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US Police Departments are using declassified US Military Intelligence Techniques to assist intelligence gathering in missing persons and cold cases, writes Paul O’Connor
that a highly trained polygrapher can also tell, using those same involuntary signals from the body, when a test subject’s guesses are right or wrong. The implication of this phenomenon, as proven in the laboratory, is that any individual can be placed on a polygraph and asked questions about subjects or events that are entirely unknown to them, in which they have no vested interest or emotional connection, and a trained polygrapher can identify their guessed answers as ‘true’ or ‘false’.


odern police lore is full of anecdotal evidence of an officer’s gut instinct or sixth sense saving the lives of officers and the public in apparently innocuous but highly dangerous situations. In the early 1970s the CIA and US military intelligence took this ability apart in the laboratory, figured out how it works, named it Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and put it to use with great success. Most members would be familiar with the concept of the polygraph; an electronic device capable of measuring involuntary physical responses generated by the body’s nervous system in response to ‘yes/no’ or ‘true/false’ questions. What most people are unaware of, is

Top secret
The psychological processes involved indicate that the questions are bypassing the conscious mind , which obviously doesn’t know the answers, and are being answered by the

the sixth

Research has shown that the subconscious mind seems to be capable of accessing information and knowledge beyond and outside of the body

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was so successful that the Colombian drug lords. will only work cases where they have been requested to do so by the police department or. The AWP do not claim to solve cases. and they could elicit information.” Thus began the Assigned Witness Program(AWP): a humanitarian remote viewing program dedicated to working with police and security services by providing information to help officers and organisations to solve crime. One opportunity arose when he was 18 garda review September 2009 17-18 GR_Sept09 RemoteView. and twice yearly since then. etc. and with a high degree of accuracy. and only with the agreement of the local police to act on the information which is always provided directly to their department. The AWP. each hand-picked for a specific project based upon their individual skills and performance levels in providing accurate information about persons. objects. particularly in the case of missing children and persons. active remote viewing teams.. believing they had a high level mole in their organisation. “What do you need?” “Well”. The company act as tasking officers and project managers for a team of professional remote viewers located across the USA and Canada. Their satisfaction comes from knowing the information they provided has brought home a missing child. carried out a major purge of their members hoping to eliminate the leak. until public disclosure led to its declassification in 1995. of a very specific nature approached by a detective from a local US police department who asked if this technique could be used in police work. Smith and the written memoirs of other retired unit members. and to offer the service on a humanitarian basis. so successful were remote viewers in identifying vessels carrying drugs into the US mainland. They do not widely advertise their services. allowing researchers and operational project managers to identify the percentile accuracy of individual viewers to a broad range of specific information categories. it has become known that certain Limerick gangs have been approaching a successful local psychic to help them identify those involved in recent gangland murders. save for a departmental mug or cap for the members of the remote viewing team if their work proves successful. no matter how small. “the ideal thing would be a witness. Some are natural psychics. enabling the officers in charge of the case to do theirs. Secondly. programme at Stanford Research Institute. at any moment in time. the top secret remote viewing unit based in Fort Meade. The process was named Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and the top secret project ran for 23 years under a variety of project code names. and then further developed by US military intelligence. offering their services to the business community and security services. The more frequently the ‘gut instinct’ sensation is acted upon. actionable information. with consequent dangers to their personal safety. CIA-sponsored. to provide training to individuals and organisations seeking to use this extremely valuable information gathering tool. Following disclosure of the RV program. Not all are trained remote viewers. This enables teams of three or four remote viewers to be assembled. Through a top secret. including CIA. was the reply. present or future. This is to avoid any danger of the information being in Ireland. Psychic spying The success of the military remote viewers in identifying for the US Coast Guard which vessels were transporting drugs into mainland USA. They provide information to the officers in charge. as the subconscious realises it now has a tool that it can use to communicate information and warnings to protect us. What differentiates Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) from natural psychic ability is twofold: CRV was developed in the laboratory and has now been field tested through operational work over a 35 year period. where the drugs were located in the vessel and how they could be accessed. ex-military intelligence and database specialist. Realising and respecting the sensitivity and need for security that comes with all police work. have been well documented in the unit’s history Reading The Enemy’s Mind by Major Paul H. past. NSC. was employed by almost all of the US intelligence community agencies. FBI. typically in circumstances where no other sources were available. including four years as the unit trainer. allowing them to do their job and find the evidence necessary to solve the case. Almost every government. and possibly disturbing or contaminating a potential crime scene through ignorance or carelessness.subconscious mind. “We can provide you with a ‘witness’ by assigning a remote viewer to describe the event at any moment before. Virginia. as to do so may inadvertently lead to their identification by criminal elements. nor do they seek recognition for their work. colours. acted upon by family members. object or event. the first registered remote viewing company in Europe. For security reasons. during which time the results have been analysed and databased. organised through PSI. locations. Sergeant Lyn Buchanan. the Irish remote viewers do not work security projects based to their intelligence gathering services.indd 2 14/09/2009 12:44:38 . location. “Of course”. Contact oconnor@iol. replied the officer. In March 2007. Following his retirement from the program he established PSI: Problems Solutions Innovations Inc. was a member of the unit for eight years. has a ‘psychic spying’ component Colombian drug lords believed they had a mole.” came the reply. physical composition. it was discovered that it is possible to train individuals to achieve a very high degree of sensitivity and awareness to their own body responses and sensations. the stronger it becomes. which research has shown seems to be capable of accessing information and knowledge beyond and outside of the body. they never claim to have solved any crimes or seek recognition from the media for having done so. they see their job as providing accurate. n Paul O’Connor MRIAI is a Director and Project Manager of PSI: Pure Stream Information. During its lifetime. including Grill Flame. Center Line and finally Stargate. Closer to home... or lay persons with no knowledge of police work. or 087 8149663 Training One such member. US Coast Guard and drug enforcement agencies. This is similar to the phenomenon of ‘gut instinct’. and the responsibility that comes from using their own highly trained abilities. DIA. when requested by the family of a missing person. wherever it could be applied. during and after it happened. These viewers have been highly trained by Buchanan to levels over and above what the military viewers were capable of achieving in their day. where the subconscious mind warns us of danger by using its control of our body to create a physical sensation that the conscious mind is capable of noticing and paying attention to. A number of his advanced students have formed PSI: Pure Stream Information.” “That’s no problem. and a number of international criminal organisations. Its many spectacular successes in providing information. The individual could be asked to describe any person. size. the drug cartels have since organised and developed their own. Lyn Buchanan has been providing remote viewing training in Ireland. including sketches and drawings.