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The Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ

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The Real Jesus Christ

What if the image of Jesus that you have been given was completely out of touch with reality? Would you want to know the real Jesus? Have you considered that for almost 2,000 years mainstream Christianity has carefully crafted the image of Jesus that has been given to the public? Have you considered that this image might have been crafted for a specific purpose, a purpose that might be in complete opposition to Jesus' purpose for coming to Earth? Consider the characteristics of the mainstream image of Jesus: Jesus is portrayed as being remote, distant, far away in some heaven where most people cannot reach him. In fact, access to Jesus is controlled by the official church. Jesus is residing in a remote heaven, and he apparently has had nothing to say to humankind for 2,000 yearsno new revelation has been forthcoming (or at least hasn't been accepted by any mainstream church). Jesus is portrayed as being perfect, which actually means that he is pictured as a non-entity with no personality or human characteristics. What is the main message spoken between the lines of this official image? It is that Jesus is not accessible to you and that he is nothing like you. Yet the real message is that YOU can never be like Jesus!!! This is peculiar because Jesus went out of his way to portray himself as a human being like us, generally calling himself the "son of man" to establish a connection between himself and all people. He also said that "The kingdom of God is within you," meaning that

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we do not need an external church and its hierarchy in order to establish a personal connection to Christ. And most importantly, he said that we can do the works that he did, even greater works. For those who are willing to question the official image, the conclusion is clear. The official image is meant to make you dependent upon an outer church and its human hierarchy, preventing you from discovering Christ within yourself. The reality of what Jesus taught and did is that he came to Earth as an example, not as an exception. Jesus does not want to be elevated to some superior status that sets him apart from us. He wants us to see him as an example who came to show us that we have the same potential that he demonstrated. The real message of the real Jesus is that we too have the potential an inherent potential given to us by God, a potential that no power on Earth can take away from us (unless we let them) to manifest the Christ consciousness. WE TOO CAN BECOME THE CHRIST! Through the Christ consciousness we then become the open doors for the power of God, as Jesus demonstrated. We too can become sons and daughters of God, letting God work through us and bringing his kingdom into manifestation on Earth. As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is at hand!" Let us simply walk away from the official fraudulent image of Jesus and embrace him as our brother, teacher an wayshower. Let us take back our power to be who we really are and become instruments for bringing a better society into manifestation, a society built on the reality of Christ rather than the many illusions of anti-Christ.

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How Christianity Stole Christ

For almost 1,700 years official Christianity started by the Catholic Church but continued to this day by almost all Christian churches have acted as if they had a monopoly on Christ. Yet what did Jesus demonstrate through his resurrection? He demonstrated that no earthly power or institution can control the Living Christ! They could kill his body, but they had no power over his Spirit. Have you ever considered why Jesus was such a threat to the official religion of his day that they simply had to kill him? The reason was simple. The Jewish religion of the time claimed that the people's salvation could be attained only through the sacraments performed by the priesthoodmeaning that the people could enter heaven ONLY by being obedient to an institution on Earth. Does this sound familiar? It should, because it is the same message that has been preached by most Christian churches since the formation of the Catholic Church in the fourth century. Do you find it strange that the religion that claims to represent Christ on Earth became the exact same kind of religion that had Jesus killed? Do you find it peculiar that Christianity makes the exact same claim about your salvation namely that it depends on the external religion as the religion that saw Jesus as a threat to be eliminated? If you do find this peculiar, it is simply because you have been brought up with a completely false view of religion and the forces that drive human history. You see, a careful look at history will reveal that there has always been a small elite whose members have been trying to control the population in order to secure power and privileges for themselves. The members of this power elite have been using all means available to them, including military power.

