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Our Vision

1. Excellence in chosen profession leads to upliftment of the society and nation building.
Accountants who are willing to learn for job satisfaction and better career prospects are in fact
trying to achieve such excellence in what they do. Our endeavour in Markup Education will
be to reach out to each and every such accountant in ndia and impart in!depth knowledge for
achieving excellence in his work as an accountant. Our broad policies for achieving our vision
are as follows"
Course contents
#e will try to understand what the student needs for achieving excellence in his work as an
accountant and make necessary improvements in course contents.
Course materials
#e will continuously improve and update various course materials like $tudy Material%
&andouts% &omework and Assignments for making them more effective and to incorporate
the changes in statutes.
Teaching methods and techniques
#e will continuously improve the teaching methods and techni'ues and also adopt the latest
available technologies for this purpose. Our objective will be to ensure that what the faculty
gives% reaches the student and it doesn(t get evaporated in the course of transmission.
). *he man behind our vision is Mr. $. +onnambalam% a ,hartered Accountant. After doing his
-.$c. in Mathematics% +hysics and ,hemistry% he completed his ,hartered Accountancy
course without attending any class% solely depending on his self learning skills. &e has more
than ). years of varied experience to his credit. $ince the establishment of Markup Education
in the year )//.% he has made valuable contributions for the development of this institution.
#ith his flair for precision and details% he is committed to fulfill our vision in the years to come.
Our Course
Markup Education is An nstitute for Accountants. Our course titled Markup Accounts and
*axation ,ourse was conceptualised and developed with the clear objective of imparting
knowledge to accountants. t is totally job oriented and relevant to you for performing your duties
as an accountant. -elieve us% you have a rare opportunity to learn so many things which you must
know as an accountant.
Course title
Markup Accounts and *axation ,ourse

Markup Accounts and *axation ,ourse is meant for accountants who are really interested in
learning and eager to apply the same in their day to day work. 0or doing this course% hardworking
nature is necessary.

Course duration
t is a course of 1/ months .
Course fee
*otal course fee is 1s.12%3//4!. *he fees can be paid in 5 installments of 1s.6%3// 7 1s.)%3// 7
1s.1%2//x3. &owever% company sponsored students are expected to pay the entire amount of
1s.12%3//4! at the time of admission.
Course timings and Admission schedule
$aturday Evening -atch in 8adar . pm to 5 pm ! Admission will be in 9ovember )/12. .
$unday Morning -atch in *hane 1/ am to 1 pm ! Admission will be in March )/1..
$unday Evening -atch in :ile +arle 2 pm to ; pm ! Admission will be in <une )/1..
Course Contents
1. mprovement in career prospects of an Accountant.
). =nderstanding debit credit with reference to +rofit > ?oss Account and -alance $heet.
=nderstanding preparation of -alance $heet from a *rial -alance of about 1/ pages.
6. #ork!in!progress and finished goods rate workings and $tock valuations.
2. Accounting of regular interest > cumulative -ank 0ixed 8eposits and control statement.
8ifferent aspects of -ank loans including compilation for 8rawing +ower ?imit working.
.. :arious issues related to accounts and taxation @ 0oreign currency transactions% ,ash handling%
-alance working for issue of che'ues% 8ebit 9otes% -ad debts% +rior period adjustments%
Accounting of expenses on payment basis vs. accounting through party accounts etc.
3. Aratuity rules% -onus rules% -onus percentage working and -onus set!on set!off working.

;. aB ,envat credit and $ervice tax credit @ Eligibility% utilisation and accounting aspects% CbB Export
and import accounting% CcB $ales accounting and sales registers for different types of sales% CdB
+urchase accounting and purchase registers for different types of purchases% CeB :A* credit% :A*
return and :A* audit re'uirements and CfB Excise return and 1econciliation of sales% excise
payable and cenvat credit with excise records. 1econciliation of purchase with stock records.
5. 8epreciation workings and preparation of statements for accounting and tax purposes.
D. ncome tax provisions relating to CaB ,apital contributions% CbB 1eceipt of loans4deposits
Cincluding ,ompanies Act provisionsB% CcB 1epayment of loans4deposits% CdB +ayment of loans%
CeB nterest on loan given and CfB 8isallowance u4s 2/AC6B% 2/CaB% 26- and general disallowance.
1/. mportant ncome tax provisions relating to Agricultural income% nterest and salary to partners%
,apital gain index% Minimum Alternate *ax% Advance tax working% ,omputation of income%
nterest on ncome tax refunds% nterest payable u4s )62A4)62-4)62,% *8$ and 8eferred tax etc
11. mportant provisions of the ,ompanies Act% ,ompany law returns and $tatutory registers.
1). ,omprehensive knowledge of account heads > account groups and presentation in final accounts
with reference to about 1// account groups and 6./ account heads. $chedule re'uirements
and preparation of -alance $heet and $tatement of +rofit and ?oss as per $chedule

16. +reparation of various details and statements for ncome tax% finaliEation and audit purposes.
+lanning for finaliEation and finaliEation of accounts.

Special Features for Effective Learning

1. Study aterial
$tudy material of about )// pages and &andouts will form part of the study programme.
). !ritten test
*here will be three written tests of 6 hours each at the end of the course.
6. "ome#or$ and Assignments
&omework of about 6// 'uestions will be given to the students at the commencement of the
course. *he 'uestions are to be solved as and when the relevant topics are covered. About 1/
assignments will be given at various stages of the study programme. Assignments will
include +reparation of -alance $heet as per $chedule re'uirements from a trial balance
of about 1/ pages% $ales 1egisters% +urchase 1egisters% :A* return% -onus statements%
8epreciation statements% ,omputation of income etc.
2. Commitment to the cause
*here will be a grade for ,ommitment to the ,ause and the grade will be based on the
following indicators
1egular attendance )/ Marks
*imely presence 1. Marks
,ompletion of &omework 6/ Marks
,ompletion of Assignments 6/ Marks
Others . Marks
Total %&& ar$s

Arades for commitment to the cause will be worked out with reference to marks given below

'rades ar$s
Excellent 5.F to 1//F
:ery good ;/F to 52F
Aood 3/F to 3DF
Above average ./F to .DF
Average 2/F to 2DF
-elow average -elow 2/F
.. Certificate
,ourse completion certificates will carry the grade for ,ommitment to the ,ause and the
marks scored in the following subjects
CaB Accounts and allied subjects
CbB *axation and allied subjects
CcB ,ompany ?aw% $chedule re'uirements and 0inalisation
,ourse completion certificates will be issued to only those students who fulfill the following
Attend at least 63 out of 2/ sessions
$ubmit &omework and Assignments as per schedule and
Attend all the three #ritten tests.