Wells of Love, Wishes for Water

This craft project designed for students ages 6 – 14, aims to raise awareness and nurture appreciation for water by sharing stories about children in the Azawak who have none. Students read a small vignette about a child's life in the Azawak. They craft a well into which they place a heart-felt wish for water. They bring the wishing well home as a reminder about this most precious resource, and to raise awareness among their family members. Their Well of Love can be used to collect coins, perhaps between now Valentines Day (Feb 14), World Water Day (March 22), or Earth Day (April 22).

One paper cup 2 wooden craft sticks 2 wishing papers 1 picture label of an Azawak child 1 index card markers, heart stickers, construction paper – for decorating scissors, glue, a pen

Read Anaha or Youssoufʼs story. Close your eyes. From your heart, make a Wish for Water. Remember your wish as you make your wishing well: 1. Your paper cup will be the base of the well. Decorate it with markers, heart stickers and construction paper. 2. The craft sticks will hold up the roof of the well. Tape one stick vertically on each side so that they stick out from the top of the cup. 3. An index card will form the roof of the well. Shape the roof by trimming the edges of the card. Place a picture label of a child from the Azawak on the top of the roof. 4. Use the blue paper to write your Wish for Water. Please write it two times. You may want to cut your wish into the shape of a water drop. Glue your wish onto the roof next to the label. Give the 2nd copy to us so we can share your wish for water. 5. Using some tape, attach the index card to the top of the craft sticks to form the roof. Please take your Wishing Well home, and remember your Wish for Water.

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