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However, the most efficient way to control the population is through ideas, including (but not limited to) religious ideas. The stark reality is that most larger religions have not been truly religious organizations. They have been political institutions controlled by a small elite and used to give that elite special powers and privileges. As an obvious example, consider how the Catholic Church allowed the kings and noblemen of medieval Europe to hold the population in an iron grip for a thousand yearsit was called "the Dark Ages." So why was Jesus such a threat to the power-elite religion of his time? Because he preached that "The kingdom of God is within you," meaning that people's salvation did NOT depend on the hierarchy of the external religion. If the Jews had believed this message, the power elite of Jewish society would have lost their grip on the population. So their simple solution was to kill Jesus. However, killing Jesus did not prevent the emergence of a movement of people who sought to understand and embody his teachings. And even though the Roman empire sought to kill all Christians, it eventually became clear that this simply was not possible. So a representative of the power elite, the Roman emperor Constantine I, decide that "If you can't beat-emjoin'em." He turned Christianity into the official state religion of the Roman empire. Even a quick look at Constantine will show him as a political animal, and thus his purpose was clearly to create a new religion that could control the people, unify the empire and keep himself in power. And in order to achieve this end, Jesus' true message of an individual, inner salvation has to be removed and replaced by the same old message that people's salvation depends on the sacraments controlled by the external religion.

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And THAT is precisely why Christianity has stolen Christ. The power elite stole his true, inner message! Yet there is no power on Earth that can prevent you from taking back the true teachings and the true example of Christ, so that you can discover the Kingdom and the true inner path that is right within yourself. You can then demonstrate that no earthly power can control YOUR Spirit, and this might inspire others to do the same, so that humanity can transcend the power elite. We can then help fulfill Jesus' true purpose, namely to set the people free from the elite, from the blind leaders. The entire purpose of this message is to help you get started on this process.

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How Christianity Perverted Jesus' Teachings

Have you ever heard the saying that "History is written by the winners?" Those who win in the ongoing human power struggle simply write or rewrite history in order to make themselves look good and in order to support their ongoing agenda. If you have grown up in virtually any mainstream Christian church, you have been given a non-factual view of the history of Christianity. You have been given a view crafted by those who won the battle for control of the Christian religion, namely the power elite. Why did the power elite have to pervert the original teachings of Jesus? Well, it is simple, really. They had to pervert Jesus' teachings in order to use them as the basis for a religion. What is a religion? You have probably been told that a religion or at least your religion is an institution created by God or Jesus for the purpose of securing your eternal salvation. In other words, its purpose is to get you into another world. In reality, the true purpose of mainstream religion is to do something in this world, namely to allow the power elite to control the minds of the general population. You might think this is an outrageous claim or that it applies to other religions, but not yours and certainly not the religion of Christ. Yet if you think this, you are ignoring historical facts. Consider a very simple question: Why didn't Jesus write down his teachings in the one and only "Gospel of Jesus?" Why do we have four gospels that have significant differences, even contradictions, gospels that were all written decades after Jesus lived and in some cases NOT written by people who had actually met Jesus? Why were these four selected out of the dozens of gospels floating around in the first two centuries after Christ? Why

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didn't Jesus simply foresee this confusion and avoid it by creating one official scripture and sending his apostles out to preach by that authoritative source? Well, the real reason is that Jesus did not come to start a religion. Jesus was killed by a religion controlled by the power elite, and he had no intention of creating another religion that could be used by the power elite to control the people. So what did Jesus do? He refused to create an outer scripture containing his doctrine. Instead, he sent his apostles out to preach by the Holy Spirit. He told them to take no thought for what they would say, for it would be given to them by the Spirit. Do you begin to see why this was incredibly wise? Jesus' true goal is to set the people free from the enslavement by the power elite, what he called the blind leaders. Thus, his goal was to create a movement that could NOT be controlled by any power on earth. Instead, Jesus' movement would be controlled from the spiritual realm through the agency of the Holy Spirit! And as a result, the power elite would find it more difficult to use Christianity in their ongoing quest to control the people. Of course, the ultimate law on earth is free will. Most people did not understand the dynamic described here, so after a couple of centuries, a battle emerged between those who wanted to maintain the tradition of the Spirit and the Living Word and those who wanted to create an official Christian religion. As it usually happens, the power elite won, and Christianity was turned into a homogenous religion with a codified set of scriptures. Those who disagreed with this were then labeled as Gnostics and later as heretics. The process of perverting Jesus' teachings was completed when the Roman emperor Constantine turned Christianity into the state

