. you want to display the details of all such employees.E. FOR emp_rec IN emp_curOPEN emp_curLOOPDBMS_OUTPUT. and then closed it various times within a program.000.salary).PUT_LINE (emp_rec.C. LOOPFOR emp_rec IN emp_curDBMS_OUTPUT.END LOOP. fetched arow from it.END LOOP. FOR emp_rec IN emp_curLOOPDBMS_OUTPUT.D.END LOOP.PUT_LINE (emp_rec. Answer: B .salary). You have opened the cursor.QUESTION NO: 119 You have created a cursor named emp_cur to retrieve the names of those employees whosesalary is greater than 10.CLOSE emp_curB. you decide to use the cursor FOR loop to decrease thelength of the program so that the data can be retrieved easily and quickly.Now.salary). FOR emp_cur IN emp_recLOOPDBMS_OUTPUT. FOR emp_rec IN emp_curLOOPDBMS_OUTPUT.salary). Which of the following isthe valid syntax of the cursor FOR loop that you will insert into the code? A.PUT_LINE (emp_rec.

Answer: B. In PL/SQL. blind_carbon_copy." . Cursor variableB. You use the UTL_MAIL.SEND (subject. / But this code fails run-time compilation. mime_type. Remove the semicolon. Remove the forward slash (/).D QUESTION NO: 248 You have written the following PL/SQL code:SET SERVEROUTPUT ON SIZE 1000000BEGINEND.B. receiver.QUESTION NO: 120 Which of the following variables is the key to communication between the host program andOracle?Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. carbon_copy. Any Time.D. Pointer variableD. Which of the following is the valid syntax that you will insert into the PL/SQLcode to accomplish the task? A.Guaranteed92 . A. Remove the SQL*Plus SERVEROUTPUT variable. one at a time to the Oracle ser ver.C. Any Time.Guaranteed37 A. PL/SQL is a high-performance transaction-processing language. Place at least one statement between the BEGIN and END statements of the PL/SQL block. Indicator variableC.D. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 249 You want to send an email from inside the PL/SQL code.C.SENDprocedure for this. the statements of the block are sent line by line. subject.sender. What should you do to remove this error? A.B. Choose all that apply. Host variable Answer: D D. priority).C." . UTL_MAIL.Oracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. Executable section Answer: D QUESTION NO: 247 Which of the following are the benefits of PL/SQL?Each correct answer represents a complete solution. PL/SQL supports all SQL datatypes and all SQL functions. PL/SQL blocks can be named and stored in the Oracle server and reused as required inanother PL/SQL program.message.

priority). Answer: C.Currently. What type of PL/SQL object is this considered as? A. D. message. UTL_MAIL.B. A triggerOracle 1z0-144: Practice Exam"Pass Any Exam. mime_type.mime_type.message. D. carbon_copy. blind_carbon_copy. subject. A. Edit the init.Guaranteed93 . . receiver.ora file and remove the REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE parameter B.SEND (subject.D. the Oracle server uses the timestamp mode for managing remote dependencies amongobjects. subject." .SEND (sender. Choose two. Set the REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE parameter to SIGNATURE by using the ALTERSESSION statement. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 250 You work as an Application Developer for Gentech Inc. priority). receiver. subject. carbon_copy.message. You also want to ensure that thesignature mode is applicable to all sessions in the database. receiver.C. Any Time. sender.SEND (sender. blind_carbon_copy. The company uses an Oracle database. C.D QUESTION NO: 251 One of the users creates the following PL/SQL object. What will you do to accomplish this? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. carbon_copy. UTL_MAIL. A package body B. priority).B. You want the Oracle server to use the signature mode.ora file and set the REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE parameter to SIGNATURE. blind_carbon_copy. UTL_MAIL. Edit the init. Set the REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE parameter to SIGNATURE by using the ALTERSYSTEM statement. C. mime_type.

A. The DBA_OBJECTS view D. which in turn have a view named ename. You issue the ALTER view ename COMPILE statement. The DESC command C.C.D . A package specification Answer: D QUESTION NO: 252 You work as a Database Administrator for Hitech Inc. however. Choose two. you need to repair and compile the view.The database contains a table named Employee. The SHOW ERROR command B. The company uses Oracle as its database. As a DBA. Thereis some issue with the ename view. A type specificationD. Which ofthe following will you use to accomplish the task? Each correct answer represents a part of thesolution. the compilation failed. The DBA_DEPENDENCIES view Answer: B.

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