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Boxes Paging

margin * size
margin-top marks
margin-right page-break-before
margin-bottom page-break-after
margin-left page-break-inside
padding * orphans
padding-top widows
padding-bottom /* Comment */ Visible Area Width Color / Background
padding-left @media type { color
* background
selector {
border * background-color
border-top * property: values; background-image
border-bottom * } background-repeat
border-right * } background-attachment
(Media type optional)
border-left * background-position

border-color * Fonts
border-top-color * font
border-right-color Styles apply to: font-family
border-bottom-color * All elements font-style
border-left-color font-variant
div <div>
div * Elements within <div> Height Border Padding Margin
border-style * font-stretch
border-top-style div span <span> within <div> font-size
border-right-style div, span <div> and <span> font-size-adjust
div > span <span> with <div> as
border-left-style Text
parent px Pixels text-indent
border-width * div + span <span> preceded by em 1em equal to font size of text-align
border-top-width <div> ... </div> text-decoration
parent (same as 100%)
border-right-width text-shadow
.class Elements of class "class" ex Height of lower case "x"
border-bottom-width letter-spacing
border-left-width div.class <div> of class "class" % Percentage word-spacing
#itemid Element with id "itemid" in Inches text-transform
Positioning div#itemid <div> with id "itemid" cm white-space
a[class] <a> with class attribute mm Millimeters
position Tables
top a[class='x'] <a> when class is "x" pt 1pt = 1/72in caption-side
right a[class~='x'] <a> when class is a list pc 1pc = 12pt table-layout
bottom of space-seperated values #789abc border-collapse
RGB Hex Notation
left border-spacing
and one of those is 'x' #acf Equates to "#aaccff"
float empty-cells
clear a[lang|='en'] <a> when lang begins rgb(0,25,50) Value (0 to 255) of each speak-header
z-index with "en" of red, green, and blue.
direction Interface
May also be percentages
unicode-bidi cursor
overflow 0 0 requires no unit * outline
clip outline-width
visibility Styles apply to: outline-style
:first-child First child of element outline-color
Dimensions :first-line azimuth list-style
First line of element
width border-collapse list-style-image Aural
min-width :first-letter First letter of element volume
:hover Element when mouse over border-spacing list-style-position
max-width speak
height :active Active element caption-side list-style-type * pause
min-height :focus color orphans pause-before
Element with focus
max-height cursor page pause-after
line-height :link Non-active, unvisited * cue
links without mouse over. direction page-break-inside
vertical-align cue-before
:visited Visited links empty-cells quotes cue-after
Miscellaneous :lang(lang) Element with text of font speak play-during
content font-family speak-header azimuth
quotes language "lang" elevation
font-stretch text-align
counter-reset speech-rate
counter-increment font-size text-indent voice-family
marker-offset font-size-adjust text-transform pitch
list-style * font-style volume pitch-range
all projection
list-style-type stress
braille screen font-variant white-space
list-style-image richness
list-style-position embossed speech font-weight widows speak-punctuation
handheld tty letter-spacing word-spacing speak-numeral
Shorthand properties
print tv line-height Available free from
are marked with *