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religion of the Roman empire. The official church now had military power to forcefully suppress any diverging view of Jesus and his true teachings. For the next thousand years the Roman Catholic Church used this power to suppress all knowledge that contradicted or went beyond official doctrine, and as a result the church aborted progress and took Europe into what is normally called the Dark Ages. And they were dark times, for the light of Christ was not allowed to shine. So do you begin to see why Christianity perverted Jesus' teachings? Jesus wanted a movement controlled from the spiritual realm. The power elite wanted a religion controlled from earthby themselves. And the people were not wise enough to tell the difference. Yet if you are willing, you can be wise enough today. And thus, you can become part of a new movement to bring forth and spread the true teachings of Christ and turn Christianity into the kind of movement that Jesus actually started.

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Why Christ Comes to Earth

Why does Christ come to earth? In order to set the captives free but free from what? Christ comes to set us free from the condition that imprisons us and causes us to deny our true potential, our true identity and our true mission on this planet. That condition is what Jesus called "death," meaning a state of being spiritually dead because you have forgotten your true identity. Jesus had limited options for describing this condition back then, but with today's knowledge of psychology, we can attain a far greater understanding. What actually imprisons us is a condition inside our own minds. We may call it the human ego, but we can also look at it as a set of beliefs about ourselves, God and life, beliefs that are out of touch with reality but that we have been conditioned programmed to see as reality. These beliefs form what we might call a mental box, and it will limit who we think we are and what we think we can be. Why is this such a problem? Because we are NOT created to be limited and powerless human beings. We are created as co-creators with God, as spiritual beings who have the potential to have dominion over any condition on earthinstead of letting these conditions define who we are and what we can be. Thus, the real reason why Christ comes to earth is to challenge our mental boxes and demonstrate that a Hum that is a SPIRITUAL being can do the works that Jesus did and even greater works. Literally, there is NO condition on earth that can limit us, for our minds have the potential to have dominion over matter itself. We did not come from dust, and we shall not return to dust. We came

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from pure Spirit, and we can return to that estate by following Jesus' magnificent example and claiming, "I and my father are one!" When we reclaim our true identity, we can begin to fulfill our true mission, namely to have dominion over the earth and manifest God's kingdom right here, right now. For as Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is at hand." The problem is that WE have to cocreate it by exercising our Christ potential. The power elite will do everything in their power to prevent us from claiming our rightful inheritance, for if they cannot stop us, they will lose their current state of dominion over the earth. How do we take back dominion from the power elite? Not by fighting them in a dualistic struggle, but by once again following Jesus' example. We must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, whereby we can unleash the one power that will remove the power elite: "My father worketh hitherto and I work." For with men with the human consciousness it is impossible to remove the power elite. But with God with the Christ consciousness all things are possible.

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Why Do People Reject Christ?

Why do most people even those who call themselves Christians and think they are guaranteed to be saved reject Christ? Well, what exactly are they rejecting, what exactly is Christ? Christ is first and foremost the principle of change, a demonstration of the need for change. Yet what is it that needs to change? It is our state of consciousness. Most people on this planet have sunk into a state of consciousness that is far below our true potential. Jesus and the Living Christ in other manifestations comes into embodiment in order to demonstrate that ALL human beings have a higher potential, namely that we can "let that mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus." We have the potential to put on the mind of Christ (the new man) and put off our old state of consciousness that is actually a state that Jesus called "death," meaning spiritual death. The state of spiritual death has a tendency to become a selfreinforcing downward spiral that it can be very difficult to break out of. The reason is simple. If you have grown up around people who are all in this lower state of consciousness, how can you know there is anything beyond it? That is precisely why the Living Christ comes to earthto demonstrate that there is something beyond the "normal" human state of consciousness. The state of spiritual death also has a tendency to become comfortable, because it makes you see yourself as a victim who does not have the power to take responsibility for life. And you certainly don't have the power to change society for the better, so just follow the blind leaders of the power elite.

