18th January, 2012

To: Smt. Neela Satyanarayan State Election Commissioner Maharashtra.

Sub: Complaint against Subodh Kumar (Municipal Commissioner of MCGM) against his acts and statements given in media during the period of Election Code of Conduct.

Madam, I, Sanjay Upadhyay resident of Mumbai having my office at Vasant Smruti, 3rd Floor, Dadasaheb Phalke Road, Dadar (East), Mumbai 400 014, the General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party, Mumbai with great restrain have to write to you as follows:-

1. The Municipal Commissioner is the highest authority under whom the entire Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai functions. He is responsible for all acts done by the MCGM. The Mumbai Civic Polls are held to elect representatives from various wards for local self-governance.

2. The Mumbai Civil Polls are to be held on 16th February, 2012. Your office has declared the Election code of conduct to be maintained from 4th January 2012. Mr. Subodh Kumar (Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai) is using the media to get political mileage and political gain for the Political party in control and power of the State Government i.e The Congress and NCP party.

3. Mr. Subodh Kumar has given articles in prestigious newspapers wherein it is categorically mentioned that the author of the article is the Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai. Subodh Kumar has made the following statements. Hence owners will not be susceptible to blackmail Building Permission Rules in Mumbai have huge discretionary powers give to authorities which was misuse The bribe amount does not go from the Developers pocket Thus although the manipulation done by the Developers the flat buyers was held guilty of violating the law From now on all Developers will receive equal treatment. It will not only eliminate corruption but will speed up a building the approval procedures .

The said statements clearly indicate that Mr. Subodh Kumar is inducing the public at large and conveying them a message that the acts done by him during his tenure are beneficial for the public and have attempted to eliminate corruption. Thus, during the period of code of conduct Subodh Kumar is making statements so as to lure the public at large to take note of

the actions done by the Political Party in control of the State Government. The cuttings of the articles i.e Times Of India, dated 16th Jan 2012 on page no.4 , is enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

4. The said statements published are against all basic norms of elections and the civics to be maintained during the period of code of conduct.In the said Article, it is also mentioned that the Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai was aware that corruption, bribing was rampant and it was he who initiated the process of amendment to the Development Control Rules which have lead or which would lead to decrease in corruption or eliminate corruption. This statement is to gain a political mileage for the Political party i.e Congress and NCP.

5. I, respectfully call upon you to take action against the said Political party i.e Congress/NCP and also against the Mr. Subodh Kumar for his acts which are in clear violation to the Election Code of Conduct. I therefore request you to take strict action against Mr.Subodh Kumar and the said Political parties.

Yours faithfully

(Sanjay Upadhyay)

C.c to

Commissioner of Police

With a view to call upon the said Subodh Kumar and investigate into the statement made of corruptions and bribes being taken by the Municipal Officers from builders and appropriate complaint be lodged against the said Municipal Commissioner.

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