Please spare a few moments to fill out the following questionnaire as applicable to your personal blogging behaviour.

Type µ>¶ in the space provided or highlight in bold (according to your convenience) the answer most applicable to you or fill in the blanks appropriately: y What is your gender? Male y Female

What is your age? (Please answer numerically, i.e., 19 instead of nineteen) ____


Please indicate the highest level of education completed. Elementary School High School or equivalent College/university Master/professional degree Ph.D.

Q1: How many active blogs do you operate? ______ Q2: How long have you been blogging actively? Less than 3 months 3 - 6 months 7 - 12 months 1 - 2 years 3 - 4 years 5 years or more Q3: How many posts does your blog archive contain? Less than 50 51 - 100 101 - 200 201 - 300

301 -500 501 or more Q4: What is your posting frequency? Several times a day Every day 1 - 4 times a week Once a week Twice a month Once a month Q5: On average, how much time do you spend every time you update your blog? Less than 30 minutes 0.5 - 1 hour 1 - 2 hours 3 - 4 hours 5 hours or more Q6: What blogging platform do you use? (tick all that apply) Blogger Wordpress Typepad LiveJournal Movable Type Posterous Tumblr Self-hosted domain Other If other, please specify ____________________ Q7: Where do you primarily blog from?

Home School Workplace College During commute Other If other, please specify ____________________ Q8: How often do you blog on the following topics? (Type µ>¶ or µYES¶ wherever applicable) Topic Entertainment Very Often Often Sometimes Rarely Never

Interests & Hobbies






Politics & Politicians


Art & Culture


Your Creative Work

Personal experience


Q9: When you write posts for your blog, how often do you provide links to online resources in the posts? Very often Often Sometimes Rarely Never Q10: What name do you use to identify yourself on your blog? Real name Variant of real name Pseudonym Not available Q11: How do you identify people (i.e. friends, family members) you know personally on blog? Real name Variant of real name Pseudonym Never write about people I know personally Q12: Do you have photographs of yourself on blog? Yes

No Q13: Do you have photographs of people you know personally on your blog? Yes No Q14: How private are the things you write about on blog? ("Private" means either personal or confidential) Extremely private Very private Somewhat private A little bit private Not private at all Q15: How much attention do you pay to the appearance of your blog and presentation of posts? I go all out; create my own template, keep user-friendliness in mind, search/develop relevant widgets and innovate and experiment on every aspect of blogging I take care that the content is presented well and the look represents my sentiments I experiment with the options of the blogging platform I use, I¶m not interested about third party applications. I use defaults and believe that content speaks for itself. Other If other, please specify ____________________ Q16: How many widgets of functionality/aesthetic sense i.e. blogroll, external links, site counter, guestbook, poll/vote, weather, wishlist, etc. are you currently using on your blog? None 1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 30 30 or more

Q17: Do you belong to any blog communities (also known as blogrings)? Yes No Q18: How many blog communities/blogrings do you belong to? __________ Q19: Do you link with the blog communities/blogrings you belong to on your blog? Yes, I link to all of them Yes, I link to some of them No, I don't link to any of them Q20: Which of the following ways do you use to promote your blog? (Select all that apply) Directly tell people about your blog Have blog listed in search engines/directories Join blogrings/communities Leave your blog when comment on others' blogs Print blog address on business card Exchange links with other blogs Include blog in signature of email/chat accounts etc. Using commercial advertising services None. I don¶t believe in blog promotion Other If other, please specify ____________________ Q21: Are people allowed to comment on your blog? Yes No Q22: How often do you reply to your readers' comments? Always. I reply personally to every single comment Often. I reply when I am free

Sometimes. When I¶m in the mood Rarely. I find it tedious Never. I don¶t see the point Q23: Do you limit access to your blog? Yes, I'm the only one who can view my blog. Yes, only some people can view my blog No, all the people can view my blog Q24: Who are among the readers you mainly blog for? (Select all that apply) Myself Family Friends Colleagues Internet acquaintances General public Don't know Other If other, please specify ____________________ Q25: What options do your readers have when attempting to contact you? (Select all that apply) Email Instant Messenger (e.g., MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Skype ...etc) Guestbook Contact Form Shoutbox Telephone Mail Social networking profile link (Facebook, Orkut etc.)

None Other If other, please specify ____________________ Q26: Do you use trackbacks/linkbacks to inform other bloggers you are writing about them? Every time when possible Often Sometimes Rarely Never I don't know how to send trackbacks Q27: How often do you look at the log of who has accessed your blog?

Very often Often Sometimes Rarely Never Logs not available Q28: To what extent do you consider the following aspects of your blog to be important? (Type out the number corresponding to your view against the aspect) 1=Very important 2=Somewhat important 3=Neither important nor unimportant 4=Somewhat unimportant 5=Very unimportant Numbers of people who read your blog Comments from blog readers Trackbacks from other blogs Times you/your blog mentioned by other bloggers Being linked by other websites/blogs Q29: You blog: (Type out the number corresponding to your view against the reason)

1=Strongly agree 2=Agree 3=Somewhat agree 4=Neither agree nor disagree 5=Somewhat disagree 6=Disagree 7=Strongly disagree To feel like I am part of a community To provide information Because it is enjoyable Because I can publish at any time To document my life Because it is the thing to do To learn about new technology/skills Because it is easy to update When I have nothing better to do Because it helps pass the time To keep in touch with my family/friends To keep a record of what I learn To share information useful to other people To present information on my interests Because it is fun to try out new things like blogging To show my personality To practice my writing To refine my thinking Because I can access it wherever I am To keep track of what I am doing Because it is a place to publish myself To meet new people Because I like writing To tell others about myself Q30: Do awards/recognition from fellow bloggers motivate you to post more and with regularity?

Yes No Q31: How often do you nominate yourself for popular blog awards/recognition? Always. I nominate every post multiple times. Sometimes. I nominate select posts. Never. I don¶t believe in self-promotion. Q32: Do you link back/ display recognition provided by blog rings? Yes No

Please leave your blog address (ignore, if private blog):

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire and helping me with my research. For any further queries, please mail me at priyankavictor(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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