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Most people are so comfortable in their state of spiritual death that they do not want to be disturbed. When Jesus was put on trial, the mob was asked whether they wanted to free the Living Christ or a confessed murderer. They chose Barabass because he was in the same state of consciousness as themselves and Jesus was in such a higher state of consciousness that it was a threat to their sense of comfortability and equilibrium. You may never have heard these teachings, and thus you have not had the choice between the true teachings of Christ and the false teaching crafted by the power elite (the anti-Christ) and presented as the true teachings of Christ. Yet these messages does contain the true teachings of Christ for this age, and thereby you have been given a choice. You must either accept Christ or reject Christ. Yet consider why you have found and read these messages at this particular point in your life. Could it be because at inner levels of your consciousness not necessarily in the outer mind you are ready to reject the false teachings and accept the real teachings of Christ? You are ready to accept the Living Christ. If you are willing to consider this, then succeeding messages contain profound teachings on the psychological mechanism the human ego that predisposes people to reject Christ. You can also learn how to outsmart this enemy within and begin to unlock you own Christ potential by making LIFE decisions.

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Why Do People Kill Christ?

As explained in the section on why people reject Christ, most people are comfortable in their current state of consciousness, namely what Jesus called a state of spiritual death. They do not want to know there is a higher potential, they do not want to lose their sense of having their lives under control or being on the guaranteed path to salvation. This rejection of Christ is caused by a psychological mechanism, namely what modern psychology calls the human ego. People who are identified with their egos are unwilling to change, and thus they do not want to be disturbed by the Living Christ, they do not want to follow the true, inner path that requires them to look at the beam in their own eye. Most people will reject Christ, but they are generally not aggressive enough to kill Christ. So who are the real Christ killers? They are the members of the various power elite groups that can be seen throughout history. These are people who are completely identified with their egos and thus trapped in the basic quest of the ego, namely to set itself up as the ultimate authority on earth. The members of the power elite have so far had an easy time of controlling the people, because the human ego gives people a primal fear of being lost, of not being saved. By taking advantage of this psychological mechanism, the power elite can use people's fear to get them to follow the external path to salvation. Thereby, the power elite have managed to set themselves up as the saviors of the people, usurping the position that should be held by the Living Christ in various forms. When the Living Christ appears in any form such as in the form of Jesus he or she threatens to overturn the control of the power

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elite by exposing their false path to salvation. If enough people follow the Living Christ, the power elite will lose their power, and because they are identified with their egos, they see the Living Christ as the ultimate threat. Thus, they find it completely justified that the Christ should be killedfor whatever "good" cause they manage to define. Yet beyond physically killing the Living Christ, the power elite have an even more important goal, namely to kill the example of the Living Christ. The power elite had a lot of trouble with Jesus, but imagine that thousands of people had followed his true example and put on the mind of Christthereby exponentially multiplying the number of Living Christs on earth. This is the ultimate threat to the power elite, and thus they had to take over the Christian religion and destroy all traces of Jesus' true teachings, namely that he came as an example for all to follow. The power elite working inside the Christian religion have managed to set Jesus up as being so special that no one could possibly follow his very own call to do the works that he did, even greater works. Thus, they have portrayed all people as sinners and Jesus as the ONLY son of God, as God from the very beginning. The real message here is that the appearance of Christ on earth was a one-time event that can never be emulated. It is time to expose this ultimate deception and restore Jesus' true teachings about his real mission, namely to raise up 10,000 Christed beings, whereby the power elite can be permanently removed from this planet. Thereby, the people can be set free to cocreate the kingdom of God instead of the current "kingdom of man" that gives all power and privileges to a small elite. These 10,000 people are already in embodiment, but they need to awaken to their true identity and mission. Facilitating this

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awakening is one of the main goals of this website. The power elite can easily kill one Christed being. Killing 10,000 is infinitely more difficult.

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Did Jesus Come to Start a New Religion?

