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Powerful rules-based accounting engine with a centralized data model and repository Schema XLA Supports user-defined accounting rules Provides flexibility while maintaining necessary control Enables compliance with multiple geographic, legislative, or industry requirements


Consolidates and Standardizes Accounting Across the Subledgers Supports Shared Service Centers Improves Control & Transparency Separates processing from accounting Performs Balancing at Subledger Level Minimizes manual journal entries and customization Streamlines Reconciliation Resulting in Faster Close 5 .

GENERAL LEDGER Primary Ledger Secondary Ledger(s) Transfer to GL Drilldown to Subledger Accounting Details Subledger Accounting (SLA) Create Accounting Subledgers Drilldown to Transaction Details 6 .


The 4Cs of the Ledger • The Subledger Accounting Engine utilizes the Accounting Method to generate the correct accounting 8 .

Secondary Ledger Data Conversion Levels ◦ Subledger Subledger Journal Entries General Ledger Journal Entries Balances ◦ Journal General Ledger Journal Entries Balances ◦ Balance Balances ◦ Adjustments Only Incomplete accounting picture 9 .

Receivables Module Summarization User can control parameter options of Create Accounting process Users can define Journal Category 10 .

Consolidation Ledger Set Primary Ledgers Ledger: Orig Co Global CoA Calendar Year USD Ledger: Acq Co Acquisition CoA Acquisition Calendar Acquisition Currency Ledger: Consolidation Cons CoA Cons Calendar Cons Currency Entries created by GL Transfer and Elimination Process Secondary Ledgers Ledger: Acq CON Global CoA Calendar Year USD Ledger: Use Secondary Ledgers and Ledger Sets for Acquisition Consolidated Reporting to Statutory Secondary Statutory CoA preventLedger the need to perform balance transfer Calendar consolidations every period. and Fiscal Currency to obtain a cross-company view of your organization Note: This does not replace the consolidation process 11 .

Event Class Accounting Attributes Account Derivation Rule Journal Header Journal Header Description Journal Line Journal Line Type Journal Lines Description 12 .

13 .

14 .


Standardized across the subledgers Validates and creates subledger journal entries Optionally transfers journal entries to GL Optionally posts journal entries to GL Generates the Subledger Accounting Program Report 16 .

Final Accounting Entries cannot be changed. Transferred to GL Users can now choose the mode in which to create accounting Draft Use to determine accounting impact of journal entries Final Post Accounting Entries Transferred and Posted to GL 17 .

18 .

19 .

# error Transfer to GL Summary SLA Journal Entries: Summary – errors only.Report Summary: # complete. Detail .All 20 .

Same as 11i 21 .

1] • Consider transferring to GL in Summary since detail lines will be in SLA Repository 22 .R12: FAQ on Transfer to GL in R12 [ID 876190.


Three new SLA Forms to aid in ◦ Research ◦ Reconciliation ◦ Drilldown from GL Forms ◦ Accounting Events ◦ Journal Entries ◦ Journal Entry Lines Standardized across subledgers Personalized views can be created to further speed inquiries 24 .

Compare Journal Entries Drilldown Draft Mode Entries Can Be Deleted Create Manual Journal Entries Journal Entry Status 25 .

26 .

T-Accounts Users can view both the Journal Entry and the Transaction Information together 27 .

Additional Line Information. including Accounting Rule that derived the accounting 28 .

Also View As Accounting Event View Transaction and Journal Entry Show Details Note: Event Status 29 .


Subledger Accounting provides the following reports: Journal Entries Report Account Analysis Report Third Party Balances Report Period Close Exceptions Report Open Account Balances Listing 31 .

Displays detailed journal entry information including transaction details for subledger journal entries as well as adjustments entered in General Ledger and entries posted to General Ledger from other sources 32 .

Provides drilldown information about the movement on a particular account for a period or range of periods. It only includes journal entries transferred to and posted to General Ledger 33 .

Displays balance and activity information for supplier and customer control accounts 34 .

Fix Errors and re-run Create Accounting program Incomplete – Transactions can’t be accounted yet. Run Transfer Journal Entries to GL Report Summary Primary and Secondary Ledgers Detail of Exceptions 35 .Invalid – Accounting errors exist. Run Validation Program Unprocessed – Transaction hasn’t been accounted. Run Create Accounting Program Final – Accounted in SLA but not transferred to GL.


Set SLA: Enable Diagnostics profile option to Yes Submit the Create Accounting program which automatically executes the diagnostic framework to populate the diagnostic tables Submit the Transaction Objects Diagnostics concurrent request to view the diagnostic report Submit the Purge Transaction Objects Diagnostics concurrent request to purge the results of the diagnostic framework 37 .

Subledger Accounting Rules Detail Listing Report ◦ Listing of all AMB rules ◦ Must be added to the concurrent request group 38 .


the Oracle upgrade scripts will upgrade 6 months of data from the subledger accounting tables into the Subledger Accounting repository 40 .By default.

but not shortened to less than the default 41 . you must apply patch 5233248 to the Release 11i APPL_TOP and submit the SLA Pre-Upgrade program If using Projects and/or Grants Accounting.To change the default number of periods of historic data to be upgraded. Does not have to be the starting date of a period — the initial period is determined as the first period in which this date falls The start date can be changed to a date earlier than the 6 months minimum. apply Patch 10231107 on the 11i instance Parameters ◦ Migrate all sets of books (Y/N) ◦ Sets of Books ◦ Start Date: Date to be used to determine the first period to be upgraded.

Part Number E16342-04 42 . If additional data is required. other fiscal years can be upgraded .months or even years after the initial upgrade See appendix in Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide Release 11i to 12.Way to upgrade historical data omitted from the initial upgrade process because of critical downtime window For example. organizations could include only the last fiscal year. instead of upgrading all financial accounting data during the downtime window.1 .1.


1 Information Center [ID 806593.1) ◦ Newsletters ◦ Free Training on specific topics ◦ Communities ◦ Upgrade Advisories 44 .R12 SLA: Subledger Accounting Reference Articles [ID 985539.1] Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0 and 12.1] ◦ Documentation Library ◦ Release Content Documents (description of differences between Release 12.

2 Now Available 45 .com Checklists Pocket Guides Presentations Vision Instance ◦ ◦ ◦ Java Installed Disable pop-up blocking Valid Oracle Customer Support Identifier (CSI) 12.www.solutionbeacon.1.

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