Jesus himself said that he had come to set the captives freebut what is it that makes us captives? The answer from mainstream Christianity would be that he came to set us free from sin, but what if that is a deliberate distortion of Jesus' true message? What if Jesus actually came to set us free from religionspecifically a religion controlled by the power elite? Who killed Jesus? The power elite! -- The power elite of the Jewish religion provided the drive and the "justification," and the power elite of the Roman empire executed it. But why did the religious establishment want to silence Jesus so desperately that they were willing to kill him? Because Jesus' true teachings were the ultimate threat to the establishment's power over the people. What did Jesus really teach that was such a threat to the establishment? The Jewish religion was based on the belief that people needed forgiveness of their sins, which they could obtain ONLY through the established religion and its hierarchy. As long as people believed this, the religious authorities had ultimate power over the people and their privileged positions were secure. Jesus attacked the very core of this religion by stating that the Living Christ has the power to forgive sins and that people can contact the Living Christ directly within themselves "The kingdom of god is within you" without going through an external religion. You obtain forgiveness from sin by finding the Living Christ within yourself and transcending the state of consciousness that IS sin, namely what Jesus called "death." So think about this logically. Is it really plausible that Jesus came to start a religion that would become exactly like the religion that had him killed? Since the formation of an official Christian religion and especially after the appearance of the Catholic Church

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mainstream Christianity has made the exact same claim as the religion that had Jesus killed. How can this possibly be what Jesus wanted or wants today? The stark reality here is that Jesus did not come to start a religion that would be dominated by the power elite and used to enslave people's minds in a rigid mental box defined by dogmas and doctrines. When Jesus told his apostles to go out into the world and make all people his disciples, he did NOT mean to make them members of a rigid, dogmatic religion that claims his name while suppressing his true message. In reality, Jesus came to give us a set of universal teachings for transcending the state of consciousness in which we blindly follow the blind leaders that make up the power elite groups seen throughout history. Jesus came to set us free from the power elite, and in the first couple of centuries, this is what many Christian groups preached and lived. Jesus' early followers were not called Christians but "Followers of the Way," meaning the universal way of Christ that cannot be confined to a dogmatic religion. Then an official church emerged, it was taken over by the power elite, and now those who preached Jesus' true message were called Gnostics and later heretics that were burned at the stake. It is high time to do away with the falsity and hypocrisy of the Christian religion and rediscover the true way of Christ, namely the inner way that does not rely on an external religion but only on our own willingness to follow Jesus' call to look at the beam in our own eye and transcend the human state of consciousness. ONLY by attaining the Christ consciousness will be truly overcome "sin."

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How Religion is Used to Control People

If you believe everything you have been told about history, then the ideas in these messages are likely to upset you greatly. But if you are willing to take a look beyond the official version of history, you will see that the x-factor that is rarely talked about is that virtually every society known to man has been dominated by a small elite that sought to get control over the people and attain special privileges. How does a small number of people control a large number of people? It is difficult to do through raw force alone. In order to be maintained, power must be based on a control of people's minds. And what has historically been the by far most effective tool for mind control? The brutal answer is: religion. Why is religion so well suited for controlling people's minds? Because most people do not experience life on this planet as a very enjoyable phenomenon, meaning that they experience themselves as separated from God and God's kingdom. In other words, we tend to see life as suffering, but we also have an inner longing or knowing that there must be something better, there must be more to life. This makes us susceptible to the belief that there is an external God who has an external kingdom that is far better than life on earth. And the key to entering this external kingdom is to follow an external religion and its leaderswho have been given special powers to take us to the kingdom. Christianity has become exactly this kind of external religion that promises you an external salvation. The problem is that in reality Jesus himself preached and demonstrated a path to salvation that is diametrically opposed to the salvation preached by the church that claims to represent Christ.

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Jesus preached an INNER form of salvation. He said that what has separated us from the kingdom of God is that we have fallen into a lower state of consciousness, which he called "death." He meant that we are spiritually dead when we do not experience ourselves as being in the kingdom of God. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us, and the hidden, inner meaning is that the kingdom of God is a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS! Official Christianity makes the fraudulent claim that salvation is a mechanical process. You follow certain outer rules, participate in sacraments and believe doctrines, and then after you die, you will be in God's kingdom. Jesus preached that the kingdom of God is at hand, meaning that we can find it here on earth by transcending the state of being spiritually dead. How do we do this? By being willing to lose our "life," meaning our separate self for the sake of finding Christ. ONLY, we must find Christ within us by being spiritually reborn, so that we attain the Christ consciousness and now see ourselves as BEING ALREADY in the kingdom even while still here on earth. All true spiritual teachers have taught the same universal message that "salvation" (or whatever it is called) is an INTERNAL process that requires us to change our state of consciousness in a fundamental and radical way. All false religion claims that salvation is an external process, and by following the prescripts of the outer religion, your salvation will happen automatically without you having to look at and change your own consciousnessremove the beam in your own eye. This claim of an external salvation is ONE OF THE GREATEST FRAUDS perpetrated upon humankind. It is time to awaken yourself from this delusion and then go out to help awaken others.

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The kingdom of God is at handtoday as it was when Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago. How would you rather spend the rest of your life? Pursuing the impossible dream of an external salvation or pursuing the true, inner way of Christ that is offered on this website and between the lines of the teachings given by all true spiritual teachers? By finding this website, you now have the option to choose the true, inner way!

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The True Path of Christ and The False Path of Anti-Christ

Jesus himself talked about the "broad way that leads to destruction" and the "strait and narrow way that leads to eternal life." He also said that most people follow the former and few find the latter. Most Christians believe of course that they follow the "strait and narrow," but this is a highly superficial viewpoint based on a perversion of Jesus' true teachings, a perversion designed by the power elite to control the population here on earth. As described throughout these messages, the religious power elite the religious authorities seeks to create an outer religion that can control the minds of the people and cause them to submit to the earthly institution and its hierarchy of human beings. Jesus came to create a spiritual movement that would set people free from the blind leaders by showing them that their entry into the kingdom of God does not depend on anything outside themselves, including an earthly religion and its leaders. The view of religion presented by the power elite is very simple: You live for a very short time here on earth, but you have the potential to use this short time to secure for yourself an eternity in a heavenly paradise. The problem is that in order to secure your entry into this non-earthly realm, you have to fulfill certain requirements here on earth. And those requirements are that you follow the sacraments and doctrines of an external religion, a religion controlled by the power elite. This requires you to give up some of your freedom and submit to the power elite. But isn't it worth it to let them have power over you for a short time on earth, when it can secure an eternity in heaven?

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Another way to say this is that the power elite presents an outer path to salvation, whereby you follow the outer rules and live up to outer requirements. By doing this, you automatically qualify for salvationin other words, the outer path is presented as a guaranteed path to salvation. Jesus' true teachings on the requirements for salvation are in complete opposition to this view: Jesus' true teachings can be found even in the official scriptures, but they are largely ignored or misinterpreted by Christian preachers. For example, take this stunning statement by Jesus: "Unless your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom." What is Jesus saying here? The scribes and Pharisees were doing everything right according to the external religion and its rules. Yet Jesus states clearly that this is not enough to get you to heaven. What is the true requirement for entering the kingdom of God which as Jesus said is within you? What is within you? It is your mind, your state of consciousness. Thus, the true key to entering the kingdom is to change your mind, to raise your consciousness. You must transcend the lower, human state of consciousness that Jesus called "death" and be reborn of the Spirit. Thereby, your sense of identity as a human being will die and you will be reborn into accepting your Christ potential, your potential to attain the same state of consciousness that Jesus demonstrated, your potential to "put on the mind of Christ" and be born into LIFE. Jesus repeatedly calls people on the external path for hypocrites, and might it be possible that he would call most modern Christians for hypocrites as well? Might it be possible that Jesus would call most Christian leaders for the blind leaders of the blind? After all, most Christian churches do in fact teach an external path to a guaranteed salvation. Just follow the outer requirements and you

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don't have to look at the beam in your own eye and change your consciousness. These messages and succeeding messages contain numerous teachings on the true, inner path of Christ as well as many tools for enhancing your progress on this path. Why have you found this website at this time? Might it be because you are ready to abandon the outer, fraudulent claim of a guaranteed or automatic salvation and embrace the true inner path of raising your consciousness from death into life.

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Is Christ for all People?

Because official Christianity has hijacked and monopolized Jesus and his teachings, most people on this planet have the impression that Jesus is only for Christians. Yet as explained elsewhere, Jesus did not come to start another dogmatic, exclusivist religion. He came to bring a universal teaching that applies to ALL people, even if they are members of an existing religion or are not members of any religion. The core of Jesus' universal teaching is that membership of an outer religion or any outer actions is NOT sufficient nor required to secure our entry into a higher world known as heaven or paradise (call it what you will). The ONLY way to rise to a higher world is to raise your own consciousness. When Jesus said "no man cometh to the father but by me" he did not refer to his historical person as human being Jesus, nor to an exclusivist religion that claims to represent him. He was referring directly to a state of consciousness that we might call higher consciousness, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness or the Christ consciousness. This universal state of consciousness is what the Gospel of John refers to as the Word, but the correct translation is the LOGOS. This Logos is the basic state of consciousness that God created before God started to create the world of form. Therefore, everything is created out of the Christ consciousness. The purpose of the Christ consciousness is to ensure oneness between the Creator and its creation. If Jesus had not been born 2,000 years ago but had been born in today's world, do you think his message would be exactly the same? Do you think he would have used the same words mentioned in the

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Bible, including talking about "lost sheep" and other agricultural metaphors? Do you think he would have used only ideas and concepts from back then, or do you think he would have taken advantage of the vastly expanded world view and knowledge humankind has acquired over the past 2,000 years? Surely, there is a universal and timeless core of Jesus' teachings that has not changed, but it is equally obvious that in seeking to make this message understandable to today's people, Jesus would be using modern knowledge, such as knowledge of quantum physics. And given that a large part of Jesus' message was always a change in consciousness, he would obviously make use of the knowledge of modern psychology, including the concept of the ego. Throughout these messages, you will find Jesus' teachings for the modern age, expressed in plain, everyday language and using the concepts available in today's "knowledge base." Although this is not New Age and has nothing to do with the New Age movement, surely, to many Christians this will sound more like New Age than traditional Christianity, but as explained elsewhere, that is because official Christianity has departed so far from Jesus' true teachings that it has lost touch with his inner message. So the choice is simple. Do you want to look backwards, or do you want to look forwards? Read the official scriptures and realize that Jesus back then was always looking forwards. Then, let the dead bury their dead and open your mind to a new day and a new teaching, so that you can leave your nets and follow the Living Christ. Remember that the Holy Spirit "bloweth where it listeth," which truly means that it will not conform to the mental boxes of human beings. Why is this so? Because the Holy Spirit is the driving force that seeks to set people free from their mental boxes.

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Why do you think Jesus so often talked about those who were blind and those who had ears to hear? It is because a closed mind simply will not get you into God's kingdom for God's kingdom is a state of mind that is far more expanded than your current state of consciousness. And this was as true back then as it is today, which is why Jesus on these messages is challenging the mental boxes of today's people. God had planned to create self aware extensions of himself, human beings are some of them, and, give them free will. God knew that this made it possible for us to descend into a state of consciousness in which we could forget our origin as extensions of God's own Being. We could come to see ourselves as separated from an external God instead of seeing God within ourselves. Once we have descended into this state of "spiritual death," our only way out is the Christ consciousness. Jesus and all other true spiritual teachers came as an example to show us our true potential. Yet it is only when we individually "put on the mind of Christ" that we will escape the consciousness of separation and secure our access to the kingdom of God that is within us. Get to know the true teachings of Christ as opposed to the false image presented by mainstream Christianity.